Hammers on Hoddle speculation

Glenn HoddleGlenn Hoddle will NOT be a runner in the race to become the next West Ham boss.

Stories emerged from the national press this morning suggesting that the former Chelsea boss had been linked to the job although the published story appeared to be the only one doing so.

Ot added that  57, would be a high-profile replacement and his teams play with the kind of style and flair that would be welcomed by fans.

And of course it pointed out that the board have not explained  whether it is time for a change ahead of their last season at Upton Park and before they move to the Olympic Stadium.

However, ClaretandHugh was told: “Glenn Hoddle is not one of those we are looking at. He would not be a runner should the club decide to make the change. It is another guess. Glenn’s name has not been mentioned.”

Everything we are hearing at this site is that Allardyce will not be offered a new deal but the board are still considering such as Marcelo Bielsa and David Moyes.



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19 comments on “Hammers on Hoddle speculation

  1. Nothing but the sound of tumbleweed blowing through the desert. Lol. This is what it will be like if allardyce goes. Nothing left for anyone to write about.

  2. Yf you don’t believe it why are you following and commenting exactly?

  3. Remember Hugh,Lifeissobeautifulmarriedtosam was the geezer who said anyone with a modecum of intelligence or common sense wants Sam to stay.You shouldnt really expect too much from him in the way of compliments or logical comments 😀

  4. Dear lifeisso, believe me. When your god will go, you’ll hear a noise that’ll shake this site and not just this site. It will be a great day, there’ll be dancing in the street all over uk. It’ll come to you, if you let it 😉

  5. I don’t want compliments but if anyone accuses me of making stuff up they are history here. Everything I write in terms of sources is totally genuine so I’m waiting for his explanation and if one isn’t forthcoming by end of the day… BYE BYE

  6. He’ll be hosted by conker in Sicily… lol

  7. Been a follower of C&H for awhile but it’s me 1st comment. 1st off great job hugh. Now look… there’s a big difference in being a BFS supporter and being a WHU supporter. BFS was (in my opinion) the right man to get us where we are today and I thank him for that but… his time at our beloved club is well past his time. He can NOT take us forward so it baffles me why people continue to support a man who doesn’t and has never shown love and passion for a club who’s foundations are exactly that. BFS has never seen this as more then just a job and that’s fair enough. But in that case you can’t expect us fan’s to see him as more then just a manager who’s served his means

  8. Noddles agent makes sure his name comes up every time a sniff of a job come about,
    What we need is a midfielder like Hoddle when he played but that can tackle as well
    Not a manager with Hoddles record,
    LifeissoSam must be a relative of BFS or his personal chef,chauffeur or manager.
    No one can be that one sided in his views unless he is just winding everyone up.

  9. I didn’t accuse you of making anything up. I made a joke about how it was quiet on here with nobody commenting on the glen hoddle story. I made a further joke about how once allardyce leaves our club there won’t be anything left for us to talk about. It was meant as a joke. No offence intended. If you re read my words you will see this is the case. If you want people to think you don’t believe in freedom of speech and you want to run a dictatorship where only fans with an anti Sam allardyce agenda are allowed to comment on your site then fine.

    • Freedom of speech,this is from the man who infers anyone who doesnt want to keep Sam is lacking even a modicum of intelligence or common sense,haha 😉

    • Actually I don’t believe you. This is quite clear “Nothing but the sound of tumbleweed blowing through the desert. Lol.” No reference to people not talking about so clearly it was aimed at the story, I really don’t care one way or the other about who likes or doesn’t like Sam and if u want to become emotional and OTT in talking about dictatorships then I’m sure there’s a ‘shrink’ somewhere who will help. My statement was clear. Anyone who accuses me of acting unprofessionally will be gone. Uf that’s a dictatorship, I can live with it

  10. If those are jokes lifeisBFS then don’t become a comedian,
    We take our football very seriously on this site that’s why we are anti rubbish football and if that makes us anti SAM in your view then maybe you should have a look at what you view as football ?

  11. Nah,i dont care about the football Bubs,i dont take it seriously.I only go to matches to see what the prawn sandwiches are like at different grounds 😀

  12. Lifeisso is lost atm,he cant come on & tell us how Sams stability is needed for the move to the OS this week,maybe if we beat Stoke he cant start again.Instead all he has to amuse himself with is visions of tumbleweed blowing through an empty wild west town while Sam stands in the centre of the main street wearing his sherrifs badge with pride as he sends Clint Eastwood packing on his scruffy old mule called Nolan 😀

  13. As you know DG has said, sam is here to the end of the season,i want Sam to stay,but if he goes so be it,i’ll support who ever comes in,if he stays great,but don’t forget in the end we are all west ham fans.
    Hey Tyson,i’m on the other side of the pond mate,so early morning for you is evening for me,it’s the only time I feel safe on here,lol

  14. hammer older is that for work or Hols or do you live there ?
    You are in a win,win situation if you don’t care who manages us,
    But you must want to see an end to this rubbish,boring football ?
    Sorry can’t sit on the fence and wait for tumbleweed.

    • Hey bubs,sorry to take so long to reply,eight hours time difference.
      I live in thousand oaks ca,i don’t think I’ve been on the fence mate,i’ve made it clear I would give Sam two more years,my point was, in the end,it doesn’t matter who the manager is ,I bleed claret and blue and always will.

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