Irons blogger: “Sam needs divine intervention”

Rafa BenitezLondon 24’s West Ham blogger has coie to the conclusuin that Sam Allardyce must probably go but that only a top class replacement should be considered.

Kwame Boakye has always given a balanced view on the divisive issue and writes today: “In the increasingly fickle world of football his time is running out as the fans demand a man who can take us to the proverbial ‘next level.’

But he has warned the Irons board: that after the manager left Bolton, Blackburn and Newcastle they all eventually slipped through the trapdoor and only the Toon managed to make it back. A stark warning the owners simply must heed.

But he adds: “I’m not saying that the club must stick with Sam as without him relegation is inevitable, what I am saying is that if Sam’s services are dispensed with; the club simply cannot go with the cheap/easy option.”

MoyesmeetingNor, he argues can they give it to a relative rookie like Bournemouth’s Eddie Howe as such a gamble with what’s at stake would be too much of a risk?

Names like David Moyes and Rafa Benitez who have managed and excelled in the Premier League and would no doubt relish the opportunity to return, should be the first names considered if Sam does leave in the summer which with every passing game is looking increasingly likely.

With seven games to go we’ve only registered a paltry two wins in the second half of the season; it’s simply not good enough.

Sam couldn’t afford this sort of form in the final year of his contract and barring a biblical turnaround in fortunes it will cost him his job.


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20 comments on “Irons blogger: “Sam needs divine intervention”

  1. I agree, West Ham needs a top manager, my uncle is the right person; we have such a laugh watching Allardyce’s football, it’s really funny…

  2. ‘London 24’s West Ham blogger has come to the conclusion that the conclusion that Sam Allardyce must probably go….’

    No sh*t Sherlock – don’t jump to any hasty decisions there!

    Of course he must go, West Ham are in a safe position so the sooner a new guy can get his feet under the table and give input into the plans for next season the better. There’s a lot of work to do, the Squad needs strengthening badly, a few to be weeded out and the general gloom that’s settled over Upton Park needs lifting!

    The King is Dead – long live the ‘next’ King!

    • Boakye is another expert!
      So Eddie Howe is a rookie? He has more managerial experience than, say, Pochettino – and been more successful. Pochettino has managed since 2009, Howe has coached since 2006 and been a manager since 2008. Howe has taken his teams consistently upwards, often with no budget, while Pochettino was appointed at Southampton with no PL experience and having been given the push at Espanyol after managing them to bottom place with 9 points from 13 matches with only 3 years management experience. I am not criticising Pochettino, he has been a great success in the PL. My point is he would never have been appointed with this logic of you must have PL experience and many years under your belt as a manager.
      We need someone with talent as a coach, with a vision for the club and increasingly these days, a certain intelligence. That could very well be Eddie Howe, or someone like him. There are plenty more examples around, Pochettino is just one who demonstrates that you don’t need PL experience, a long management track record or even previous achievements to succeed in the PL. If the Davids think that, they may very well overlook the best candidate, although the logic of plucking Sakho from the French 2nd division implies that they are not stuck in that type of mindset.
      I really hope we get a young manager who sees us, and is in turn himself seen by the owners, as a long term project.

  3. It always amuses me when people say look what happened when Sam left the clubs.Boltons star was waning anyway,most of the players he had as the mainstay of that team were nearing the end of their careers,he got out when the time was good.Newcastle were a team in chaos & to this day in many respects still are.However i guess Sam did have the distinction of giving Derby 4 of the 11 pts they gained that season.When it comes to Blackburn i dont think any manager would have kept them up when the Indians turned up & caused chaos.To assume a Samless West Ham are doomed is silly.Newcastle & Blackburn both had major boardroom issues,we dont.We have a fantastic board who will oversee a smooth transition if it happens.For people that now mention Grant,that just wont happen again.The chairmen got their fingers burnt & it just wont happen again!

  4. 70% of people want BFS gone at any cost,
    30%?want him to stay but 20% of those would change there mind if a good manager like Morino came up ( not going to happen ) but then 20 % would not because he is not English,
    The other 10% are frightened of the dark and need a comfort cushion BFS

  5. Totally off subject but it was good to see Vaz Te banged in a couple for his turkish club earlier.He will always be remembered for that day at Wembley.Good Lad.Now i need to go back to bed,i had far too many prawn sandwiches at Leicester yesterday Hammer 180 😀

  6. I’m sick of hearing people talk about what happened to clubs that BFS has left. How is that any basis for a decision on his future? It’s truly ridiculous. Neither has any club he’s moved to achieved anything!

    The club is already in relegation form anyway.

  7. Mattee my view is that Biesla is good but not great,
    He is better for us than BFS but will need money to replace Nolan,Demel,O,Brien And Jarvis Plus we need people to cover the whole Cole,Song and Jenkinson Leave,
    That looks like a lot of money so we need some good free transfers as well,
    Maybe we are going to need money from the sale on Carroll and Valencia as they have the only value and we need to keep Sakho.
    What’s your view mattee!

  8. My view… good question… my hope (it’s better) obviously is that the Genius goes asap, my hope is that Davids will choose a manager with a modern view of football, that focus on youth while ensuring a good level of entertainment. My hope is the owners will sell Carroll, Cole, Demel, Nolan, O’Brien and Jarvis. I hope Song will stay. With the money of their sale they could buy interesting young players. I think the most important purchase of next year will be the manager, I want a project around him; I think Bielsa is good, Howe is good, Klopp is the dream (he builds his team on youth). I know we can’t buy a top manager (Mourinho, Gardiola, Ancelotti, etc.), but these names are light years better than the dinosaur.
    Hopes and dreams, but I don’t want the current nightmare anymore. This is the only certainty I’ve got.


  9. I agree 100% Mattee but then we are the minority,

  10. Proud to be part of the minority… 😉


  11. ElLoco NOW

  12. For 2.95 million a year, WHU should be able to attract a decent replacement. Anybody from 14th downwards in the list of highest paid managers !

  13. With the 2 Daves making the transfers and Mrs B running the club do we need a manager would a coach as in other countries like Spain not be better and we could have a media person as well who could talk for the club and not make stupid comments,
    Just a thought,

  14. Bubs
    Do you think that the two Dave’s and Mrs B would let a media person do all the talking ? Just a thought.

  15. Haha,no they wouldnt,but maybe if they did we wouldnt have to see him telling the media he is the most flexible manager in the prem or the other revelation that he is the most sophisticated manager in the league.Oh & who can forget this one-
    “I’m not suited to Bolton or Blackburn, I would be more suited to Inter or Real Madrid,” Allardyce said. “It wouldn’t be a problem to me to go and manage those clubs because I would win the double or the league every time. Give me Manchester United or Chelsea and I would do the same, it wouldn’t be a problem. It’s not where I’m suited to, it’s just where I’ve been for most of the time.”
    😀 😀

    • Ahahahaha… Maybe would be a problem for these clubs… but maybe… I’d like to know Sam’s pusher…

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