Hammers star at centre of £8m bid claim

Downing overheadNew reports linking Middlesborough with a £8 million offer for Stewart Downing have been circulating in the north east over the past few hours and quite frankly seem way off the wall.

A couple of media outlets claim that the Championship club has hit the Irons with the an offer despite us turning down similar bids from Sunderland and Leicester City.

The mathematics involved are mind boggling for a Championship outfit which, if they are believed demand that we accept the Riverside club will commit to a £7 million transfer fee and £1o million plus in wages over a three year deal. And for a player aged 30 that really does take a bit of swallowing.

A key club insider told ClaretandHugh this week that that we have indeed received several bids but that the player is simply not for sale.

We never rule anything out entirely however, although if this one were to be true we would find it perhaps one of the most bizarre and perhaps ill considered deals in a long time.



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25 comments on “Hammers star at centre of £8m bid claim

  1. Not really,Steve Gibson has been known to dig deep into his pocket when he needs to.Aint saying its true but if Fulham can pay £13m for McCormack then anything is possible 😀

  2. If these bids are close to this amount then we really have to consider it, it’d go a long way for a decent younger replacement

  3. We need to keep SD for another year or two…….A replacement would cost more than £8m.
    Besides, if we need to lose a player off the wage bill, there are at least two or three midfielders I’d rather see go before Stewart.

  4. Flog him for 8m,great business.He will be worth a couple of buttons in a season.If we get this type of offer for him it makes financial sense.He aint exactly a world beater anyway.Well inconsistent.

  5. I would rip their hand off for £8m cash upfront.. use it towards a striker. When QPR realise that £15m is too steep for Austin, we can go in & grab him with cash……

  6. Ffs,if someone,anyone is willing to offer 8m for Downing they are barking mad & deserve to have their hand ripped off,lol

  7. Gokhan Tore could be got for 6/7m.He is 23yrs old.I would swop him for Downing every day of the week.

  8. They will be sober by the morning, get him up that A1 quick smart.

  9. Eventually surely every player has a price even if you dont particularly want to sell them.To pick up 8m for Downing at almost 31 has to be considered.But i have been drinking beer & eating some figa tonight so my judgement is clouded,lol.Oh yeah,come to daddy 😀

  10. Surely, Downing has the choice. If he doesn’t (and shouldn’t) go, at least he knows he has to put himself about in order be regarded as an asset to no be sold.

  11. I no longer go up and see matches like I used to, so I rely on the box, and comments for info on news and players performance? As regards to downing,I get the drift that he,s past it
    So why some people condemn getting shot of him leaves me BAFFLED????.

  12. 8 million snap there hand off ,he’s 30 years old yes he had good games but he was bought as a winger who now has forgotten to play like one.

  13. £8 million is good business,we will pick up a good 25 year old winger for less ,
    Where will he fit in this year with us looking to play wingers not Downing in the hole,
    He will behind Payet and Valencia,and have to battle Alfitano and Jarvis for one spot,
    And he would be moving back home at the end of his career,

  14. Totally agree Bubs if he was 25 it would be different but he’s 30 flatters to deceive the money could be invested in a winger that has the ability to beat a man

  15. 8m,30yrs old.It is great money for Downing if someone is stupid enough to offer it,lol

    • He’s one of those if he stays he stays if he goes he goes and that’s the thing not bothered either way ,8 million for 30 years old is a bit of a no brainer

  16. I like Downing, he was one of our better performers last season.
    But……….£8m is just far too much money to turn down, that’s roughly the sort of money we could get Gokhan Tore for.

    • For once I agree with you Fob…. Blimey a week with the mother in law and hot weather has warped my mind lol

      • Sod it…….I’m going to have to try harder 🙂

        • Don’t worry once the mother in law has hopped on her broomstick back to Pompey and the weather turns crap normal service will resume lol

          • I was just about to start typing my thoughts on mother in laws….when I heard a big DONT! from behind me…….my missus has eyes everywhere.

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