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Hammers striker hunt goes on despite Calleri

CalleriNews that the Hammers are keen to bring in striker Johnathon Calleri indirectly confirms the Irons are looking for two front men as we suggested a few days here.

The 22 year old has already interested Spurs but we had it confrmed this morning the Hammers are now in talks and hopeful of concluding the deal.

The Argentinian is with SΓ£o Paulo FC and at the centre of talks for an Irons move as confrmed by our own sources inside West Ham.

He is valued at Β£7.5 million who can operate on the right wing – not unlike Sakho!

Thus, he is NOT Β the Β£25 million front man plus being hunted by the club as we look to our first season in the Olympic Stadium.

As we reported with offers around from agents for Diafra Sakho and Enner Valencia certan to leave if we can the right price the team could have a very different look next season.

We are assured that the club are still working on the main striker and that manager Slaven Bilic will be eyeing up targets at the Euros.


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

30 comments on “Hammers striker hunt goes on despite Calleri

  1. It’s alrite eyeing up targets at the Euros but every club in the planet will be as well.I can see us ending up with the Albanian national team striker πŸ™‚

    • Sorry I ment to say on the planet before the normal trolls come & correct me!

      • Catch them out with spelling ‘meant’ instead of ‘ment’ πŸ˜€ lol
        shoot all the trolls on sight Rads. Nappies at dawn shoot out hahahaha

        • I wouldn’t mention nappies essexclarets.They are all filling theirs today about this place.Yabbering about sexual abuse or vile abuse.Some overdramatic clap trap only those drama seekers could get worked up about.The way they are carrying on they must be on the first row in the congregation in church each Sunday.Talk about butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths *smh*

  2. Another foreign player I have never heard of.It doesn’t mean he isnt good only that I dont know him.Perhaps he can be one of our Sakho,Lanzini punts.

  3. Know nothing about him, won’t comment about him, won’t spend hours watching you tube clips, won’t say the wrong thing as will be described as a ” Weak man or Jerk” will simply stick to the correct procedures and say if he can score goals up front he will be a striker.

  4. Don’t know what the problem is I prey every day to be sexually abused,
    Hope we get this deal done as he would make a great back up striker as would AC then we can go find that great goal getter WILSON
    Enner is keeping up his value scoring goals and performing well,
    Sak will regret leaving if he goes he won’t find a club that loves him like ours,

    • I agree with that. He got too much emotional stuff this year, and will probably regret leaving later years.

    • No luck then bubs.Maybe you need to wear shorter skirts.

      • So according to you Bubs, sexual abuse is a joke? And according to you EST, wearing a short skirt invites sexual abuse? No, there are no misogynists posting on this site are there?

        • Does it make you a misogynist if you refer to a man in a short skirt.Im not sure that one works.

          • Ah semantic ambiguity, the refuge of the weak argument.

          • And that is it isn’t it.You have scrolled down through the articles to find a comment that enables you to keep this arguement going.Another chance for you to call men ‘misogynistic’.You could have let it go today but no you try to start it all up again.Then you will be crying that people are digging you out on here when if you hadn’t come on again it would have been peace restored.If you want to argue go to the mirror.I had enough of this drama yesterday.

          • That’s hilarious. The words ‘pot’, ‘kettle’ and ‘black’ spring to mind. Lol

            Peace? Is that the same peace you advocate between the sites every day? I know you don’t mean to be but you’re a very funny man RickHammer. More suited to comedy than drama I think.

          • While you’re still brooding over your next admonishment I’ll just say this. I have suffered months and months of abuse, name calling and ridicule by some of the posters on this site and I have not retaliated at all until yesterday when it reached a new low. Now you’re demanding that I cease to criticise you immediately because it upsets you! You can dish it out but you certainly can’t take it! Your male ego is clearly a lot more fragile than my female one. You leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone, even though there’s an absolutely huge disparity in the amount of criticism imposed either way.

          • By Christ you have some serious issues with men.Everything you say is related to misogyny,male/female egos,weak minded men.I dont know about Liddy,you sound more like Lydia Becker.

          • That’s a lovely compliment, thank you! πŸ™‚

            Not all men Stanley, just the ones whose attitudes are stuck in the 19th Century with Lydia. The ones who have evolved are just lovely and lots and lots of them are my good friends. πŸ™‚

  5. I think it was Tim Vickery that said this kid has a lot of potential but very inconsistent certainly not one you would call a top striker even in South America, it really is crazy that players with a little potential can now be worth Β£7.5m that is what we paid for Dean Ashton or something in that region and he was a top striker now to get someone like ashton would be 30 – 35 million maybe more.

  6. Sell AC and keep Sakho – I am so confused. Why are we keeping a player who cannot get around the pitch and who can only play one position, and can only play for 30 mins. I am just lost for words – I will be very sad to see Enner and Sakho leave.

  7. The Dehenney sale has started and Watford are pushing his price up,
    At Β£20 million he will be a snip at 27 years old compared with some being touted,
    We should have got in early,
    This lad above will still be talking to us in a months time and by then a lot of top strikers will have gone and we will end up with a loanee no one wants,
    First game or in training AC will be injured until the weather gets warmer as normal,
    Sak will leave or be frustrated same with Valencia,
    No one at Euros will come to us or be overpriced,
    While everyone is watching football get in there and do some business

  8. For #### sake can we get back to talking football on here.
    Liddy 100% agree with you the the abuse you have suffered is not aceptable anywhere & though i was not involved or even aware of who said what to who, I would would like to apologise to you on behalf of the majority or candh. It’s not my place to do so but i have anyway. Can we please draw a line under this & move on, in saying this I am not under playing what has happened & been said. The same plea goes to anyone on here to stop all this & lets get back to what these sites are here for.
    Unless this stops hugh will carry out his threat to close the comments down & move over to facebook which would mean me being unable to continue to use this site.

    • Thank you EC, I would like nothing more. I tried to do the same thing months ago when I held out the hand of friendship to the posters on this site to try to build bridges after Banjo stirred up animosity between C&H and WHTID with his stupid and manipulative comments. Trust me, I don’t like what he’s done to these two sites any more than any of you do. I genuinely wanted to do all I could to help us coexist peacefully and enjoy the sites for what they’re meant for, supporting West Ham. However, I was absolutely crucified on here by some posters for my efforts and I have been regularly abused and ridiculed ever since. I hope you have more success than I did and I hope they don’t now turn on you as some of them did to GW back then when he tried to meet me half way.

      I’ll go back to posting on WHTID now and I won’t mention this site nor any of the posters on here AS I WAS ALREADY DOING UNTIL YESTERDAY. I hope the posters on here finally extend me the same courtesy. If they don’t, I’ll be back to defend myself again because I’m not taking any of their abuse and ridicule without retaliating anymore. I tried that tactic for months and months in the hope that it would stop but it just degenerated into sexual abuse. The ball is in their court.

      • One issue from my POV.I have read both sites,have done for some time now, though never contributed until recently as its not particularly my thing.I read articles then plod my weary way through life.You all want to know when the friction is at its worst…When Banjo is on WHTID.I clearly remember there being very few comments from either side when he was banned.I am simply speaking as I saw it & people are free to disagree.But if we are all honest with each other we know when he is on WHTID then the tittle tattle & jabbing across the internet starts.I have no issues with anyone on any site who have an opinion even if I think it is completely wrong.It is their belief,let them have it.One thing I do hate though is cunning,manipulative people who know exactly what they are doing behind a fake smile.So just my two pennies worth.Enjoy the sites Liddy,we aint all bad πŸ˜‰

        • I agree with you 100% Antman and my heart sunk into my boots when Iain let him back on to WHTID. I know that some people find him funny but you’re right, he is cunning and manipulative and he gets off on causing trouble between people who should be allies. I wish he would just go away and leave us all to coexist harmoniously but sadly I can’t see that happening any time soon.

          I know you’re not all bad AM, I’ve always known that the majority of people who read C&H are decent West Ham fans, just as they are on WHTID. There are some great articles on here and I’ve often wanted to comment but I don’t because of the minority of posters on here who persecute me from afar.

          • Well the problem doesn’t lie entirely at his door.Maybe if his wingman stopped constantly trying to keep him ‘in the loop’ about what’s happening here it might be of help.There is a chap on there that seems to have a helluva lot to say if this site is mentioned or comes up in a thread.Only have to read the WHTID article today to see he is baiting Banjo

    • Oh, and COYI πŸ™‚

  9. Life is to short and don’t take it so seriously Liddy,I say things every day that are not pointed at any one,you have to remember some people’s humour is different to others,
    We have joked on this site with each other and have not took life so serious,I am afraid my humour does not obviously jell with yours and if you are offended by my comments which were not aimed at you then when you see my name on a post just pass it by,
    I have better things to do then spend my time trolling anyone
    In my age group it is called banter,
    It’s a bit like joining other sites and being attacked because you don’t agree with the long term members who treat there site like what sap and don’t talk about football,
    If people have an agenda that is not football related then we should use other media sources, pot Kettle Black again,
    Oh and COYI

    • If your future comments don’t contain any form of reference to me I shall happily pass them by Bubs.

    • Bubs there is banter & then there is stepping over the line. The sexual abuse thrown at liddy was disgusting. I have a very close family member who suffered sexual abuse throughout her childhood & it has had a massive effect on her life, so i don’t find anything of that nature in the slightest bit amusing.
      i wont fall out with you over this but I feel very strongly against this type thing & felt I had to have my say on it.

  10. No problem mate your view is taken but I am also a farther to 4 girls and 2 boys have 13 grandchildren and I great grandchild as of today,
    But I come on here as a football fans and do not mean to be offensive to anyone and those
    that know me on here or in person would know I mean no offence,
    But the war that has been ongoing with people from Wetpants was not started on this site and some people on here took a lot of abuse before they turned and many won’t for get,
    I personally have been back to Wetpants on 4 different occasions to talk and post but have either been snubbed or turned on ( not by most )
    That’s the end of the subject for me,
    Maybe some are not ment to play nicely with each other,that’s the world we live in,
    Now I am going for along cold beer to talk about football with a mixed gender crowd

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