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Heartbreaking image of a long goodbye

ghostsAn international break gives time for reflections and my own generally involve the Bolyen.

I adoped the Hammers as my club in 1962 and as I wrote in a Facebook status a few days back it has probably represented the biggest adventure of my life.

I added: “In terms of unpredictability, intrigue and gossip, there is no club in the land that can compete. If all you want is a team that wins stuff so you can go about bragging your boots off fine, but supporting the Hammers offers so much more Us Irons discovered a lifestyle rather than a football team whenever and however it became our club COYI.

The Boleyn of course has been central to that and not merely the ground whch unquestionbly was the most unique in English football.

The walk from Plaistow station to the ground was unique, no atmosphere ever excited so much. It was part of the oxygen which made life so precious.

I imagine that in about 30 years  or so the London Stadium will feel like home to most Irons but for now the memories linger and refuse to go away.

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I have no doubt the issues which have arisen will be solved…I have no doubt the team will recapture form and I have no doubt that we will become accustomed to life in our new surroundings.

But the picture above is heartbreaking and is one of the last we shall see of the old lady who dominted our lives for so long.

Yes the shiny new palace we now call home is reat but the “terraced property” we left behind can never be forgotten.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

19 comments on “Heartbreaking image of a long goodbye

  1. Blimey are we going to be subjected to images of the Boleyn ground being dismantled brick by brick. Come on let’s get over it and move on.
    And as for describing the walk from Plaistow to the ground as being unique.
    What bloody clap trap.

  2. I sort of agree, this continued bleary eyed romance about the Boleyn needs to stop it’s not helping solve the issues at the OS. We have moved, I didn’t want to, but we have, there is no going back, deal with it.

  3. I agree. Please spare us this, we are well aware of what’s happening.

  4. Agreed on all points fellas.We know it was going to happen,let it happen.We will all miss the place but thats life.Move on!!
    Same as if people cant move on,fine thats their choice but i dont want to read them whinging every day about it on forums,its got boring now imho.

  5. As for exciting walks to the Stadium, I would say being West Ham walking to the Old Den for a nightime away match would certainly be the most exciting, the hairs on the back of the neck permanently raised waiting to be ambushed in the alleys, that’s the most alive you will ever get in my opinion but yes it was always a great walk to the Boleyn full of happy memories and it was before it was all seater (imo) a trully unique atmosphere. I don’t have a lot to say for Blatter but when he put in his book that the Boleyn was one of the best football stadiums and a must see, he was right. COYI !!!

  6. How long before one of our intellectual neighbours will say ” That used to my seat” and cause the Thames barrier to go into overdrive because of a sudden tear laden tidal wave 🙂

  7. There are two sayings that apply so well to us Irons,You don’t pick West Ham,West Ham picks you,and,If your not one of us you don’t understand. Two sayings that says it all.COYI

  8. The ground is not ours anymore, we all said our good byes. Move on & try & make the OS feel like ours, it will take time but slowly it will. Best to let them pull the BG down without having to watch every brick one by one going.

  9. Constant images of our old home being taken apart is helping no one and only compounds the bad feeling of moving out . The Boleyn Ground served us well for over a 100yrs , but times change and things move on . Yes it’s sad , but we have to get on with it and turn the London Stadium into our New Home and make it a Happy place . We are still settling in and all these reminders of the past are not doing a lot to help . I know nostalgia is something we can’t hide , Hugh , but there are times when it can have a negative effect .
    COYH . Let’s make the LS work in our favour instead of against us . Most of us have had to move home or change schools or workplace during our lives and have needed to make new friends and new social circles ; it’s called ” growing up ” .

  10. I started in 1963 when budgie was centre foreword** and bubbles STILL prevail.

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