High praise from WHTID for ClaretandHugh

iain-dale_6708Founder of Westhamtilidie.com and broadcaster Iain Dale has had some very nice things to say about ClaretandHugh in an article launching his latest survey.

We are very grateful for his comments as we hold him and his site in high regard. He has served the Hammers community for many years.

Read here what he has to say and if you are a follower of his site please contribute to his survey. We are all here to serve you the fans.

Thanks again Iain!



About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

16 comments on “High praise from WHTID for ClaretandHugh

  1. Iain wrote his piece in a 0-0-0-1 formation whilst baking an apple strudel BUT NEVER BROUGHT A STRIKER IN!!!! Only joking, nice words from our friendly neighbours hope their revamp goes well and they don’t miss Super Sean too much.

  2. Ahhhh,bless,how kind.Now Monkeys Bellend & his crew will have a mass leak about the Rabid Dog site being praised,lol.Deliverance boy will be putting on a beaver feast tonight 😉

  3. I agree,we all hold his site in high regard.Its just some of the guys on there i would like to hold higher,by their ankles over a bloody big cliff,lol

  4. Feed the Yac & he will bore!!

  5. I’ve deleted some comments because I think Mr Dale was very gracious to us – the least we can do is to show respect.

  6. He was gracious about your site Hugh,which i think you & Sean deserve.But does it mean anyone on here who doesnt like it cant express their opinion on the site.Surely that is the surpressing of peoples opinions.If people like it they say they like it,if people dont they will say that.Because you & Iain are have a buddy cuddly doesnt mean we all have to like the place does it,lol 😉

  7. Well i still stick with my comment about American sports whether it got deleted or not.I wasnt showing direspect to the site.Just stating a fact about alot of the comments on there these day.Fact not Fiction 😀

    • Is a perfectly valid point to my mind Tyson.I have had to scroll down through American football,college football & all things american recently.That is not an attack on the actual site,just the fact that i dont care to read about American football,whether it be college or NFL,lol

  8. We are all aware of the various characters who inhabit ALL sites and the feelings that many have towards Iain’s have been made repeatedly. On this occasion I believe to revisit them in the face of his generous comments is entirely unnecessary. There will undoubtedly be other occasions. Personally I don’t believe this should be one of them.

    • As for suppressing opinion I rarely visit this section and we don’t moderate. So a little perspective perhaps. Nor is it a buddy cuddly. It’s just being respectful

  9. Fair play,he was kind with his words about here.For one day i will say its my favourite site.Well fourth favourite but i wont split hairs on a day like this 😉

  10. Don’t mind you taking my comments off Hugh because you took foybac,s off as well,but her will not be so generous about it,
    I never attack Mr Dale or his site even if it is a bit boring,but as for the 12 morons who think it is their personal site I have the right of reply,if they would like to keep their comments to theirselves we can get on with talking about football and bond with each other,
    Lucky Spoonie and Kevin did not attend

  11. Lol,naughty boys 😀

  12. Haha,yeah the rabid dogs had their bones confiscated by Hugh,lol,but now the love fest can stop 😉

  13. ahahha… Right now I’m a harmless chihuahua, but I can turn into a rabid doberman during the full moon… that depends on what Monkey Bellend & Co write on wetpants.com… lol

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