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Moyes goes missing from West Ham training

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Earlier today Claret and Hugh posted a report suggesting that David Moyes had not conducted training at Rush Green and that a fitness coach was instead leading the West Ham players through their paces ahead of Saturday’s home game against Luton.

However, we have now learned that Moyes did, in fact, lead training today. The initial confusion arose because the usually punctual Moyes was running late and missed the beginning of the session.

This unfortunate coincidence was notable given the stories about Moyes working twelve-hour days starting at 7 am, which emerged over the weekend. Many of Moyes closest associates have been keen to point out how the hard working Scotsman is often first to arrive and last to leave the training ground.

It’s understood that one of the Hammers’ fitness staff had to step in and lead the training session today in Moyes’ absence. It’s unclear why Billy McKinlay, John Heitinga or Kevin Nolan couldn’t stand in for the session whilst Moyes was hurrying to work. Perhaps they were running late too?

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  • Bennyboy baker says:

    Moyes deserves a good send off in the last home game but I fear that may not be the case he has bought stability to club over the past few seasons and won our first trophy in over forty years and is owed the gratitude of the fans and club owners.but he has had digs at the fans his arrogance is something that could see his send off go badly I just hope that we as fans put aside the bad thing’s and thank him properly for everything thing he’s done for the club

    • SydneyC says:

      Couldn’t agree more. While I don’t rate Moyes as a manager, he has conducted himself with dignity and not embarrassed the club or supporters (if you ignore his football), and I believe his apparent delusions about his own abilities are more of a false bravado to protect his ego from the media.
      Give the man a standing ovation, play a great game and everyone move on.

    • Ryan McCullough says:

      He deserves the respect !
      Boring football but results and a trophy,
      Let’s hope next season brings delightful attacking football and more progress ⚒️ COYI

      • Rob Colvin says:

        I personally think Moyes is a good manager he’s done some great work at the club even producing silver wear along the way some blame should lay at the players feet apart from a few exceptions most have played ****e n don’t even get me started on the captain what a waste of space n money hopefully a new season n fresh start but I personally will miss Moyes I wish him all the best in future rolls n thanks again for Prague what a night n what a legend,cheers.

      • Shakes says:

        Gave me the best night a year ago good luck for the future always be in our boo

  • Hammer says:

    Totally agree it would make us look small minded if we don’t thank him for the good times we had although not enough of them ! it won’t cost us anything and show us in a good light.

    Although personally I’m glad he is going

    • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

      Is anyone really surprised. A caretaker manager should been appointed. As soon as Moyes departure was announced.

  • MJH says:

    A good honest man, done a good job and taken us to a level. Now time for a new level.
    Time to move on now but deserves credit, thanks and gratitude from us all. COYI

  • David says:

    We’ve always prided ourselves for being fair. Let’s give Moyes a great send off v Luton, a massive show of appreciation for an honest ,hard working man who always has the clubs best interests at heart ,and won us a European trophy. How many other Premier League clubs, with their so called “wonderful” managers , can say that. Let’s wish him lots of luck too in his next venture, whatever that will be. He deserves it.

  • Marios Photiou says:

    David Moyes . First of all I would like to thank you for the great work you have done at West Ham United you gave me my greatest night in Prague it’s a night I will never forget.
    You deserve respect and you will get it on Saturday.
    Thanks for the memories. But I believe it was time for a change .

  • Billy says:

    I wish Moyes well. He’s been nothing but honest, professional and hard working trying to improve our club from the ground up and he absolutely has improved our club from top to bottom. Most importantly for me he’s also given me and my family some of the greatest days and moments of my life.

    • Keith says:

      Why wouldn’t us WHUFC fans give Mr Moyes a fantastic send off, he’s earned that right. I can never forget the joy and pride as we celebrate winning the Europa Conference league trophy and seeing David Moyes put down some serious dance moves in the dressing room. It brought so much joy to the east end of London. West Ham fans are hard but very fair and knowledgeable so, thank you Mr Moyes we wish you and your family all the very best for the future.

      • P wright says:

        Make u sp0t on Keith give him the best cheer on Sat glad to see some new people looming cheers

  • Iron_It_Out says:

    I have to agree wholeheartedly that David Moyes has conducted himself with respect and dignity, especially considering some of the mindless jibes and abuse he has been subjected to after all he has done for our club. Its just a shame that we cant say that he has been treated with the same respect and dignity. It really makes you wonder why anyone would want the job with all the baggage that goes with it, not to mention the public way in which the board have gone about their business. Its just painfully disgraceful and well short of what the man deserves for all he has done. This story is a prime example of the scrutiny and drivel that some consider to be news. Its exactly this kind of rubbish that helps to fracture our club and split the fan base – any chance or opportunity to stoke up some gossip or cast dispersions or for no real reason at all what so ever. People with nothing better to do than speculate about something so irrelevant which has absolutely nothing to do with them!! Who in the real world really cares if David Moyes was stuck in traffic and late for work and someone else had to stand in for an hour or two. Maybe consider what it would be like if I turn up at your work and then decide to spout rubbish and tell the whole world that u were late and someone else had to do your job for a couple of hours. Its almost like if you aren’t spreading rumor’s or gossip that you don’t know what to do with your day. Maybe take a bit of a reality check and stop spiraling down the gossip worm hole that u continually find yourself in. Our club would be so much better off without this kind of clickbait rubbish being constantly trawled across the internet trying to disguise it as news!!!

  • Susan brierley says:

    I think David Moyes is a great manager it will be sad to see him go please give the big send off on Saturday I like to wish all best to him and his family .

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