West Ham Kudus details revealed

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West Ham’s £85 million release clause for Mohammed Kudus cannot be activated until 2025, meaning any potential buyers will have to wait until next summer to initiate a transfer.

Claret & Hugh discovered the details of the Ghanaian’s contract clause earlier this morning, but it was unclear when the option could be activated. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to stop a club from bidding for Kudus during the summer window, although it is believed that the club would reject all offers, even those exceeding the buyout value.

The deal mirrors that of Lucas Paqueta, whose own clause becomes active on July 1st, allowing any club that offers £85 million to speak with the Brazilian and his representatives.

Kudus is believed to be of interest to Liverpool, who see the Hammers attacker as a potential replacement for Mo Salah, who is expected to join the Saudi Pro League. However, Liverpool would have to spend most of the £130 million they anticipate receiving for Salah to stand a chance of succeeding with a transfer bid for Kudus.

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  • Chris says:

    If it happened and the bindippers came in with say £130million you take it not because you want the player to leave of course you wouldn’t but because a footballer is only one bad tackle away from a career ending injury and then they are worth £0.

    • Brian says:

      I agree Chris,
      A players value depends on recent form and a clubs need.
      Just look how some players ‘rumoured’ values have changed: Harry Maguire 2020 to now?

  • Brian says:

    As much as I appreciate Mo Salah
    I cannot imagine anyone, even the Saudi’s, paying £130mil. for a 32 year old with his mileage ?

    Surely the Saudi’s would be better of spending £130mil. on West Hams’ Mo….

    • Chris says:

      In a normal world Brian you are 100% correct but in the Saudi world that is just a drop in the ocean and they really just want the “name” to boost what already seems a failing sideshow of a football league

  • Kevin Waylen says:

    Liverpool or any other club will pay the release clause of £85m unless their is a bidding war or west ham increase the release clause with a better contract offer to kudus

    • Chris says:

      The release clause does not become active until July next year Kevin so anyone bidding before that well you are going to have to bid a lot more

      • Bennyboy baker says:

        Why are we even talking about kudus moving on his release clause is not active till next summer so it would take a offer that would be impossible to turn down but I can’t see Liverpool or any other team being prepared to pay that sort of money for him even though he is worth it what with ffp issues there’s no way a club would run the risk of having points deduction

        • Alan hammerhead says:

          We can not be seen as a selling club again that don’t work longterm

  • Kenneth Hasted says:

    No way can westham sell our best player if we want to show the fans that we want to keep our best players not sell them

  • Maggie says:

    Leave kudus alone keep he good player even under 21 and 18 should play Frist team

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