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How we rated the Irons


ClaretandHugh’s ratings man Niall McDonald hands out the marks after today’s game.

Adrian: Another day when he had no chance with the goals but his distribution left much to be desired 4

Reid: Strongest of the three centre-backs today. Went off after being elbowed by Aguero 6

Ogbonna: Sky blamed Kouyate for the second but Ogbonna was also left in no-mans land 5

Collins: Stretched to his limits in the first-half 4

Masuaku: Walked the tightrope after a very early yellow card 5

Antonio: Had a wry smile when I saw him directing Byram to watch a runner but, again, pushed forward he arrived at the far post to get us our goal 7

Tore: Had a shocker and was rightly hauled off at the break. A real curate’s egg this one – very obviously Bilic’s man, yet showed next to nothing so far 2

Noble: Played a lovely cross-field ball in the first-half and led by example throughout 6

Kouyate: Joint responsibility for the second which heaped pressure on us. His stamina showed again in the final 15 mins 5

Valencia: Said it before but surely this is the last time we see him in the claret and blue…? 3

Fletcher: All credit to the young lad – joined the long, long list of Hammers strikers who were left to feed on scraps but stuck at it 5

Subs Byram: Should have been on from the start. Must be against Watford 7

Lanzini: Understandably rusty on his return; still showed some neat touches 5

Calleri: Another with undoubted quality who looks short of matches… 4

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

14 comments on “How we rated the Irons

  1. Have we finally seen Biggins play his last game for us.Fingers crossed,toes crossed,bolloxs crossed.Ouch 🙂

  2. Do you think Villa still want Biggins after today 🙂

  3. Unbin Canchaz Hugh. l have never heard him swear at or abuse anyone despite the abuse that he is constantly subjected to for airing his honest views, which add great variety to this site. He has been around since forever and you cant bin him just to humour the “lotus eaters” of this site. lf there is any justice and if this is trully a site for all West Ham fans, unbin Canchaz!

    • That is the lamest appeal I have ever read.You saw the remark by Hugh.HE BINNED HIM BECAUSE HE WAS FED UP WITH HIM.No one else asked for him to be banned ffs.

  4. A bit harsh on some of the players

    • None of are bothered about Canchaz being on here sh#t for brains, it was Hugh who was fed up with him not us!!!!!!!!!.Very strange though that we ain’t seen you on here for about a year but then you spring from nowhere to defend Canchazs honour!!!!!!!

  5. This site is always harsh with the marks

  6. I thought Masuaku played well generally. Fletcher worked hard, but understandably ran out of steam. Antonio is far better up the pitch.
    Maybe I’m biased, but it did seem that most bouncing balls and ricochets went their way.

  7. Don’t know about you guys but I really enjoyed the second half. Really good performance considering we were away Peps Man City.

    Masuaku, keeps impressing me, as does Byram. Better from Antonio today. Not sure what’s going on with Kouyate this season bit he’s well off the boil. Has he realised he’s firmly in the friend zone with Fanny Neguesha?

  8. It was always going to a hard game but agree the points are Harsh on Some
    The scores from Spain are
    Adrien 5
    Reid 5 Collins 5 Ogbonna 5
    Antonio 7.5 Masuaku 7
    Noble 6 Kouyate 5.5
    Tore 3 Biggins 3
    Fletcher 6
    Byram 7 Lanzini 5.5 Calleri 5
    Let’s learn from our mistakes,
    No more going away looking not to concede because our defence is not good enough,
    Byram is our best RB so play him there,
    Collins and Reid are not good enough so give the kids a chance what have we got to loose,
    Here we go,I would rather see Martinez,Browne,then Biggins in one of our shirts
    4 games ago you could have got £8-£10 million for him we will be lucky to loan him out and not pay half his wages,
    That’s where wheeling dealing gets you,
    Tore is over weight over rated and not worth putting on the pitch,Samulsun must be laughing at us,
    Slav please don’t stick by him because you wanted him,he is like Biggins not good enough for the premier and if we can get out of buying him when his loan spell finishes all the better,
    If Canchaz has gone it’s his own fault for 2 years I have been on his back for being a negative boring trouble maker,
    Yes he has a right to his views but for Christ sake go down the pub and drown your sorrows don’t make the rest of us want to cut our wrists,

  9. Please let us not tryto go away and do a slug,respect the point. Man city have a very dimunitive attacing force. They are quick mobile and like to get around you and behind you. What do we put out against a small very mobile attacking force? 3 giants who are great in the air. Unfortunately they don’t play the fecking ball in the air. It’s all on the floor. We were always on a hiding to nothing. Love Slav but sometimes he can be so bloody obstinate. How could Valencia ever pull our shirt on again after the last three debacles. Ditto for Tore. Slav being ob stinate Antonio looked so much more comfortable and confidant and dangerous once he was unleashed forward yet still did his defensive duties. Adrian : great shot stopper but bad decision maker. Why on earth did he leave his post and try to make an absolutely ridiculous tackle, when he only had to stay and a defender was already on his way to close down. Love my Hammers and my manager but sometimes i am in fecking despair. Surely, if i and all the people i am watching with can see,why can’t the people that matter ? COYI X

  10. I really enjoyed the second half also, City play the way we could if we trained too, triangles everywhere one man passes to another man with a third man running this is a simple concept, give and go fast one touch football, if you press the ball well like we did in the second half we can create a lot of opportunities. We had so many players unavailable but I saw a lot to be encouraged by Fletcher played well again, Antonio caused them all sorts of problems, Callieri looks like he is starting to improve, Masuaku again was excellent Byram was decent, I would like to see Antonio take most throws, other than quick throws I don’t see what we gain from Byram taking them. I hope in a couple of weeks we will be at least twice as good, COYI !!!

  11. First half was another shocker,clearly worrying times with many first team players out injured,wasting a club record on ayew was bad business,hardly marquee signing,baca was never close,as wanting champions league football.
    Pre season was poor,happy with the 2nd half performance showed more desire,that’s what’s lacked passion / commitment – tore looks out of his depth,will be gone in Jan ! Would love see fletcher get a run,looks a top signing – not bad for a free transfer Zaza joining may curtail that and send him out on loan. Antonio making the England set up was the only good news this week ‘ keeping the faith ⚒⚒⚒

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