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How we rated the Irons at Goodison



Hughie hands out the marks


Randolph: Suffered via some poor defensive cover – can’t be blamed and made one fine save 5

Johnson: Played well – one of the very few success stories for the Hammers. Defended well enough and got forward whenever the chance presented itself 6+

Balbuena: Poor night at central defence alongside Declan. Always found out when it mattered 4

Ben Johnson impressed

Rice: The only upside is that if F Lampard was considering paying for him as a defender he won’t be now. Horrible night for the guy and fell asleep for the third goal. Ok, out of position but that’s where he started life and expected more 4

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Cresswell: No problems. He’s looking okay at the moment 5+

Noble: Dreadful – sideways and backwards slow motion stuff – absolutely no pace in those old legs now 2

Anderson: Even worse. The most un-Brazilian Brazilian you will ever see . He takes on nobody and loses possession as a matter of course

Lanzini: Plenty of energy holds out hope but still too little magic 3

Snodgrass: Good first half, great goal but then tired 5

Yarmolenko: Finally had the chance to produce against a big team but showed he found his level against Charlton and Hull – a nothing match for him 2

Haller: Remains so lightweight compared to Antonio but with that midfield in place no chance of real any service 3


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

17 comments on “How we rated the Irons at Goodison

  1. Dithering Dave with a team that had 3 serious injuries doesn’t make a sub -10, thought Randolph deserved better and thought Balbuena was ok as for Haller he had zero service. Like you say Rice isn’t a defender, responsible for two goals tonight.

  2. oh, harsh scores Hugh, I feel for your mood right now

  3. Good and sincere ratings and comments sir.
    The players outside of the first 11, tonight showed their below par level of performance. Anderson being the worst of the lot. How players who cost so much money can perform so badly …. ???? Now when do they get another chance to showcase their abilities?
    Well, back to the grindstone this weekend. Hope we do well against Leicester.

    • Finally seeing what i have been saying the last 2 seasons noble to slow for prem now. Offers no cover in dm no good behind no9 only time looks ok now is against teams that dont press but very few in prem give you that time anymore its about pace all over the field. Snoddy now is not near the 1st team really either.

  4. Still fuming over the money wasted on streaming this match……. But in hindsight we couldn’t afford to go any further in this competition… so we set up to lose the game from the start.
    I am Totally convinced that we could’ve won the game IF we really wanted to. Before their third goal a couple of substitutions would have ensured that win.
    I feel that there were a few reasons for the lack of substitutions in transfer deadline week, and lessons for a few players who feel that they should be playing.
    Hugh……… I Truly believe that you are being OVERLY generous to Anderson…. In fact UNBELIEVABLY Generous…. I could’ve done what he done tonight (NOTHING) and I can’t run for toffee. He was scared of the Toffee’s and anything football related. I still remember reading posts where supporters felt he should be playing and given a chance? We would’ve been better off giving him away on a free….. Because there is no way in this world or the next Anyone is going to pay over £20M for him…… Useless and possibly our worst ever transfer when the fee paid for him is taken into account.
    After that performance maybe GSB won’t be so enthusiastic about us getting away without any incoming transfers this season?

    • Me too Cat, very annoyed at Irvine/Moyes, we have these great youth players no one can tell me they wouldn’t have done better in defence than Cresswell and Rice alongside Johnson and and Balbuena, we should have subbed Noble and Snodgrass after 30 mins it was clear they were way short, put Rice and Soucek in midfield and got hold of the game.

  5. When you hays chairman moaning about the cost of being in the cup, what do you expect.
    Mood of the team starts at the top.
    Enough said ….

  6. I didn’t think we played badly, their frontline was awesome. Richarlison was amazing in attack and defence, going after everything. Browne and Yarmelenko were given no chance on that wing. Calvert Lewin top rate also.

    I’d like to make a point about corners: why is it that we don’t put anyone the other side of the box to take advantage of overhit corners or shots cleared that side? Everyone’s placed corner-side of the box in the middle – doesn’t make sense and cost us a good opportunity again tonight.

  7. Felt sorry for haller had literally no service to him at all all night long tried to put himself about but nothing backing him up! Felt sorry for balbuena and rice no protection from our midfield 3 tonight noble is finished snodgrass is finished and lanzini is done aswell. Andersson yarmolenko lanzini was there chance to really prove themselves tonight and really let us down, same could be said for moble and snodgrass so poor. Felt the tactics and formation didnt help from our marvelous manager tonight aswell

  8. Spot on Hugh. Anderson we know about but there have been many calls to include Yarmalenko from the start. Tonight showed that any half decent premier league left back knows how to nullify him (as do we). He doesn’t have the pace to trouble from the left and whilst both like to cut in, he doesn’t have the pace Bowen does to deliver on his left from the byline. Impact sub his limit in my opinion

  9. Based on these scores I assume the manager and coach would get minus scores, especially with mot using subs at 1-2 when the game was very saveable.

  10. Typical West Ham we are conquering the world after Wolves and not fit for pub football after Everton
    I think Sully didn’t help with his reserve team and cost of travelling comments but at the end of the day our marquee players had earned their starts from the previous rounds and they were found wanting
    To be fair although we didn’t deserve it we were still in the game at 2-1 and when the third went in it was all over so I get not risking players who will feature against Leicester
    Last night Rice regardless of playing out of position I mean come on we market him as a DM/CB was at fault for at least 3 of the goals
    Lanzini was guilty of wasting our best chances and not putting in a shift to help those two very slow OAP’s in midfield
    Yarmalenko was anonymous all game and Haller didn’t get any service…….so lets now come to Anderson!
    Anderson is an easy scapegoat he is the villain of our time even in his first season when we had the crowds and he was to be fair promising people would get on his back and it has never changed so much so that you have scored him 1 out of 10
    You won’t because nobody in their right mind would want to watch that game again but if you did you would see that Anderson at least put the effort in he was tracking back and making runs far more involved than Yarmalenko .. yes he is lightweight yes he is low on confidence but please give him a break he was not the worst of a bad bunch last night and as fans we should encourage not bully!

    • Magnum king, you must have watched a different game to me. Anderson doesn’t sprint back, he jogs and only gets there in time if the opposition holds the ball up. The odd time he might get there he doesn’t put in a tackle. He is afraid of any physical contact. He gives the ball away almost every time he gets it and flat refuses to attempt retrieval. He is one of the laziest players to ever play for our club. If you were a manager, after watching his displays this season, would you be tempted to buy him to play at this level? The least that’s required at this club is effort. Our fans will forgive most things if you are a tryer, but not laziness, disinterest and lack of pride in the shirt. Do you honestly think he deserves his overly inflated wages this week?

      • Definitely not and if we could get rid of him this window I would pay the taxi fare….my point though is that he is always the scapegoat and last night there were far worse performances than his and whereas last season lazy was his middle name in the few games he has played this season he has at least been tracking back and attempting to tackle however feeble those attempts may have been he at least tried where others last night did not. In a perverse way it shows he is trying and maybe just maybe given some confidence could get better as he has the pace and we need that oulet/option… we are stuck with him and he needs encouragement because mark my words the day will come when Moyes uses him as a last minute sub and he goes on and salvages the game 😉

        • I wish I had some of that magic dust. There is only so much leeway you can give and Anderson has used all his up. He started believing his own hype a long time ago and seems to think it’s below him to put a consistently solid shift in. There’s no excuse for that. Do you realise how much he is paid? His own conscience should be an incentive, if nothing else. Like I said, would you pay good money for him on these showings? No. Nor will anybody else.

  11. So sad to see club legend Nobes performance tonight. Get him on the backroom staff now where he can contribute.

  12. I have just witnessed the worst three performances ever by Hammers midfield players . Noble was appalling . He should never be picked again unless the bootman is injured and can’t sit on the bench . Anderson is a disgrace as he has all the talent in the world but no heart and Lanzini has lost the plot . Between them they did not deserve a combined 1 . Having said that , and quite honestly was anyone surprised, not many players deserved more than 4 . Rice had his worst game for the club and proved he is not a centre back . Johnson and Cresswell had no cover from Noble and co but did ok . Baulbeno was left stranded and Haller had no support . As for Moyes I reckon the virus has attacked his brain . No substitutions when we had dragged ourselves back into the game . Noble Snodgrass , Anderson , Lanzini …. surely one of the youngsters would have had more impact and at least would have run instead of watching shadows . A disgrace . The club is a shambles .

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