How we rated the Irons v Stoke


Hugh rates the Irons against Stoke and is in generous mood!

Adrian: Couple of top saves and a calm and reassuring presence which helped the back line 6

Fernandes: Got forward well and looked fine defensively 6

Fonte: No compaints at all, he’s improving game on game 6

Reid: Educated and perceptive defending – cultured performance 7

Collins: The usual totally committed performance – odd error but┬áby and large bang on the case 6

Masuaku: Only got 45 minutes as presumably protection against the knock he took against Everton but once again full of invention. This lad’s a very good player indeed 7

Nortveidt: Rock solid in front of the defence but why did it take so long to play him in his proper position 6

Kouyate: All action high energy stuff from my man of the match 8

Lanzini: Quality performance again from a guy who clearly thrives on responsibility 7

Ayew: But for Jack butland’s remarkable save, would have been on the score sheet again – good performance 6

Calleri: Worked hard but he really isn’t the answer up front 5


Cresswell (46) Ok but looks second best to Masuaku by some distance 4

Noble (67) Little impact when he arrived at three quarter time 4

Snodgrass (79): No time to rate which is probably for the best – again nothing on show





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10 comments on “How we rated the Irons v Stoke

  1. Can’t argue with any of those . Calleri should have been hooked for Fletcher who MUST be better . Didn’t understand bringing on Noble who again contributed nothing for 30 mins . Arthur a much better bet than Cresswell at the moment … COYI

  2. Surely time to give Fletcher a chance as Calleri is so short of confidence he couldn’t score in a brothel.

  3. I keep disagreeing with these, isnt it great being a football fan!

    Adrian. The rating of 6 was harsh, he made several really good solid saves at crucial times and mopped up with balls over the top. 7

    Fernandes. Again, your rating of 6 makes little sense. How was he as good as the likes of Adrian for starters? Defensively was OK at best and offered little going forward. 5.5

    Fonte. How you rated Fonte the same as Fernandes is odd, made one outstanding tackle and overall mopped everything up really well, getting better. 6.5

    Reid. Made some really good tackles and stepped up really well. Good decision making but nothing major to do. 6.5

    Collins. How you rated Collins as good as Fernandes was odd. Got caught out for pace a couple of times but always made the ground up. Worked hard and every time he stepped forward make correct decision. 6.5

    Masuaku. Never a 7, much better than that. Some outstanding tackles (just by standing his ground) and looked very neat in possession. 7.5

    Nordy. Again rated the same as Fernandes (Now the yardstick) but was better than him for the following reasons. kept offering passin options, made some good tackles, closed down and did not allow space for Stoke and generally made good passes when he kept it simple. 7

    Kouyate. An 8, really? First half was not in the game and only got better once Stoke opened up in the second half. Made some strong and powerful runs in the second half and unlucky not to score. 7.5 (Due to an average, at best, first half)

    Lanzini. A 7? He had some nice shoulder drops to get into space, but kept giving the ball away or made really poor passing decisions. One of his worst games in a while 5.5

    Ayew. I think 6 was about right, was looking like he might nick a goal and he is that type of player. Didnt play terrible or good. 6

    Calleri. think you are having a bubble, 5 for him? Never stopped running, little service and got better and better as the game went on. 6

    Cresswell. A 4 is very harsh, was not up to the pace of the game early and looks very low in confidence. 5.5

    Noble. Again, a 4 is harsh. Came into to stem the tide and got his foot on the ball to slow it down. Worked hard as well. 6

    Slav. Made the decision to play it safe and earned a solid point. In light of options in terms of personel available and lack of confidence this was decent. The subs not sure, one enforced (Cresswell) Noble came on to steady the ship (Which he did) and Snodgrass was a little odd although that might of been to give us fresh legs. Slav what he came for and got it. 7

    Referee Probert. Generally allowed the game to flow and was pretty consistent. Even though he allowed them a golden chance at the end he was generally allowing the game to flow. One of the better refs we have had in a long time. 7

  4. Well said Hugh . Bet Drevil likes the sound of his own voice …idiot .

    • Do you think that is really necessary?

      No need to name call, just need to say that you disagree. I made the effort to reply on your blog and thats the response. Name calling from the owner of this blog and from another of your followers.

      • Yes it is necessary because it was a coninual jibe. Mine wasonly 19 words long. If you wanna throw it learn to take it

        • I said the rating were harsh, odd or disagreed. When did I call anyone an idiot or the match ratings were crap? Cos someone might disagree over something you think it reasonable to make it personal? Wow.

          • The Soccer Saturday gents could be out of a job.Jeff Stelling only needs drevil lol

          • @Stan The Man
            They are all fans of different teams yet dont act the way some have on here.

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