Irons close to signing midfielder

Pedro-Obiang-Sampdoria_2835036Alex Song’s West Ham departure looks nailed on as negotiations with Sampdoria midfielder Pedro Obiang continue to press ahead.

News that the 23 year old Obiang is on his way to the club seemed all but confirmed this morning when ClaretandHugh was told: “We can’t comment on players until after deals are done or not done!”

That’s football speak for “negotiations are in progress” and it means that Song has now all but been discarded as an option.

It’s not all about his post-Christmas loss of form either and has as much to do with £70k wage demands when Obiang is seen as a top player who can possibly be wooed into a deal for around 45k a week

With an £8.5 million transfer deal involved it would represent a financial package of around £17 million over four years..

Recruitment director to the board Tony Henry is driving he deal and it looks certain the player will become the first signing of the summer.


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35 comments on “Irons close to signing midfielder

  1. Right age for sure & it seems Henry is pulling the transfer strings,not hippohead & his scout,good news.Better than one of Allardyces 32yr olds on 85k with the same agent as him,lol,dont know much about this lad though.Matte,you are our Italian correspondent,we need your words of wisdom on this guy 😀

  2. ahaha… first of all, thanks rads for this prestigious post… lol Obiang is young, he’s doing well with Sampdoria, he has great physical skills, good field vision and he is predisposed to ball possession… he could be compared with Edgar Davids…
    I’m still negotiating with President Massimo Ferrero, we have a good relationship… lol

    • Thanks for your inside knowledge Matte.I saw on wetpants that some of them our dismissing him as a decent player based on their visit to his stats,lol,i expect they decieded Sakho was useless based on these same stats & visits to his wikipedia page as well 😀

      • hahaha… don’t mention it Chicken… this is my job along with stats… Hugh pays me handsomely… lol

        • Haha,i saw that Chicken,better not sign him because of his wikipedia info,haha,but they are fortunate,they always have this guy on there who is the info guru.He seems to know everything,i think he must be the Davids advisor 😀

        • Matte,you are letting us down,i just read on wetpants that Obiang has a better pass accuracy rate compared to song,82% v78%.Why didnt you not tell us this yesterday,lol,i ofc take more notice of their guru about these matters than you.You only live in Italy & watch him,why should i believe you,lol 😀

          • ahahha… sorry Ty, maybe they have a computer more sophisticated than mine… lol Their stats guru is a tough nut to crack… mmm, he gives me a hard time… lol

  3. Thanks Italian correspondent for your assessment of Obiang,so you think he will be a better aquisition than Song then? 😉

  4. ahaa… I think they are similar but I still prefer Song, I think he can be reborn with another manager… lol

  5. Haha,i think many of the players will be reborn if a new manager comes in,he might actually let them play some football instead of thwarting their attacking abilities.Song is history,i dont think he is staying.We must move on.We need some more athletic mobile midfielders,Noble & Nolan,too slow.We only really have Kouyate,he is fast becoming one of if not my fav player.I really like him as a player & his pride he seems to have playing for us.Pity more are not like him 😉

  6. Ahah.. I totally agree rads. Actually Koutate is the soul of West Ham. Another player who loves this short is Sakho. The problem is that soon big clubs Will knock on our door… Davide don’t give up.

  7. *shirt

  8. I had to look him up on Wikipedia – 23 years old Spaniard who’s been at Sampdoria since 2008 having played 65 times in their First team and also for the Spanish U21 team.

    Does he ‘speaka da lingo’?

  9. Ahah… Now I remember Michael, you have the problem of the Language… I think Obiang could use smoke signals… So you can understand him… Lol

  10. Haha,yes matte,i think Michael is actually a translator & he likes to know if he can offer his services to these incoming players.What are your rates Michael? 😀

  11. No problem I can handle the transfer if it’s in Spanish with Matte ,
    Just what we need to young hard worker no hard tackling midfielders no we need the gifted player with the special touch and I don’t mean Nolan,

  12. Yes bubs, I agree with you, I love the gifted players and Obiang is not one of them… But ehi, we’ve got Downing, the third Sam’s son, according to him the best player in the world (overrated in my opinion)… Ravel, Menez, Hazard, David Silva etc. are gifted players, I would pay the ticket just to watch them play… But we have Nolan and he speaks English… Wow! Lol

  13. Matte have you heard him that’s not English,
    Ravel will come back and haunt us 1 or 2 good years in Italy and he is going to be worth 30 mil or more,
    This Menez sounds the business how much would he cost of vent if he would come ?

  14. I don’t know… Menez is 28 years old (not so young), I liked him since when he played for Monaco in France… Then he became a Roma player but he was often on the bench: his story when he was in Rome reminds me Ravel’s story with West Ham; great talent, young, but few opportunities to play. Then he went to PSG, he did well, but then with the arrival of players like Cavani, Lavezzi, Pastore, and Lucas he lost his starting role. Last summer Milan bought him and he is always the best. He’s a gifted player, class, speed, dribbling, goals, assists. I don’t know, probably now he’s worth 15 mil. But Milan will not sell him, without him it would be relegated… lol

  15. Shame we will get him when he is free and 35,
    PSG are letting Lavezzi go Liverpool want him he would be the sort of player we need to control midfield,
    If Rafa came may be he could bring someone from Roma with Him ?

  16. Not Roma, Napoli. I don’t know bubs, Rafa plays with a lone striker (Higuain) and behind him fast and quality players like Mertens, Callejon, Insigne, Gabbiadini, Hamsik. When he arrived in Italy he wanted Callejon from Real and Mertens. I think Napoli will not sell them, but I’m not a Magician…. Ahahah, anyway I’m becoming too serious, I have to change the subject… Figa? Lol Good evening mates!


  17. ….well I always think it’s important for the player to be able to communicate with the other players and the Manager – for example it seems obvious to me that Valencia can’t communicate with the others in the team, he often looks lost in games not knowing what he should do, what runs to make etc etc.

    A small point maybe but I think it’s important.

  18. How would he know where to go ?
    A part from Downing and Alfitano they can’t pass the ball,
    And BFS has only one instruction kick up the other end as high as you can,

  19. I don’t twitter this stuff but as you guys are pretty CandH hardcore to let you know: We have today OFFICIALLY become the No 1 independent Hammers site GLOBALLY as well as in the UK

  20. Great stuff Hugh,congrats! That will p*ss a few people off,love it 😀 😀

  21. Wow, we are over the top! Congratulations Hugh!


  22. Lmao,oh dear,how can so many people visit such a destructive site,so anti-Allardyce,its disgraceful to think so many people should come here,lol.Well done Hugh,we must continue the battle against prehistoric football 😉

    • ahahhah… yes Tyson, good question… why? Are the people stupid or maybe is Sam’s prehistoric football a total crap? To you the hard judge… lol

  23. Haha,no you must remember Matte we are all ill-eductaed pigs according to the guy on wetpants recently.A sub-species of Irons supports.We are deranged,have our heads in the clouds & should feel ourselves both honoured & privileged to have Samuel as our manager.All hail the conquering hero Hippohead!!! 😀

  24. ahahha…Probably on wetpants.com after they had heard the Hugh’s news, they will commit mass suicide… lol


  25. Don’t need an Allardyce poll – we know why people are here LOL

  26. Hugh I hope it was a fair poll you never had Cookie Monster working for you ?
    Only joking but that’s what will be posted on wetpants.com.
    They will be hyperventilating on that site now asking for a recount,it will be just like Cammeron rolling there sleaves up running around there bedrooms in there hippo onesie
    Getting all excited,
    This is good news for the purists of football

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