Irons fans deserve some real excitement

neneWhilst a win at Leicester is expected and of paramount importance, am I alone in wanting a lot more than that from Saturday’s game?

The preferred A game we’ve been watching with growing despair until the much needed win over Sunderland arrived – desperate though it was – has been failing us for weeks.

And yes, before anyone else mentions it, I know there have been injuries!

But with most attacking and midfield options now available can we please see a bit of Morgan Amaltfitano and Nene – remember him anybody? Our season really does need to be spiced up one way or another.

Morgan+Amalfitano+West+Ham+United+v+Liverpool+CswSINzPf6RlOf course, the Frenchman didn’t himself no favours with the red card against West Brom but now available, he needs to be included as at his best he provides some much needed creativity.

Nene may too, were he to be given a chance, but thus far – as most expected – he’s merely flitted around the was of the action for a few minutes at a time.

I’m sure if we can give over extended run-outs to the likes of Matt Jarvis and the captain then it might be fair to expect that Morgan and Nene might be introduced to provide so,e much needed flair.

It would be great to think that Reece Oxford may get a chance too at some stage although nobody will be holding their breath on that one.

Personally, however, I want some excitement and although a win over the bottom placed club would be welcome we need more than that I reckon.

I really don’t want to go through to the end of the season hearing the words: “The only thing that matters is the result no matter how it’s achieved.”

We need something to raise the blood levels. Grinding out results (or not) is no way to send the fans off for  summer.

We’ve been there before! Too often. Surely a little flair, imagination and excitement is not too much to expect.


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16 comments on “Irons fans deserve some real excitement

  1. Cant really see that much will change between now & the end of the season Hugh.Wishful thinking on your behalf i think 😀

  2. I found it quite bewildering in the last match that Jarvis played instead of Amalifitano.To play two wingers but only Sakho up front seemed very curious.I know Amalifitano had been out suspended but Jarvis was an outcast,came in for the Gooners game if my memory serves me right & seemed to jump in front of amalifitano & nene.Very strange,seemed a little depserate to me,searching for an answer.But it really didnt work,Jarvis was given elbow at half time.Amalifitano is more than worthy of a place above jarvis as far as im concerned.Probably get my head bitten off now,lol

  3. Nothing wrong with a bit of wishful thinking Rads

  4. Many things Sam does are baffling.His statements about himself in the media are rarely backed up by what he produces on the pitch.As Jim Royale said ‘ Flexible & Sophisticated my a*se’

  5. I think now is the time tomgive Nolan a rest so to speak.If Kouyate comes bqck into midfield theremis no rewason not to play Amalifitano or Nene.Give the creativity that has been sorely lacking in the last couple of months.However i cannot see this transpiring,if Nolan is fit,Nolan plays.Sometimes it is clearly to the deteriment of the team.Sakho & Valencia need someone behind them in the tip of the diamond if this formation is utilised to give them the pass into the areas they make their runs into or the through ball to set them away.Nolan will never give this,whereas Downing,Amalifitano,Nene have this ability.Im afraid when Nolan plays we are drastically reducing our options on an attacking front.Just my opinion of course.

  6. Alas Hugh with the money about in the Premiership the win at all costs or anyway how is how it is becoming.It is even filtering into the mindset of supporters,especially since we have had the Allardyce win ugly regime for the most part.Entertainment is secondary,fans want a position in the table not the style of play.It is now considered old school to want entertaining football,fans will put up with garbage if it brings 3pts.Sunderland was a prime example.We will play exactly the same way from now till the end of the seaon & people will be happy because we finished 8th not 12th by winning ugly.

  7. You know what really bugs me.At the start of the season for 2 or 3 months i actually had friends,for the first time in years,i mean years & years,from chelsea,arsenal,spurs,etc telling me what a fantastic team we had.That they were well impressed with out attacking style & we had a great team.Then what happens,Sam somehow contrives to balls it up & i now have the same friends taking the rise again,lol.I wouldnt mind but apart from Zarate we still have these players in the squad,its not like they got sold.These same guys who played such lovely football for two months are still at the club.It is beyond belief & how even the most diehard Sam fan cannot see he screwed it up is beyond me.Honestly totally beyond my comprehension.

  8. All went wrong when DS and SA were split up

    • Well whatever the reason it has made a season i had hope for turn into a typical Allardyce season of football.It must really bug him at 60 to have won nothing.To see managers like Harry & Pulis manage to take teams to an fa cup final,even martinez & poyet have been to finals.But Sam nearing pensionable age & nothing to show for it in his trophy cabinet.Makes his claims about being the most flexible & sophisticated in the league almost comical if it wasnt embarressing.

  9. We were very lucky to get the start we got,for a couple of months we were superb,a joy to watch.Its a sad fact but i hate to think where we would be now without those early points had Carrol & Nolan both been fit from the start of the season.Probably in a similiar position to last year i should imagine.Sakho would have been warming the bench & we wouldnt have uncovered a little gem.Allardyce would certainly have started with Carrol & as Valencia was the big signing he would have started too.Of course Nolan would have been a given & Downing wouldnt have had a new lease of life.Happy Days,short but sweet.

  10. Lets not think Leicester will be an easy 3 points.Beware of teams with their backs to the wall and be prepared for another “ace” team selection from Allardyce.

  11. Personally I’d like to see Poyet/Oxford get some games under their belt but as is always the case with Samasouras Rex we will get those upcoming youngsters Nolan & O’Brien !! RIP Academy till he’s gone

  12. I read a very good article by Marcelo Lippi not long ago,he was talking about getting a winning formula from your team.Anyway he said sometimes you strive for months to find the magic formula but sometimes it can just fall into your lap through circumstance,injuries etc.He then said if you find this formula you pretend it was all your idea & cherish it.Do everything in your power to keep this formula going even if it does upset some of the clubs better or more established players because they cant get in the team.What a pity Sam didnt have the Sam philosphy as Lippi.Having said that Sam probably rates himself as better than Lippi,lol

  13. Just stay middle ,top in the premier league.

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