Irons fear Liverpool will Kop Klopp


Jurgen KloppWest Ham fear that Liverpool are the dark horses to grab Jurgen Klopp as their new manager before many weeks are out.

The Irons haven’t given up on the 47 year old German but sources  close to the managerial situation seem fairly convinced that Liverpool will be his next destination.

The two Davids are currently in their Marbella summer retreat which they use every year at the same time for their new season planning meeting.

And top of the list for their attention of course is the managerial situation which is being fired up by the ever-changing bookies list.

Klopp is currently leading the ClaretandHugh fans poll to become the next Upton Park boss but our sources inside the club are not confident he can be wooed into the club.

We were told: “There’s a big buzz on the grapevine that Liverpool are into him in a big way. He’s perhaps the most desired manager in world football right now and we shall keep on until we hear differently and definitely.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Quickdraw says:

    I’ll leave Hamburg to outline the finer details but we must lure him with the project. Anyway if you can’t make someone choose London over Liverpool you’re not very persuasive lol

  • mattefumi version 2.0 says:

    lol Hamburg, we need action and we need action urgently. You’re our German Ambassador. 🙂

  • HamburgHammer says:

    The passion of the Liverpol fans and the history of that club could be appealing to Klopp, plus its working class background. You can’t get more working class than East London though, right ?
    To be fair though: If Liverpool go in for Klopp they might get him, no doubt about it.
    Unless Sullivan gets his finger out sharpish and does one hell of a presentation including a guided tour through the Olympic Park plus a sightseeing tour through London.
    Go for it Sullivan, up to you!

  • hammer4life says:

    Only problem with this rumour is there is no vacancy at Liverpool and there won’t be. Rodgers has 3 years left on his contract and I’ve just read he still has backing of the ownwership.

    • HamburgHammer says:

      We know how much we can rely on those backings though. If Liverpool say they have no intention of letting Rodgers go, that alone would set my alarm bells ringing.
      Our only chance may be if we go in for Klopp before Liverpool do and get that offer in he cannot refuse.

      Even then Klopp might decide he wants to go to Liverpool to hear what they have to say.
      In that case we can still get Emery, Bielsa or Bilic. I just hope our board make a bloody good effort to get Klopp in.

    • Quickdraw says:

      So Kop flop no chop stops top Klopp swap

  • Rads says:

    Keep the dream alive H.We dont want McClaren or Warnock,lol 😀 F*cking Jamesons Brewery talking to me on here everytime i come on is getting right up my bugle,shut them up Hugh 😀

  • bubs says:

    They need to take the bull by the horns and pick one and go for it,with the stadium,Europe
    And if they pledge money for transfers they should be able to sell the club to anyone,
    If that fails bite the bullett about the language and give Biesla the job or Bilic because they want it

  • HamburgHammer says:

    No idea of course what our board are currently discussing under the Spanish sun.
    I hope they really go for it here, either going all guns blazing for Klopp or Emery, Bielsa and Bilic after that.
    Our offer will be decent financially, Premier League plus Europa League is attractive too, so is the new stadium and London as a place to live and work.
    Liverpool of course a massive name with tons of tradition.
    But our chances are good if we move quickly and focused on the manager we want.
    I’m convinced Klopp at this point has no idea yet where he’ll end up.
    It might probably just need one hell of a presentation/interview with him to convince him though. Liverpool might do that. Or us.

  • bubs says:

    Liverpool are dying Gerrard gone Sterling leaving Sturridge prone to sickness like Carroll,
    The rest of the team are rubbish or over the hill,they have a bigger problem than us and no new stadium,
    Plus Hamburg if you ever go to Liverpool you would relies why it’s so cheap to live there and if they think Biesla has a language problem you want to spend a week up there,
    They will stick with Rodgers for at least one more year,
    Klopp or not nothing can bring me down at the moment,

  • HamburgHammer says:

    Yep true Bubs. I’d love Klopp, but my grin would remain even if we ended up with Emery, Bielsa or even Bilic. Massive improvement. Europe football. New hope. Positive vibes.
    A much more united fanbase. Final emotional farewell season at the Boleyn.
    What’s not to like ?

  • canchaz says:

    Isn’t it about time to stop ‘whistling in the wind’ over some of these managers, who have already ruled themselves out. After all, there’s no logical reason people like Klopp and Ancelotti to invent stories and I can’t believe Ancelotti would actually invent an illness for what seems no purpose at all.
    Far better to bring this so-called list down to real possibilities and start looking at whose the best of the candidates who are a serious possibility

  • HamburgHammer says:

    Agree about Ancelotti. As it is a long term medical issue which may require him to have a year off, that is understandable and I am totally ruling him out.
    With Klopp though it may well be that he is keen on taking a six month break.
    Clubs interested in him NOW won’t care though, they’ll approach and ask him anyway, even at the risk of being turned down.

    Thing is: There could be some interesting vacancies for Klopp NOW. In six months he would only get a gig at a club that have fired their manager due to underachieving.
    A club in turmoil, crisis or at least with problems.

    If Klopp wants to have a bit of choice he may want to forget about his six months off.

    • Roman says:

      Klopp can have 6 months off.In the interim there are plenty of men on this site to take training.They would do a better job than the last manager and that can’t be too bad.3 million divided divided between 10 or so.I just hope the owners get the appointment right.

  • ChelmoHammer says:

    They can have him

  • bubs says:

    Trouble is at the moment canchaz is the list changes daily,cloud be Carver,Rodgers,or
    Pellegrini tomorrow,
    And anyone every day till people start choosing there teams,
    This is why we should put BFS on garden leave and put someone in temporary,then the board would have found out a lot more about the players and not got stuck in this bidding battle with half the clubs in Europe,
    But as someone who was happy with our old manager and our style of play this is obviously
    What you wished for so just be patience

  • mattefumi version 2.0 says:

    I know Galliani is trying to get Ancelotti back in here (AC Milan), but it seems to be true he wants to stop for 1 year. I like Carlo, he’s a true gentleman and one of the top three managers in the world. Personal opinion.

    • HamburgHammer says:

      That surely means that Emery won’t come to them for just a year to keep the bench warm for Ancelotti to take over.

  • bubs says:

    Matter how many managers jobs under threat at the moment ?
    There’s proberly 3 or 4 in Spain,that could effect what happens with us

  • mattefumi version 2.0 says:

    lol… if it was true, now West Ham would be managed by Ancelotti/Klopp/Di Matteo/Bilic/Bielsa/Benitez… and Cottee generously volunteered… I would go with him…lol

  • TysonM says:

    F*ck sake,all these different reports are boring.Cant be bothered to read them all.Most are bullsh*t.Papers nutty season 😉 Welcome back Matte,new you couldnt stay away,haha,sorry,ahahahaha,loool 😉

  • mattefumi version 2.0 says:

    ahaha…. hi Ty… thanks… I missed you and above all I miss Sam… lol my life is empty without the Genius…

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