Irons heading for huge financial jackpot


championsIf West Ham were to finish in the top four this season it could be worth another £35 million to the club.

Finishing fourth in the Premier League would earn the Hammers an extra £10 million in merit payments after taking £11m for their twelfth place finish last season.

That would jump massively to £21m for fourth place and £22.2m if we could manage third place.

However, the really serious money would be made qualifying for UEFA Champions League football with prize money significantly increasing this season. Each club reaching the group stages gets a €12m bonus, a rise of 40% on last season. Every group win would earn €1.5m, while a draw gets €500,000.

On top of this, clubs get a share of the TV rights money called the ‘Market Pool’ worth €482m spilt by the 32 clubs depending on how much each country paid for their rights.

This meant last season, Manchester City earned €45.9m from the Champions League, Chelsea got €39.2m, Arsenal €36.3m and Liverpool €33.6m.

Liverpool failed to qualify from the Champions League group stage losing three games, drawing two and winning one game.  Despite this poor performance they still earned £26m from the Champions League and this was before the prize money increased!!

If West Ham qualified to the group stage they could expect to earn a minimum of £25m  without winning a game or progressing to the final 16. Progress to the last 16 and a minimum of £35m extra awaits us.  Dreaming I know – but beat Barcelona in the final of the Champions League next season and we could earn another £75m!

West Ham are currently in fifth place on 49 points in the Premier League table just 1 point away from fourth place Manchester City and 3 points away from third-place Arsenal who have 52 points.

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  • bubs says:

    So we could afford 2 £25 million players next season or 4 players like Payet or 10 like Sakho,
    I would settle for Lanzini a very good young goal scorer and a versatile defender with no injury problems,
    Plus keep our kids coming in and start playing them,

  • Dicksyland says:

    Oh god, feeling dizzy.

  • Max Willow says:

    Sounds good if we managed to get the 4th EPL spot
    However, are we really ready for a serious go at the CL, despite our great year? Maybe a year or two at the Europa league level would allow us to make a more gradual adjustment to serious European participation; improve the depth and quality of a very good squad. The bonus of winning Europa is automatic qualification to the CL in the following season

    How would we fare (financially speaking) if we qualified for the Europa (by finishing 5-6th in the EPL) and managed to reach a semi-final or even a final (?).

    • 5th place in PL would earn £20m in merit payments (£9m more than last season) and 6th place is £18.7m so £7.7m more.

      As for Europa League.

      Each of the 48 clubs that reach the group stage will receive a group stage basic fee of €2.4m (£1.72m).

      On top of this, there will be performance bonuses: €360,000 every win and €120,000 every draw in the group stage. The winners of the groups will receive a qualification bonus of €500,000 the runners-up of €250,000.

      The teams playing in the round of 32 will receive €500,000 each, the teams playing in the round of 16 will receive €750,000 each, the quarter-finalists €1m each and the semi-finalists €1.5m each. The UEFA Europa League winners will receive €6.5m and the runners-up €3.5m, inclusive of their ticketing revenue share.

      There is a further €152.4m (£109.7m) in variable amounts called a (market pool) which is distributed according to the proportional value of each domestic television market represented by the teams taking part in the UEFA Europa League from the group stage onwards.

      UEFA Europa League Prize Fund

      Group Stage fee €2.4m (£1.72m)

      Group Stage performance €360k (£259k) win / €120k (£86.4k) draw

      Knock Out Qualification bonus €500k (£360k) winners/€250k (£180k) runners-up

      Round of 32 €500k (£360k)

      Round of 16 €750k (£540k)

      Quarter-Finals €1m (£720k)

      Semi-Finals €1.5m (£1.08m)

      Final €6.5m (£4.68m) winners / €3.5m (£2.52m) runners-up

      In the UEFA Europa League payments will be paid in the qualifying and play off rounds. These amount to: €200,000 (£144,000) in the first qualifying round, €210,000 (£151,200) in the second qualifying round, €220,00 (£158,400) in the third qualifying round and €230,000 (£165,600) in the play-offs (this latter, if not qualified to the UEFA Europa League group stage).

      Add to this West Ham will take 100% of the gate money at all Home games in the Europa league while only having to give 5% in away allocation to visiting fans. Assuming West Ham manage to sellout all Europa home games at £20 per ticket that would add £700,000 per game in Ticket revenue. If we made it to the Europa league semi finals that would be an extra £7.7m in ticket sales at the Boleyn ground on it’s own.

  • gas says:

    agree with max, Europa league would be a fantastic marker of progress. those dizzying figures do get the mind racing on “what might be” but those dreams are dampened by the thought of leeds. I know it’s a poor comparison but we need and are witnessing an evolution in the club and it’s wise to learn to walk before starting running. in the daves I trust. COYI

    • essexclarets says:

      Leeds gambled with someone else’s money & spunked it, all went tits up & they dropped like a stone with a mountain of debt. Major lesson for any club dreaming of the big time, must learn to walk before you try & run. Leeds ended winning sweet fa. Boom & massive bust.

  • WestGoaHam says:

    It’s great! One step at a time please.

  • Also the Premier League clubs could reportedly be offered cash incentives from next season to take the Europa League seriously as concerns rise over the division’s UEFA coefficient.

    The Premier League is in danger of losing its fourth-placed Champions League spot,

    According to Dan King in the Sun, Premier League boss Richard Scudamore is set to ask clubs to approve a plan that could see rewards of up to £10 million offered for good performances in the Europa League.

  • monacoman says:

    Surely, one of the key ingredients has been our outstanding recruitment policy. We have managed to recruit, Adrian, Cresswell, Byram, Kouyate, Payet, Sakho, Randolph, Antonio and hopefully Lanzini for around the price of Mangala for Man City, a complete Donkey !!
    Combined with Slav and we thoroughly deserve to be were we with a shot at the big time.

    Luke Shaw or Cresswell? At around 12% of the price of Shaw as well, no brainer!!

  • johnboy says:

    Kerching !!!!!!

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