Irons linked Austin waits on Chelsea

Charlie_austin_3147013bCharlie Austin is today reported as being ready to wait for an offer from Chelsea before he looks at other interest including well recorded speculation about West Ham and Newcastle.

Jose Mourinho is believed to be consideringmaking the former brickie his FOURTH choice front man behind Diego Costa, Loic Remy and new loan signing Radamel Falcao and according to some reports that may be good enough for the Queens Park Rangers player.

 Apparently the the newly married Austin is keen to stay in London and wants to listen to what cash is on offer from the south west London club.

He is not keen on Leicester, who had a £12million bid turned down last week but despite regular links with West Ham, we have shown no desperate enthusiasm to talk with the £16 million rated frontman.

It is also difficult to see the Irons making that sort of offer having brought in Dimitri Payet for £10.8 million with a further £12 million set aside for  a top central defender  believed to be Juventus’ Angel Obotta.

The current thinking appears to be that any fourth striker will be brought in on a loan basis.



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13 comments on “Irons linked Austin waits on Chelsea

  1. Who the heck is Obotta??? Ive heard of Ogbanna??

  2. If we play 4-2-3-1 ( as Bilic likes to play ), I see the problem positions being the 3 creative midfielders.
    Assuming as it stands, we have Dowining competing with Payet to play behind the striker, we have Amalfitano to play wide right, and I believe Valencia to play wide left. We then need 2 players to compete with them in those wide positions. They are looking at the loan market for those players it seems.
    That means up front we have Sahko and Carrol as established strikers. ( One and a half strikers given Carrols injuries ). We then need one more established striker to have enough cover. With Lee given more chance to play, I think he can still get games as number 4. Assuming we stay in the Europa league for the groups, we will need all of them.
    I hope then that we can get Remy or Austin or ??? soon. Then it’s just the wide players in attack to worry about.

  3. Don’t want Remy, kept turning us down. Now he might be pushed out not so cock sure anymore. “I want to say at chelski to fight for my place” no… you want to stay at chelski because they pay you stupid money.! Josè has said not for sale, will do if right offer comes in. Austin would be a better buy but wants chelski. He wont get in their starting line up. Costa, Falco,Remy(if stays) etc in line before him. So might decide to look else where.

  4. You for got Jarvis and Zarate,Noble would have to fight for one of those positions to,
    We stuck at the moment with Nolan and Magia as well,
    The problem is the budget,everyone was saying yesterday that there was no budget,but I was sure one Dave said £25 million and the other said it could rise to £30 million,we have spent £11 approx another £8 for a central defender sorry for got about the £4.5 for Obiang
    They leaves £6.5 million and we are going to throw away £1.5 million on loaning Jenks,
    Not a lot to play with,
    But who knows maybe the 2 Daves will break the bank and spend £50 million

    • I think Jarvis and Zarate both have some proving to do, but it would help if they did the business in the preseason. Perhaps Bilic will find a better way to use them than Sam did.

  5. Am I the only one thinking 15 million for Austin is a ludicrous amount of money. Yes he scored wherever he has been, I’d understand the move if AC were to be sold but I couldn’t see the 2 of them working together , yes we need back up but I’m with bubs about the lad from Wimbledon, Austin at 8 million yes Austin at 15 million no

    • It’s probably Austins price ( or overprice ) that stops us going for him, so it has to come down. Can’t see Chelsea wanting him.
      If we play 1 up front as it appears we will, then they wont work together but compete for the same spot with Sahko. If Carrol goes back to Newcastle it will need a good price so we can get replacement for him.

  6. Can’t see captain kev will be still here come august. Maiga is still a unknown, has he been given enough game time to show if he is good enough. Or is he really as bad as he has shown us so far.? Playing fairly ok..in at a poor Metz side isn’t the same as playing Premier League.

  7. No budget has ever been mentioned by anyone at the club.Why would you tell other clubs what your max is on a transfer kitty.As Canchaz loves to say people are just whistling in the wind when it comes to a limit 😉

  8. I think that if there are certain players Slav really wants then the board will try to back to the maximum they can.I dont even bother trying to factor in a budget & who we can afford to buy within that budget for the simple reason as Baz says no one at the club has said what the budget is.But still we wait for the transfer announcement expected within the the next 72hrs they mentioned on wednesday.Its all very quiet,lol

  9. I think the only one to mention a budget amount was chief accountant Jack Sullivan lol and that was only in regards to one signing

  10. Lol,Sully said that comment about signing a player for 30m,that we could if he was exceptional.Apart from that there has been nothing castiron said about whats available.That is why it is pointless trying to budget for certain positions or working out what we can spend where to reach this amount.We officially aint got a clue what the f*ck it is 😀

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