Balotelli at 3/1 to join Irons – Downing 4/11 to leave

BalotelliSky Bet have hugely controversial Mario Balotelli as low as 3/1 to join the Hammers this summer.

The betting firm make the Irons clear favourites to move for the trouble torn former Manchester City and Liverpool striker at half the odds of second favourites AC Milan and Sampdoria with Newcastle priced at 8/1 to get him.

It’s very hard to see why the Irons board would want to invest in a player who scored one in 16 for Liverpool last season although the Italy international did grabΒ Β 20 in 54 for Manchester City before moving to Roma where he grabbed 26 in 43 games.

While West Ham need a new striker, going for another big-money forward who couldn’t quite cut it at Liverpool (see Andy Carroll) wouldn’t maye be the wisest of approaches.

Meanwhile Loic Remt – despite Jose Mourinho’s apparent refusal to sell him remains a 4/6 favourite to join the Irons whilst Glen Johnson is priced at 9/4 to join us and Stewart Downing is as short as 4/11 to joing Middlesbrough.


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55 comments on “Balotelli at 3/1 to join Irons – Downing 4/11 to leave

  1. Seems like an almighty pile of horse crap to me.

  2. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! please. He’s an idiot, he’ll never change. Bad apple.

  3. I’d prefer remy but to be honest

    • I think ballotelli would actually be a pretty good signing, he’d be under less pressure and he’d have more of a role as a main goalscorer where he strives and that was his main problem at Liverpool, as far as the downing situation, I don’t want to lose him, he’s been a great first team player, but if we can get the kinda fee other teams are offering for a 30 year old, we may as well take it, especially when looking at how much we might be spending out on signings this summer

  4. NO…..Not now. Not ever. Charlie Austin or Loic Remy please! We must keep Downing and sign Jenkinson – it’s 3 years too late for a Johnson return.

  5. Don’t really want Jenks (on Wenger’s terms anyway),Johnson,Balotelli or Remy but if Slav has a plan I’m sure he’ll get the best out of any of them,so I’ll bow to his superior knowledge lol

  6. For the first time in years we have this whole positive vibe thing going on now. We have our club back with lots of ex-players returning to bring back the west ham feeling. I don’t think we want to sent a lunatic loose around chadwell heath with an AK47

    Balotelli has a 90% chance of murdering our new found identity & a 10% chance of turning into a Di Canio .. if the bookies wanna offer the Davids 1000/1 We should lump on but @ 3/1 I would rather spend it all on free pie n mash for all who pass through the John Lyall gates


  7. Like you said, we already have one Lpool crock, don’t want to fund their yearly pillage of soton.

  8. What a great surprise for me today. Went round to see me old mum after my bro’ had returned to Indonesia, wait there she said. Came back with a package which came for me on thursday.. F##k me, opened it up & there it was The Boleyn Shirt in all it’s glory… one happy little hammer πŸ˜€

  9. What happened to the ‘new signings witin the next 72 hours’??

    more like 72 rumours within the next signing.

    • We have been told to expect signings within the next 48 or 72hrs for about a month now,lol,

  10. Nice one essex,wasnt sure if you might have got a Coventry one after getting sent there the other day by our friends from the other side,lol πŸ˜‰

  11. Pls NO Balotelli,i would rather lick pigeon sh*t off Nelsons Column than have him at our club!

  12. Like i said train fare was sooooo expensive.. been sitting watching google earth for the last week. I think even if i did go, it would be me who wouldn’t talk to them inbreds. Lol


    Balotelli is the sworn fking enemy. NO NO NO NO NO

    Diving Diva. Disgraces British Heritage with his camo-Bentley. NO NO NO NO NO

    Sky Bet is the tail wagging the dog.

    And…this talk of selling Downing. WTF. He freakin’ shines at The Tip. He’s a an option for a complete tactical change for a diamond midfield – hell…as the goto formation even. He don’t deserve to be in the Championship. He deserves to be a Hammer – in position.

    In summary: Balotelli is the sworn fking enemy.

    • You’ll have to stop sitting on the fence ExPat,are you in favour of us getting Balotelli or not? lol

      • Are you Tony Cottee indisguise…??

      • I would say, after careful consideration, weighing in the facts, writing up an SBAR, a SWOT and reviewing Gartner’s Magic Quadrant that indeed, Mario MFking Balotelli would not be a good fit for my eyeballs in West Ham Colours. maybe Villa, tho’

  14. Following bookie’s odds on a player transfer seems to me just about the most unreliable of all the ‘crazy’ rumour stories.

  15. I would put it as… Balotelli is a sworn f##king ####..!!!
    Can’t afford another lazy tw#t to sulk around the club & bringing negativity by the train load. Don’t want balotelli here either.

  16. Sakho needs back up
    Valencia ,Lee,Zarate and Carroll even Magia and Zarate,
    Just sign the young Lad from The Dons and throw him in he is 18 not 16
    Should have kept Nene for another year,
    If we have any money left after getting a CH and right back buy Austin

  17. He is 17 & not even playing for Wimbledon first team yet.We need another proper premier league standard striker.We only have Sakho,Carroll who will score regularly for us in the prem.None of the others will πŸ˜‰

  18. Where is the money going to come from ?
    17 / 18 what age was Rooney or Owen when they made their debuts ?
    I did not say play him for 90 mins every game
    If our youngsters had been given playing time last year,then they would have been ready this year,
    I don’t believe waiting until they are 22/23 before play them

  19. We’re now being linked to an 18 year old Swiss striker for Β£10M that the Spuds want too,can’t see that one either.
    Think the thing to do as many have said is to wait for the official announcements and photos otherwise our WP stats department will be heading for exhaustion and formation overload lol

    • Sir!
      I would love to get one over on the Spuds for a change.Living in hope.

    • Haha with the plans laid out by General Slav the spuds will become a minor nuisance who chase our cast offs

  20. But this geezer hasnt even played for Wimbledon,he only had a trial,he aint rooney or owen is he.If he was he would be in the youth set-ups at one of fhe big clubs.Giving a kid a trial doesnt suddenly turn him into a prem played even for 10mins.The money will be made available for a good striker.No one even knows what the actual transfer kitty limit is.All just guess work.

  21. No one,absolutely no one from the hierachy of the club has said what the transfer kitty limit is.People have guessed,papers have thrown out amounts but nothing official has been said & nor should it be.So at the moment we cant really judge who we can & cant afford because we dont know what we have available

  22. Look at Rob Hall when we had him as a 16/17yr old,he was going to be a big deal.Ended up doing nothing,then bombing at Birmingham & Bolton & is now at MK Dons or somewhere like that.Being good banging in a load of goals against other schoolboy levels means jack sh*t πŸ˜‰

  23. Odds in football transfers are the same Bradders ITK gossip column simply made up from the reading the tinterweb and papers. If you want odds about what will happen over a season these are probably better bets…
    3/1- After 1 defeat Rolfe uses the word ” Be careful what you wish for”
    50/1-One of the clique are eliminated from the 1st round of Great British Bake Off
    1/8- Over 800 comments on WHTID simply on formations and statistics before the 1st game.
    Evens- Joehammer will not listen to others opinions and tell us where his team finished on FM2015 and how that reflects real life(dick)
    1/2- Fobycac will be telling me I’m obsessive for writing this
    1/100- Bradders will state new signing to arrive in 72 hours full analysis on potential targets will ensue.
    100/1- Bradders gets something right
    1/50- After 2 defeats we will hear he clamour from our wise neighbours that the hippo should return.

  24. Well, the feelgood factor hasn’t taken long to disperse … πŸ™

    If this ******** really does turn up, I may have to resort to something drastic.

  25. Odds of downing to go,1to 1000,in other words **** off!

  26. Lol,nice selection of odds GW,i am just about to bet large on Joe ever letting anyone elses opinion be right,lol πŸ˜€

  27. Unfortunately Baz and Badger odds can’t be offered on that at present as there hasn’t been a medical breakthrough of removing clique members heads from each other’s asses.Currently the odds of them providing any worthwhile or positive opinion are a staggering 25000/1 and even more remote is their ability of listening to others opinions at 50000/1, no doubt there will be statistical remarks in regards to these odds on WHMTID but as long as the bellend gets 1000 comments he’ll be happy ..

  28. Betting should be suspended on Monkeys Bellend.He has turned the corner,he is a west ham forums mega-star now.Not only a monkey,mr.bellend,a fish but now a simple looking guy from Deliverance.Anyone who can have that as an avatar is ok with me,lol

    • Sorry Chicken forgot that he truly is the Peter Andre of the forum world, 1st step become the forum messiah,2nd step reach the holy grail of 1000 comments….

  29. The WetPants theme tune πŸ˜‰

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