Exclusive: Irons to help hammer Spurs again


West Ham are looking to deliver another Hammer blow to Spurs next week by lending the Boleyn to their European opponents, Borussia Dortmund in the build-up to the Europa league match .

Borussia  embarrassed the Lilly Whites  last night with a three nil thrashing at Signal Iduna Park following the  Premier League defeat at the Boleyn last Wednesday,

Tottenham were completely outclassed by Borussia , who took a commanding lead into the second leg of their Europa League last-16 tie.

Spurs showed naivety for the two opening goals, failing to clear the ball before Aubameyang rose to head in from Marcel Schmelzer’s cross, and slow to press from the corner where Reus smashed in Neven Subotic’s header. Thomas Tuchel’s team cut through the heart of the midfield to set up Reus for the third.

Spurs will need to conjure something special at White Hart Lane next Thursday to over-come a three-nil deficit but the Hammers are happy to help the German’s finish off Tottenham by lending them the Boleyn Ground to train on before the match.


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I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

36 comments on “Exclusive: Irons to help hammer Spurs again

  1. Lend them any thing as long as they get another 3
    Keeping players back to win the league Ha Ha Ha
    Leicester can only loose the league now

    • Come back from the dark side have you bubs.Hope the nappy rash isn’t too bad 🙂

      • Surely it can’t be the same bubs that has spent the last two yrs slagging them off & called them The Walton’s a couple of days ago,Lmao.Must be a different bubs,got to be???

  2. Haha, that’s it Daves, show Levy how much he means to us.

  3. Bubs on wet pants? Surely not. The articulate chap on there must be an imposter surely? 🙂

  4. It’s my alta ego,everyone on here went quite for a couple of days so I thought I would see if the good people who visit ours site were happy to bury the hatchet and allow a free forum
    Must admit hey have been very fair with me andnot attacked me personally,
    I am sure there are others waiting to pounce if I use the wrong words,
    Like Hippoo,BFS ect,
    Just feeling there is a lull at the moment before Sunday,
    It was very interesting how many feel that we are heading in the right direction and now relies how much hurt BFS had caused,
    I am like any happy hammer just want what’s good for our club but like all of us I have a long memory,
    Just popping to the dark side now to see what topics they are talking about I Love the Waltons,and a good cake recipe

    • Good luck to you bubs,have fun,lol.Personally I won’t forget some of the merchants on there who called us ‘ ignorant pigs’ when we wanted Fatman out.Forgive & forget,no chance 😉

  5. I still feel the same Tyson about the 2 years we were at war to get shot of Hippo and have a long memory,but you know there are some good guys on there that come here often,
    I joined this site and that site at the same time,came here and was made to feel part of the
    I went on that site and because in there opinion I disrespected BFS they turned,BUT it was only a few delusional people that do not understand our club,
    I love our club and this great game and like you thought I would never go back on that site again,but you and many others on this site have work commitments and families to feel your day,5 months ago I returned to England and found Mrs Bubs had cancer,I tried for 4 months to get tickets for games but because I needed at least 6 tickets together to take my grandsons it was impossible to go to the games,
    I now have returned Mrs B has had a op which has removed the big C,
    This season my view has changed a bit because our old club and its values have retired,
    2 weeks ago I decided to venture over to the dark side only to follow the columns and found some old friends chicken run,Ray, ect so thought I would see if I joined in some intelligent banter how I would be welcomed and have waited to see how people on this site reacted,
    Yes Hamburg still gets a bit if stick but not nasty ect,
    2 weeks ago you Rad Matty all returned and it was great but there are more on that site like me have time on there hands so the site is active all day,
    Please forgive me Tyson I am no traitor to our cause of bringing the beautiful game back to our club,

  6. Haha haha,trust me bubs I couldn’t care less what you do mate,lol.But for me I would rather stick hot pokers in my eyes than have anything to do with some of those b#stard.I don’t care if they support the same team.Call me ‘an ignorant pig’ because I despised Sam & wanted him gone they can stick their ‘expert’ knowledge up their ar#es 😉

  7. The time I will really crack up is if I ever see Rads or Matte on there.Think there is more chance of hell freezing over before that though,lmao

  8. Anyway I think bubs will make a very good Grandpa Walton sat on the veranda with his slice of walnut cake,ha ha lol

  9. When I noticed “Bubs” on Wetpants I couldn’t believe my eyes and I thought to myself ” Our General has been kidnapped and he has been tortured on drugs” LOL… I’m with Ty, I know that on that site there are good guys, but I laugh when I read some comments of certain characters… the same people that some months ago called us ignorant pigs or rabid dogs because we wanted their fat idol out of our club. Now they are singing “Super, Super Slaven Bilic”… I’d say… quite pathetic… BUT bubs is bubs and I know who he is… so he can go anyplace he wants with his beer in his hand… lol 😀

  10. Fair play to bubilicious,he is a man of the people,he needs to spread his word,lol.Anyway I am getting excited for my trip to OT tomorrow,like a kid with a new toy,lol,can’t wait.As for Wetpants, well I can assure you that icicles will form on the sun before I ever posted on there,lol.Some things I am allergic to.Formations,stats & Monkeys Bellend are one of them,haha 😀

  11. Btw I’m still not convinced someone didn’t drop some drugs in bubs beer in a bar.An undercover Wetpants 😀

  12. It’s easy to rescue bubs.With mice you leave a trail of cheese to catch them.With bubs you leave a trail of San Miguel bottles,haha,full of course 😀

  13. See what I mean only needed a bit of fun to bring my good friends back,
    Actually did try some Pear cider in England and never did feel quite right afterwards,
    Just does not go with a ruby like a pint of Stella,
    But been there 3 days now put on my Tena Ladies but no woke up dry,they must have over dosed and now I am immune,
    Love walnut cake got a lovely big Walnut tree in my garden,but at the moment it’s Lemon drizzle cake ( no not dribble)
    Big day tomorrow Rads cheer those boys home I will be watching the crowd,
    9000 of the best lads in the world on that old industrial estate playing on that slopping pitch
    0/2 for me Antonio and Lanzini to score,
    Must go got some funny feeling down below

  14. Cheers bubs,can’t wait for the match.Hope it ain’t a long sad journey home.We will be fine if we take the game to them.Need to do what Liverpool did on Thursday,press them,they couldn’t handle it.
    Anyway you post where you want mate,we are only teasing you General,lol.I am the same as Ty,little time for forums these days & now Matte has his new full-time figa he is occupied.We don’t all have the life in the sun with the San Miguels like you with freetime to enjoy walnut cake with the Wetties haha 🙂

  15. It’s an inferiority complex – never seen a 19 comment thread on there about this place 😉

    • No we are just having a joke with bubs.Get over it W#nker.As usual the only time you appear is to make some lame comment.Same MO as usual.Better get back to Wetpants,they are missing their village idiot.

  16. ahah… what a genius… please go back to your beloved chat room to talk about gossip, stats and cunning tactics all day… and congratulations on your sense of humor… inferiority complex… yeah, I still lose sleep over this one… ahah you are my new hero… 😉

  17. Hook, line, sinker… it’s all too easy 🙂

  18. hahaha,funniest thing was I had never even heard of Whtid until I read about them slagging this site & the users,lol.When I discovered it it opened me up to a whole new world of wisdom amongst Irons fans for which I am truly grateful,lol.Anyway I have better things to do than play Anyoldirons games,got to wash my shirt ready for Old Trafford tomorrow.Look forward to seeing you up there Oldiron.If you get your fishing rod packed away in time 😀

  19. Oh & bring me along a piece of Walnut Cake for HT pls 🙂

  20. That’s my boys,
    Just knew things would get better if I went fishing regularly,
    Did not know you were a fisherman OldI
    What sort of takle do you use,Dry line or Wet,
    I think you just foul hooked him
    Must get a washing machine Rads mine is great and she makes cake as well
    ( she will kill me if she reads this )
    You won’t have time for cake after your prawn sandwich

  21. Love a bit of banter with the Wetpants bubs.Some can see it is just a bit of fun rivalry,some go all precious & wet themselves,lmao

  22. One of my main gripes with whtid is it’s like a closed shop, the chosen few who can do no wrong. I make the odd comment & more often than not i’m ignored. Little while ago I signed up again under a different name & was welcomed by all for a day or so then back to sidelines again. Not everyone on there are anal but there are quite a few that are.. i like to share my love of all things west ham but dont like feeling like the new kid in class.
    up the irons 🙂

  23. Don’t feel alone there Essexclaret,I had much the same experience.That is why I have little guilt about having some fun at their expense sometimes.What annoyed me was some of them on there,particularly the lady who put so much stock in mentioning ‘intellectual debate’,intellectual fellow fans’ when bigging up that site in comparison to other sitesI find that all rather too much for my liking.Intellect should play no part in supporting the same football club & certainly shouldn’t determine your acceptability for a football blob!!

  24. If you want a perfect example Essexclaret it happened earlier.Non regular posts about Oxford not doing too badly against Everton last week-2 comments.Regular says the same about 10minutes later & they all start replying to his comment.Same old,same old 😉

  25. They use it like a chat room,but that’s ok if you see me there make contact visa versa,and we can chat,
    Just a lonely old hammer retired and no mates,
    I know it’s not that sort of site not tinder Wetpants,

  26. Cheers mate but I don’t date guys,especially retired ones,lol 🙂
    No,seriously bud thanks but I have long since given up trying to post on there.Some of them are a little West Ham OCD for my liking.Think they eat,sleep & sh#t West Ham 🙂

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