Irons uncomfortable with squad “holiday”

Hull-City-v-West-Ham-United-Premier-LeagueWest Ham’s medical staff have been twiddling their thumbs for much of this week after Sam Allardyce handed the he players  an unexpected ‘holiday – first reported here on Monday!

Sam Allardyce’s move in handing the squad Sunday Monday and Tuesday off ahead of a crucial clash affecting the relegation zone on Sunday has not gone down well among Upton Park insiders.

Morning reports even claimed they did not return to the training ground until today but the newspapers concerned changed that in on line editions claiming they were in action yesterday.

The Mirror said: “In a move that will shock Hull City fans fans hoping for the Irons to do them a favour, the Upton Park club will have their second session of the week on Friday lunchtime.”

Other sources claimed to ClaretandHugh: “The medical staff  are being paid to get players fit/treat them and there have been no players to work with for much of the week!”

The unexpected break drew the comment from one insider: “Sam believes that rewards bring results – mind you that hasn’t worked too well since Dubai has it?”

Another said: “Hull City fans may be a little uncomfortable with Sam Allardyce’s relaxed approach given it will be either them or Newcastlewho join QPR and Burnley in the Championship. Some around here most certainly are.

Three Hammers stars – James Collins, Kevin Nolan and James O’Brien – were also reported to be at the Premier League darts finale at the O2 arena in London on Thursday night for a celebrity challenge match although none of the three are likely to feature on Sunday.



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6 comments on “Irons uncomfortable with squad “holiday”

  1. Sod it,the season finished months ago for most of them.They have been on a jolly up for that time,why not let it carry on.Allardyce doesnt give a damn.

  2. I think he’s known the score for a while now and if we have a poor showing on Sunday our great club will be rightly criticised for being unprofessional and helping the Geordies stay up thanks to his poor attitude.
    Don’t worry Dubai hoteliers you’ll still get your chance to pay BFS his commission next year your guests will just be wearing different colours

  3. If I were an owner and watched what has happened in the last month BFS would be out of work for ever,this week has showed his disrespect to the club the employees the board and as usual in his eyes the lowest of the low US
    Go with our blessing and don’t return,

  4. The (main) reason why I’ll never say “thank you” to this stubborn clown is his attitude: inside (lying on the bench chewing gum) and outside the field. Is he professional? He says rewards bring results… NO, the truth is he doesn’t care none of West Ham. He’s covering the truth with pathetic excuses and he is always at the center of everthing: I did, I said, I, I, I… but only when he believes the things are positve: promotion, in case of victory, etc. otherwise he puts the blame on players, referees, bad luck… etc. Now he’s trying to get himself clean: nostalgic interviews, rewards to players… bla bla bla… There are many fans who paid a lot of money for his crap, they travelled for his crap and against Newcastle they’ll be there for his next crap. And Mr. Allardyce, Mr. Nobody, is resting while he’s earning £3 mil. each year… Should I tell him “thank you”? No… something similar… “fu*k you”.

  5. About 10million in his bank account is thanks enough.No need to thank the mug personally.One more season of this **** & we could of well been where we were when he arrived.

  6. Jog on hippo,you wont be missed!

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