Irons v Spurs – THE FINAL WORD


SIt was better – much better than we saw last season and only the harshest judge in the world would continue to kick Sam Allardyce after yesterday!

The man has done everything what’s been asked of him in the past. It remains to be seen if he can do the same in the future which means winning with style.

It was clear against Spurs he had listened to the requirements and to judge  on the back on 90 lopsided minutes between two teams of ten would be wrong whatever private opinion people hold.

He has an ace up his sleeve in Enner Valencia, and that the club has attracted the striker is an absolute coup.

For I know as a fact that negotiations were torturous and that the deal could cost the Hammers anything between £9m to £14m tells it’s own story – there were some  pretty complicated clauses in there.

However, the guy is a winner and a goalscorer who possesses prodigious speed and will work over many Premier League defences.

I’m seriously looking forward to seeing him start next weekend against Palace.

There is no question that the manager has many options with the likes of Mauro Zarate and – hopefully – Ravel Morrison available.

There is no requirement for West Ham to play to  a one dimensional style and if we see the sort of skill and invention they can bring I’ll be the first one applauding.

There were one or two worrying signs at the back and whilst Aaron Cresswell was generally pretty decent there were one or two hairy moments which hopefully will be sorted by PL experience.

Sadly the same remark can’t be applied to ‘Ginge’ who didn’t seem to be aware that there was cover behind and that while on a yellow the challenge that saw him sent off wasn’t the wisest.

Stewart Downing, mark Noble (missed pen apart) and Cheikou Kouyate did well and by and large there was plenty to enjoy.

Can we go on from here to another level – time will tell. Judgement can wait until the end of September on this site.


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Michael Miller says:

    I wasn’t all that impressed with the ‘supposed’ new attacking style – Lloris didn’t have much to do – admittedly Adrian had virtually nothing to do – but it was a pretty sterile game.

    Vaz Te and Carlton Cole were a complete waste of space and I was underwhelmed when I found out that O’Brien and Nolan were in the side.

    But Cresswell, Kouyate and Valencia were bright points on an otherwise dull afternoon!

    • Bangkokbill says:

      How can vaz tee (who is an average championship player at best) start before zarate who was top scorer in argentina last season?? i just dont get it

  • harnser says:

    ‘only the harshest judge’ – you are deeply out of touch with the fans. Every single fan was dismayed in New York at the appalling team choice with Cole & Vaz Te starting – and the poor slow substitutions when they were at 10 men. This loss was firmly down to bad manager decisions and the team did better than expected. How many more games will he lose us before action is taken to fire BFS

    • Everyone knows I can’t stand him but I’m trying to be fair or let him hang himself

      • Northern Hammer says:


        Fair report/article.. I have had my fill of hate and bile.. I supported BFS last season and knew he would keep us in the PL.. Even though I was tiring of the style.. Or lack of it, the personnel and the bloomin substitutions..

        This game was a good game – lot of chances, only counted 2 aimless long (ish) balls.. Lots of positives- play was different and only a true BFS bigot could say otherwise (unless they did not watch the game)

        There is a “but” – I am loyal and patient and don’t do knee jerks.. I am tired of Nolan starting in a position that we have 3 or 4 better options; I am very fed up he has been named captain.. To be fair he wasn’t awful on Saturday.. As for the starting line up… a steward walked over to a group of hammer next to me in the West Stand and showed us the team sheet – he said “good.. and bad news…” the bad was Cole and Vaz Te – unbelievable .. with the bench we had.. and the possibility of carrying Nolan, my match day went from buzzing to almost not interested.. I went with a Tottenham mate and his son – they had never been to a PL game before and without any comment from me – both mentioned how lazy/poor/unfit looking and outclasses Vaz Te looked (he was right in front of us in 1st half (sit next to away dug out row F )) – they both mentioned how stationary and immobile Cole looked…

        It’s not rocket science.. we can all see it and are all frustrated – Soton (H) should be different – no excuses Valencia/Zarate/ the other fella/Morrison/Diame/Jarvis?

        We have a plethora of talent that (and I am at tipping point) Moyes (or similar) could mould to a very very good side… hopefully the board are thinking similar..

        So – there.. you have it.. if he continues in the belligerent manner we seem to be stuck with – he HAS to go…

        Great site BTW Hugh.. Keep it going..

  • Tom says:

    You are having a giraffe ? same plan, same set up just a different day …. what makes you think BFS will change when history clearly shows he will not. We were quite simply out foxed by a proactive manager who came with every intent to win the game regardless.

    I thought Valencia looked electric, however, when AC is fit where do you see him playing, wide left or wide right of a 4-5-1 whilst we facilitate Kevin Nolan who only came to the fore yesterday when we went down to 10 men … had we brought on Recce Burke and kept Koyate in midfield there was only ever going to be one winner … alas we didn’t the results speaks volumes …

    • You make my point for me. Let’s see and no I don’t rate him either

      • Tom says:

        Hugh, if that is how you feel why write the tread, it does not come across very well in my humble opinion … there were some huge positives there yesterday, unfortunately I do not see him playing any to their strengths when he has a fully fit squad …

        I can see the cup game being wasted on too may changes as a prime example of BFS setting up for the struggle ahead … instead it should be used to bring in a few and really have a go, build confidence … unfortunately they might do too well and show BFS up ..

  • punchy says:

    The team put in a shift. New guys performed well. CC, Vaz Te Nolan O ‘Brien, Ginge not up up to prem standard. Bizare picking Vaz Te to start. Allardyce failed to make most of 10 man opportunity which ultimately lost is game. Later substitutions baffling. He’s had far too many chances. Like a vampire sucking the positivity out of the club. We have a decent squad which he will ruin. He must go now for the love of God.

  • The GATEMAN says:

    As much as I dont rate Sam Allardyce, the attacks on him – on sites like WHTID – are pointless. Nobody is listening, least of all the owners of the club. It’s their money, and they WILL spend it how THEY want, regardless of people who talk about the ‘west ham way’ [Haven’t seen that for well over 20 years by the way]
    The fact is, the players DID NOT take their opportunities, including the perennially overrated Noble, Downing, and Vaz Te. Allardyce merely picked them – the ‘new’ attackers were either unfit, or unqualified to play. Atl least Kouyate , Cresswell, reid acquitted themselves well. Valencia loooks as thogh he might be useful when fully fit too. They are positives.
    The fact is, Allardyce won’t be sacked anytime soon – his job will be to get us to the OS whatever the cost in football style. People who want Bilic, DiCanio, Moyes et al to come in, as if they would be better, are actually clueless. Fface it, Spurs owners are a LOT smarter than our current owners – hence Pochettino. Ever since I supported this team our owners have been either clueless ‘self-made’ businessmen, or like the present lot, sellers of crap to a captive audience – hardly need much business acumen to develop that ‘trade’ does it ?

    In the meantime, I’ll keep laughing my head off at the ‘passion’ displayed by fans who moved out from Newham years ago and still think it is their ‘manor’….

    No cake recipes from me today !! COYI !!

  • conkerpot says:

    The team played well yesterday. Better than spurs. There was plenty of exiting attacking football. We were more than unlucky not to win that game. We deserved to win it. Downing cresswell kouyate were all match winners on another day. Sam was playing cole and Vaz te out of some sense of misguided loyalty in my opinion. Last chance saloon though if you ask me. Zarate is a better player than vaz te. Valencia better than cole

  • westhamwag says:

    Zarate isn’t a BFS signing he was signed by G&S so don’t expect him to be played too often.

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