Jesus in the dark about Carvalho


jesusSporting CP Manager Jorge Jesus claims he is the dark about William Carvalho’s proposed move to West Ham.  Speaking a pre-match press conference this afternoon he was asked whether Carvalho would leave Sporting Lisbon to join West Ham.

He replied: “I do not know how to respond, because either you journalists know more than I do or I do not have a response to give you. William still worked normally today, but he is not in the game because he can not be.”

“William is a coveted player, who has a market value and I do not want to say this about the team we are talking about, but I was still watching William Carvalho today and  if he goes there, he will have difficulties to impose himself.”

Carvalho has made over 150 appearances for Sporting after playing his first match for the club in 2011, scoring 10 goals.

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  • cheik_n_stevens says:

    Interesting the manager doesn’t think Carvallho would impose himself in the premier league.

    Heard from an employee at Spurs that they have scouted him in the past and felt he was very overrated and loses the ball too much.

    Fingers crossed they’re all wrong.

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    Sounds like head turning to me ! They are desperate to keep him if this Jesus statement is true ! 😎

    • Roman says:

      Laz you of all people should know by now that all that is posted is true lol Read the manager’s statement.” who has a market value ” It sounds to me as the repeateded penny pinching negotiating style of Steptoe & son. that we have become accustomed to at West Ham.It’s already been stated many times already “ffs just pay the market value” Look at what they paid for Ayew for example and yet they seem reluctant to go the extra yard for Carvahlo.Mind you it’s only a mug’s opinion.

      • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

        Yes roman , the bottom line is he’s been there a long time and a very important player for them , they’re reluctant to let him go and they are going to be negotiating hard for the dosh ! Pay the money west ham , c/l game ended 0-0 ? So what was the significance of that Clause in the talks he was suspended anyway and missed the league game , clutching and straws comes to mind ?? Who is out there doing the negs ?
        Let’s hope its today ! 💰

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    Portuguese top player that can’t impose himself wtf ? Jesus wept , desesperado 😎

  • Radai Lama says:

    Yeah Jesus aint Mr.Bitter & Twisted at all is he.He is trying to knock the price down for us isnt he.I will be well happy to have this guy who is very overrated according to The Spuds.Levy is just too tight to pay the going rate in wages thats all 😁

    • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

      Yes sounds a bit cross 😂 he will be treating him like a leper next if he comes 😂😂

  • bubs says:

    We need to pay up now and give Obiang some real assistance until Kouyate is 100% fit
    He will be needed to shore up our poor central defence
    We also need help for Lanzini as proved by Sunday
    Jota in a deal that takes Mr West Noble the other way
    Great deal for us give Noble and Brentford a fair shake
    Sell Reid and Konte bring in Kone recall Burke and give them Ginge as a replacement works for everyone,
    Sell Ayew and bring in Wilshere
    Buy Bony

    • kevin says:

      Sounds very simple , bubs ; the problem is the turn around in cash as always .
      We have spent in real terms about 10 to 12 million . Doesn’t look too ambitious IMO .
      Should have kept some instead of selling them . West Ham United is/are not Man City or ManUtd or Chelski who buy ready made teams for 100 or more million every season .
      We have what the owners can get with the money available , so they say !! .
      Would have been better business to pay a top class manager . There would have been no need to dump so many promising players to buy others that don’t look much better .
      Ok , some ambition is being demonstrated but , it’s a bit forced with cheap buys and loans.
      Why are these players available at such cheap rates ?? . All players are overrated price wise , I know , but seriously , did we buy anyone that will cement us as a top six contender .
      It’s a question of how those players are deployed more than there’re abilities .
      There was no need to lose Feghouli , Fletcher , Valencia and some others to get Hart , Anautovic and Some others . If Bilic can’t get this lot sorted it will be disappointing .
      I remain optimistic, although this message would seem otherwise and to the contrary.
      I want Bilic and the Team to get us up the Table and for us Hammers to present and prove a tough team to beat . Here’s hoping that will be the case . I have had my doubts about Bilic for some time now . No good blaming the keeper with such a poor defence but , Hart was a bit poor in all honesty . Adrian is just as good and maybe better .
      Notice nobody critizing Hart … Strange .

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    I think we will know by COB tomorrow if this deal is happening or not, I don’t understand what all the penny pinching is about regarding Carvalho, we have been missing that type of player for a season and a half since Bilic sidelined Song and we have been defensively frail for most of that time, we have 60 odd million sitting around doing nothing and Snoddgrass will be off the wage bill soon also, pay £40 million for Carvalho and keep the rest for the January window when we can get some loan to buys in on top players who are out of favour with their clubs.

  • Hammerman6 says:

    The writing is on the wall, the deals taking too long, personally I will be very surprised if this guy appears in an irons shirt. It’s cover for Lanzini we need, blatantly obvious we don’t have another playmaker and Carvalho doesn’t fit that bill.

    • schuauthing says:

      I see Everton have just agreed £45m for the vastly overrated Sigusrdson which has taken weeks so i don’t agree the deal is taking too long. I do however think we need someone creative and not a defensive midfielder. We have Kouyate, Obiang, Noble, Rice and Fernandez for that position.

      • Gaz says:

        You beat me to it Schuauthing i was just about too say that the Sigurdsson deal has taken weeks of negotiating.I think we really need Cavalho but yes another creative mid as well is also needed.

      • English says:

        I think Sigusrdson’s a class player,and just the type of player we could have done with. He’s not worth £45m tho, I think Everton have paid £15m more than he’s worth.

  • Gaz says:

    Its pointless taking any press reports seriously.In the end they tie you up in knots and you start too believe stories about a move that are pure fiction.Then fans start getting wound up all based on these charlatans porkies and made up stories.
    The short version…stop bleeding panicking about somehing out of our control that we dont have concrete facts on lol

  • master says:

    we need both a lanzini backup AND a defensive midfielder. have done for absolutely AGES.

  • hammers64 says:

    This deal was always going to take time.Sporting made it clear they were not going to conclude anything until their CL qualifier was played against Steau Bucharest.As for the paper talk i suggest you look at tomorrows Sun which claims West Broms approach for Carvalho has stalled.Cannot even name the right team in the story.

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