Joe Hart Signs: Video Reaction


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Hammers Chat video blogger @Gonzobignose


  • sharklazer says:

    The Scottish fella, does he dye his hair?

  • JRS says:

    Kind of feel bad for Adrian but now apparently Newcastle and Palace want him so should get good money for least £7-£8m Boro offered £5m for Randolph need to keep him at least. We do need back up even with Hart.
    But shows Newcastle were in for Hart dropped up bc staggering wages and want Adrian now hope Hart does well.
    Everyone saying we are good place for him to Get his game back and get better I want him to start off the Hart of 4 years ago

  • sharklazer says:

    If we lose Adrian I will be gutted – Adrian is a decent keeper and Hart is only marginally better

  • Ben says:

    Adrian is a clown he cant do anything simply,its all got to be dramatic.Its only because he got some sort of rapport with the fans he is popular.As a goalie he is second rate.

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