Kouyate and DG agree this player’s time has come

Noble surely ready for England

Noble surely ready for England

Cheik Kouyate and co-chairman David Gold are as one – Mark Noble deserves an England call-up.

His two penalties last weekend and another brace this made the point once again that the captain should surely get an outing in the international shirt.

Saturday’s fellow goalscorer Kouyate said: “First of all, Mark is a leader. He is our captain and he is constantly pushing us forward and he is always positive.

Having him in our team helps us relax and in the last two games he has scored four goals. He deserves it and I don’t see why he shouldn’t get a call-up for the national team.”

And in an interview with ClaretandHugh DG added: “He’s playing the best football of his career and scored a couple of really well taken goals.

“He gets forward, drives the team on and is in terrific form. It’s certainly hard to believe that he hasn’t been called up by now.”




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29 comments on “Kouyate and DG agree this player’s time has come

  1. It’s the start of his time,
    At his age he has the best 4-6 years to come if he can stay injury free,
    He could be the most successful captain in our history
    Down to you now Mark

    • Like you say, he’s got a good few years more on the pitch, but when he’s done, I hope he will have learned enough from Slav to take up a role on the coaching side too. There’s something extra special about having a captain who’s born and bred. I hope his affiliation with the club goes on long after his playing days are over.

  2. Nobes has had a super season but Kouyate is my main man.He is a beast on the pitch,it shows up so much when he ain’t in the team.My player of the year 100%.

  3. We agree Gobby
    In sung hero runner up last year possibly not in top 2 this year,
    If he scores goals regularly he will be compared with Viera and YaYa but the difference he is ours,last year he stayed behind to talk to fans and sign autographs he has built a bond at our club definitely never for Sale,
    Kouyate will get my vote again for pure constancy

  4. Unsung hero definately,.Pretty much goes unnoticed week in week out but boy do we miss him when he isnt playing.He is so underrated in the media as well.Does pick up a deserved mention now & then but not as much as Payet,Carroll or Noble.He deserves so much more recognition in my eyes.There again not too much,I don’t want other clubs sniffing round him πŸ™‚
    Hope that was high brow enough for AnyOldIrons,lol

  5. OT..lol,great to see Scotty Parker on Monday Night Football on Sky suited up in a blue shirt,Claret tie & Claret waistcoat.Hes still got that loving feeling.
    Anyone needs a fashion consultant give me a bell,I’m mustard when it comes to the latest trends,lol πŸ™‚
    Sorry AnyOldIron I just went Low Brow this time

  6. Billy you sound like Gok Wan,lmao.Calm down fella,take a deep breath & get it out of your system.Next you will be posting cake recipes.

  7. F##k the Spuds!!!!!!!

  8. Lol,they are losing the plot now it’s 2-2,getting right nasty.So sad πŸ˜€

  9. Mind you some of the Wets will be sad because they wanted the Spuds to win the title because they play the most entertaining football.W*nkers!

  10. Poor old Spuds
    Well done Leicester Champions
    Next year us

  11. let me say this loud and clear .. HATS OFF TO LEICETSER.

  12. Brilliant lads.The Spuds well lost it didn’t they,haha.Love Leicester winning it.Who the f#ck as an Irons supporter would want the Spuds to win the title.Ain’t never right in my books.When I went up to The Kingpower the other week when we played Leicester their fans were good as gold to me & my mates.Congrats Foxes πŸ˜‰

  13. ahah… thanks Billy, I won’t let you down… lol πŸ˜€

  14. In Mystic Matte We Trust,lol
    Remember you saying the Foxes fans were fine with you when you went up there Rads.Must say i have never had problems with them either.Though they could be a bit tasty at Filbert St back in the day.Problem is it only takes a few & the whole lot get tarred with the same brush.I think the total meltdown on Wetties about Leicester being thugs after our match was funny.I mean take a look at the Spuds tonight,9 bookings,lol.Leicester are choirboys in comparison.

  15. Didn’t want Leicester to win because they are a dirty bunch of *******os but better than Spurs win it because spurs are an even dirtier bunch of *******os. I like Ranieri the manager though. Shame robin Willian’s won’t get to play him in the film they’re making of it. Spurs showed they’re true colours in the end. Bad losers. Kouyate was to us this season what Kante was to Leicester. I agree with comments on here that he deserves more recognition. Media haven’t mentioned him this year mainly because he hasn’t scored too many.

  16. Well I wanted Leicester to win it because I think this ‘Dirty B#stards’ tag is a bunch of bolloxs to be honest.Never even got a mention until we played them then suddenly they are thugs.Sorry but imho it is sh#t.Just saying πŸ˜‰

    • Got to agree Billy, they have a pretty small squad and all year have worked their balls off, they came up against a better team that day and were feeling the pressure. As for the spuds, well they just showed their true colours, it’s not as if they were gonna win it anyway, poor losers, could have, should have, shown a bit of dignity!

      • The Spuds lost alot of new found admirers lastnight I reckon.To be fair Poch was very dignified after the match in his interview but his players definitely showed their true colours.As I said,I’m delighted for Leicester.I have watched them on Sky a fair few times this season & overall the last thing you could call them is thugs.I honestly believe some fans have gone soft these days & think if a player blows on another they are thugs,lol πŸ™‚

  17. Billy the only fans who think Leicester are thugs are some of the plonkers on Wetpants.I came away from the game at Leicester & it never even crossed my mind to think of them as Thugs.Mind you the Wetpants think every team we play are thugs or have thugs who will finish Payets career,haha.

  18. Only one club can claim the thug title Everton and taking out Payet the probably stole the title hope and even championship football from us,
    We our one of a few clubs that don’t loose it with the opposition player when we loose,that’s because it’s the officials that take games from us,
    The nice thing is we don’t have a thug in our squad at the moment,I hope we won’t need one either,but I am not saying they are softies Noble,Ogbonna Reid,Ginge,Obiang,AC,and Kouyate are hard but fair,
    We also don’t have a team of divers which is pleasing,
    We are a team of goody toe shoes,

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