Former Hammers skipper declared bankrupt

Former Hammers skipper, Lucas Neill has been declared bankrupt. neill_1463584cNeill, who it’s estimated earned close to £21m in a career that included 15 years playing in England, much of it in the Premier League, will be interviewed by executives from an insolvency firm this week as they seek to establish the extent of his debts. But creditors have been warned that the investigation into his bankruptcy could take months, with no indication yet of what money might be recoverable to pay his debts.

Neill made a string of high-profile investments during his career, including a property portfolio in the US and a soccer coaching business in Sydney, Australia.

Neill was dropped by national coach Ange Postecoglou ahead of the 2014 World Cup. In a statement, insolvency firm Begbies Traynor confirmed that Neill would be quizzed on his affairs, having been declared bankrupt in January.

Neill left West Ham in 2009 after failing to agree a new contract with the Hammers. West Ham wanted their £60,000 per week captain to take a hefty 50% pay cut – partly dictated by the new financial reality at the club after the Icelandic banking crash. West Ham reportedly later upped their offer to Neill to £35,000 per week basic plus up to £20,000 in appearances and performance related bonuses per week but he turned them down. He joined Everton on a free transfer but only featured 12 times in a Blue shirt.


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  1. Anyone who earns that amount of money & then goes bankrupt is a c0ck. Either he has a very bad business advisor or like most ex-players he only has 10 brain cells. Why would you invest every £ & leave yourself open to lose everything????

    • I reckon it’s just a “move” on his behalf Essex, as Rads mentions he’s probably got a stash somewhere.

  2. He is alright,he has it all stashed away.He is probably getting divorced & wants to appear skint,haha 🙂

  3. Always impressed with the high brow comments on this site, second to none!

    • Meaning who??

    • Always impressed with your ability to appear to fill our day with joy AnyOldIron.Still banned from Wetpants I assume.Sorry we are not all like you,an intellectual colossus amongst West Ham supporters.Anyway I wasn’t aware that to be a football supporter you needed to be high brow.Maybe you are a prawn sandwich type supporter.

  4. I’m sure the fellas who use this site really care what you think AOI.It must be like a dagger through the heart to them.Not I didn’t think so….

  5. Interesting observation AnyOldIron.The average football supporter is now expected to illuminate your day with high brow comments eh??.Oh how times have changed.Your comment pretty well tells the story of football.It used to be a game for the common man but now it has been made unaffordable for many & Mensa Men like you have taken over.

  6. Lol,if your looking for high brow AOI then try Wetpants,you can read the expert thoughts of Teachers,Lawyers,IT Kings & all manor of highly educated men who are always indulging in Dales required Intelligent Debate without Swearing,lol.Oh & Percy the Pigeon.Shouldn’t forget him,lol 😉

    • Billy you called? How can I help you “bud”?

      • No helped needed thanks.Felt that not mentioning you would be remiss of me as I don’t know whether you qualify as a lawyer,accountant,teacher or IT King,lol 🙂

  7. Maybe hugh should introduce an intelligence test before we are allowed to coment…

    • Lol,good idea,but will we be able to read the questions.We are illiterate according to some guy on Wets,now we ain’t High Brow enough for AnyOldIron.We have some hard taskmasters reviewing our comments,lol

    • For your sake Essex let’s hope spelling words of more than 6 letters isn’t included…

      • You must have one hell of a boring life mate.Two comments today,both pointless,both childish.

      • For your sake let’s hope hugh doesn’t ban wa#kers who have nothing better to do than to try & **** people off.

  8. You can have all the money and intelligence in the world but if you lack common dog, I mean look at poor old Lucas Neil. He should have gone to teddy sherringham or Matty etherington for his financial advice. I’m sure they would have put him right.

  9. Am I to old for stat testing ?
    No bank holiday here in Spain so plenty to do unlike some oldirons,
    Just popping down the local to check weather the beers gone up because I don’t want to end up bankrupt,
    Done my other checks,Wine,olives,Peanuts Bread,Domkey food,Candles,Matches,
    Yep you last another 20 years on my little Pension,
    Back to work lads have a good holiday
    Muckraker can you just check my spelling

  10. Ahaha… one sticks out like an intellectual monkey in a bunch of rabid dogs. You’re right, thanks AOI. 😉

  11. Very well thoughtout comment AnyOldIron.Really added value to the place.There may not be so many high brow users here but at least they love West Ham which is all that matters doesn’t it you silly man.
    I enjoy this site,I enjoy the guys laid back,non serious nature on here,if you don’t like it don’t come here.Best thing of all they ain’t a bunch of drama queens fighting with each other all the time about stupid,trivial rubbish.

  12. In my experience, it’s always the ones most eager to impress that have the least to contribute, or as the saying goes, “empty vessels make the most noise”.

    I like this site and all its posters. The comments are lighted hearted and in a certain way it has the feel of a good local. Long may it continue.

  13. I tend not to take AOIs comments too seriously.He has a habit of only popping in to have a swipe at the articles or posters.I guess we can’t all be suited & booted brainiacs like him,lol.I’m quite content posting on here without having to venture elsewhere to mix it with the wise men of West Ham lol 😉

  14. AOI, maybe you should loosen your dicky bow, dust off your favorite tweed jacket (the one with the suede elbow pads) & relax with a nice vintage port while you reorganize your stack of button collectors monthly & contemplate how you can explain quantum physics to us, the proletariat. I think I speak for us all in saying that would fill us all with joy through the off season, but for now maybe you should put a spanner in it!

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