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Lopetegui or Moyes for West Ham? You decide

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The news that West Ham could be set to offer Julen Lopetegui a contract in May has received a lukewarm response from Hammers fans, to put it politely. If sources are correct, the choice would seem to be between Moyes and the former Wolves boss . . . so we’ve decided to run a poll.

It does seem like something of a magicians choice with neither option being appealing to most West Ham fans. However, it’s a bit of fun and we’ll run a more extensive poll with all candidates later this week.

Moyes or Lopetegui

Julen Lopetegui

Julen Lopetegui

David Moyes

David Moyes

Claret and Hugh were told this morning that Lopetegui is the primary target should Moyes leave the club this summer. It’s important to remember that this news has not come from the club itself, but a source with excellent connections to West Ham.

The Spaniard is seen as too similar to Moyes, both in terms of his footballing style and his reluctance to develop young players. Lopetegui has also had some acrimonious fallouts with high-ranking members of Wolves, Real Madrid, and the Spanish national team, which has raised concerns about his ability to operate alongside the West Ham hierarchy long-term.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to mirror Sean’s poll on his Twitter page and ask the question: If it were down to the choice of only David Moyes or Julen Lopetegui, who would you prefer?

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  • Roy long says:

    Why are we still pursuing managers on the same scale as Moyes unattractive boring football there’s been Manager out there unemployed did brilliant job at Brighton.
    We should have changed managers before the world cup which would have given the new manager 6 weeks to work with the players also the January transfer window to rebuild.this is my opinion

  • Peter says:

    It’s one defensive dinosaur or another free dinosaur. NEITHER!!!!!!!

  • Martin says:

    It’s like being given a choice of contracting Measles or Mumps, neither thanks.

  • Hammer_Rite says:

    I wonder how many people on here have really watched Julen Lopetegui and his style of play.
    I guess their reading your narrative Gonzo and running with it.
    I know as a season ticket holder i have watched David Moyes dull,dreary,low block football for most of this season and i wouldn’t like him to continue into next season.
    Julen Lopetegui,i don’t know enough about him to comment on.

  • Thomas Duffy says:

    Where’s the box for neither? That’s where my vote goes. I’ve had enough of this defensive, low block, frightened, soul destroying, awful football. A progressive, forward thinking manager for me. So I don’t want either of them.

  • Brian says:

    I don’t want with, so I won’t vote.

  • Victor Kirk says:

    Stop pushing false narratives as if there is no one better than Moyes or Lopetegui when the truth is there are tens of managers miles ahead of these two. Moyes should have been sacked 2 months before WC in Qatar and Lop shouldn’t be allowed within a mile of my beloved football club.

  • Yvonne Street says:

    Need ‘A.N. Other’ option!

  • Hammeroo says:

    Is this a joke? David Sullivan et al must surely know very well what Hammers fans are saying. That we do not want to see our team playing outdated park the bus style football! We want to see a possession based attacking style. Neither Moyes or Lopetegui are in that mould. And supporters of Wolves have already warned us about Sullivan’s first choice, Lopetegui. What’s happening with Fonseca?

  • Hammeroo says:

    Oh, and another thing, Gonzo. I don’t think many of your readers would agree that this poll is a bit of fun! I, for one, will not vote at all. I would not want anybody to think that I would approve of either of them. Scrap the poll!

  • geefunkhammer says:

    The fact that Moyes is winning this poll says everything. I suspect 90%+ of West Ham fans currently think it is the right time to part with Dave, but they’d still have him over dullsville Lopetegui. What the F is Sullivan thinking????

  • WHU says:

    Good one Gonzo another whined up ⚒

  • David phillips says:


  • Simon French says:

    Neither…no way, now how.

  • Ian says:

    To Gonzo
    cut out the bit of fun stuff! As the great BILL SHANKLY once said (and l misquote) FOOTBALL II MORE IMPORTANT THAN LIFE ITSELF. !
    if. you. are saying. it’s a bit of fun. because you think that. the FANS are irrelevant in this decision making, perhaps. You. could be. surprised in time..

  • Ian says:

    P.s. sorry Hammeroo. my machine keeps inserting full stops independently
    please ignore them.

  • Ian says:

    on third thoughts a more sensible poll. Is. LOPETEGUI Or STEIDTEN , because that has a good chance. of happening. if. somebody. gets their own way.

  • Mike says:

    I think p**s up in a brewery comes to mind.

  • John Jewell says:

    Can we have an option for ‘None of the above’ please.

    • Gonzo says:

      As I said in the article John, I’ll be running a poll with a list of candidates.

      I can’t go back and edit yesterdays poll and add another category mate, particularly given people have already been voting for 24 hours.

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