Feeding Frenzy Over Moyes Hammers Gig

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The circus surrounding who succeeds David Moyes at West Ham has become something of a feeding frenzy, and now with the scent of blood in the water agents are lining up to offer their clients to the Hammers.

Super Agent Pini Zahavi is promoting Germany’s manager Hansi Flick to Tim Steidten. Flick, who earned £6.84m per season at Bayern Munich, is reportedly seeking a similar salary to manage in the Premier League. A three-year contract would thus cost West Ham £20.5m.

I’m extremely uncomfortable with agents pushing their clients onto clubs, though I’m not innocent enough to think this doesn’t happen. Zahavi has built a reputation over the years, but ultimately, it’s up to West Ham to do what’s best for the club.

59-year-old Flick managed the German national team after his tenure in Munich and was dismissed last September.

A Daily Mirror report stated that he attended a West Ham game at the London Stadium earlier this season as a guest of the club.

West Ham insists no decision has been made about David Moyes‘ future and that any interest in potential candidates is purely as a contingency plan should the position become vacant.

It’s incredibly important that Steidten does not feel unduly pressured by any agents on these matters. West Ham have the chance to make the right decision for the future of the club, regardless of which agent might benefit.

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  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    No!!!! I don’t want some near-retired manager coming into our club for one final pay day!!

    I want a young, up and coming manager who can come on a journey with us.

    Stay in Germany. Your archaic football is not welcome.

  • Chris says:

    The most important thing required whoever the man in charge is going to be is for the decision to be made quickly so the new man can assess the current squad and Academy players before the opening of the summer transfer window on the 14th of June.

    If the new man has not been appointed by then and the club are still dithering about trying to find the right(cheap)man then next season will be a disaster, The amount of players out of contract and wanting to leave is staggering and we are in big trouble if Sullivan doesn’t pull his finger out.

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