Marko: time to move on

So Marko Arnautovic signed a new contract to motivate him to give his best for West Ham, so what!

He was born in Austria, not the East End,  this is not his boyhood club! We all know and understand he is motivated by money and wants to maximise his earning potential in his remaining playing days as many footballers do!

He can’t pick his family and while his brother’s antics may annoy us we knew what we were taking on when we landed him from Stoke City as that is his modus operandi.

If we are all completely honest with ourselves most of us would jump at the chance to earn £295,00o per week after tax so it difficult to blame him wanting to move, who wouldn’t if given the chance?

It is also true he never refused to play or train unlike Dimi Payet so we can give him that one piece of professionalism.

Bearing a grudge with Marko for his remaining time at West Ham is pointless, it is time to move on and let him do his talking on the pitch with goals and assists which we love him for.

Crossed hammers signs and kissing the badge from the 29-year-old might feel disingenuous in the future and I am guessing we will see the back of them as he slowly rebuilds his relationship with the fans.

Marko Arnautovic may be a swine but he is still our swine …. for now anyway!

The best thing he can do right now is score against Wolves on Tuesday, no further words, statements or videos are required.

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7 comments on “Marko: time to move on

  1. Yep totally agree with that.its happened before and will again.even at other clubs remember them burning gerrard shirts outside LFC training ground when he was thinking of going to chelsea
    What i will add thought it was crass and typical of whu to announce it less than an hour after cup humiliation.its like sombody probably brady thought that would help us forget all about it.still take us for mugs

  2. Not So sure Sean – there’s ways and then there’s ways of doing things. Sure we all understand the financial motivation but let’s be honest – he was always regarded as a tremendous player with unfulfilled talent – and that came down to his attitude. The club took a big investment to buy him, he’s paid extremely good wages and incentives (and that was significantly more than he was on at Stoke). The club gave him financial security with a long term contract (certainly longer than he was offered in China). The club have improved him immeasurably as a player, played him in his best position, brought the best out of him and that is what put him in the shop window. Fair enough to have your head turned by mega bucks – but then there are ways of tackling the issue with a degree of respect and recognition for the fans and the club.
    The way his agent/brother chose to do it was bang out of order.
    Pelle played an absolute blinder – he had no truck with the prima donna.
    IMO there needs to be a lot of bridge building and extra effort to go someway to repair what he and his agent/brother did.
    Jury out

  3. He may be a mercenary – but at leat he’s our mercenary …

    And he would’ve been far better than many of those other want-away jokers playing last night. COYI!!

  4. Agreed Sean – nice post. As I said on another post badge kissing should be a bookable offence (retrospectively when a player leaves) but for now we will just take the goals

    On a more serious note after last night’s anonymous performance maybe we should be happy for anything that we can get for Hernandez

  5. It has been a distasteful saga and the U-turn feels both uncomfortable and expedient. I’m also unhappy that he appears to be benefiting from it all with an improved contract (albeit the details are as yet undisclosed). I wonder how the rest of the squad feels about it.

    However – If MP is happy that he trains well, it would be sheer nonsense not to play him.

    It is what it is and we’ve simply got to get on with it.

  6. Dear Mr Arnautovic,

    In response to your video last night, might I strongly suggest you keep your mouth shut. Another suggestion would be to gaffer tape your brother to a chair, in an empty warehouse, for the transfer window. That, and only that, will prevent the kind of **** storm we, as fans, have had to endure this month.

    We all know this “new contract” is nothing more than a pay rise, be it incentivised or not, that’s all it is. If you, or any member of your family, have money problems, talk to the club. Allowing your brother to make up rumours of interest from other clubs, at home or abroad, does you no favours. Honesty is always the best option. If you’d come out and said, “I’ve been offered triple my wages by an overseas club. It’s an offer too good to turn down at this stage of my career and I hope the two clubs can come to an agreement to make this happen.” Fine, I think everyone could relate to that, not all this bull**** that has been doing the rounds largely promoted by your brother.

    So, we all know your going to leave at the end of the season. We already know who your replacement will be. May I strongly suggest you keep your head down, no more stupid videos or press releases, and play your football as we know you can. No kissing the badge or the crossed arms bull****. Play, score goals, help us to win games and climb the table. After the final whistle of the final game of the season, **** off.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Every West Ham Supporter.

  7. Agreed Sean, I think it IS time for Marko to move on!

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