Marseille statement confirms Payet deal

payetMarseille appear to be saving face in a PR gesture by publishing a statement on their official website to appease their supporters about the imminent departure of their star player.

It said: “Olympique de Marseille has absolutely no intention to sell his player Dimitri Payet. An agreement was reached in June with Dimitri and his agent. Both sides were in agreement and Dimitri wanted to honour his contract (until 2017)”

“Three days ago, Dimitri’s agent requested a new meeting with Vincent Labrune. During this meeting, he announced that his player had opened negotiations with West Ham, saying that the English club offered a big contract for six years, worth €30m.”

“He asked for a huge and immediate re-evaluation of Payet’s contract with Marseille.”

“The president expressed his surprise, because negotiations were opened with another club without informing OM. The club declined the demands of Dimitri Payet’s agent, agreeing to revise the terms of his contract, but only in mid-July and to reasonable conditions.”

“The player’s agent, refusing this timeline, demanded a quick response from the president, stressing that the English club will be their favoured destination if their demands were not met.

“Surprised by this ultimatum, the president decided after a day of reflection to respond favourably to the English bid.”

“Payet has to decide whether he wants to stay at a club he says he loves and wait until mid-July for a discussion with the president to review his contract, or choose the golden deal that West Ham offered.”

“Olympique Marseille obviously wants Dimitri choose to stay in Marseille next season”

The statement in French can be found here https://www.om.net/actualites/180697/le-point-sur-lavenir-de-dimitri-payet


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31 comments on “Marseille statement confirms Payet deal

  1. So is he staying or coming to us,I know it’s a translation from French but it’s quite simple have they excepted our offer Yes or No ?
    Has he had a Medical Yes or No ?
    Has he agreed a contract with us Yes or No ?
    And do we have to have any more rumours No No No

  2. They do say towards the end “the president decided after a day of reflection to respond favourably to the English bid.” so Marseille have accepted the 15 million Euro bid.

    They are trying to save face with their supporters claiming the player forced the move.

    He landed in London this morning and is expected to have a medical when he has rested. I believe personal terms have been agreed in principle but until he actually signs his name on that contact he is not our player

    • Hi Sean.
      thanx for keeping us updated always enjoy your articles. Why is it that when we buy a player or get a new stadium ! were tapping up the player or fiddling the taxpayer.
      ALL THESE SAD SOUR GRAPE people really **** me off.
      thanx again keep writting

  3. Thank you Sean for the up date
    Now it needs leaving alone until we get an official announcement
    Because it’s just frustrating fans,
    Let’s talk about the next one coming in but no more Song until official announcement please

    • He arrived today,he’s arriving tomorrow,he’s changed his mind and is now staying with Marseille. all just rumours.
      I second what bubs says.
      Let’s leave it until we hear something on the os

  4. There are a lot of mixed messages regarding this, my understanding is that OM have some significant financial commitments that need to be met by June 30th which are non negotiable as such they have to sell players to raise the funds and fast. If OM had wanted him, he is under contract for two years they could keep him. From a selfish perspective I hope he signs is as good as everyone says and we build a team around him for the next 5 years. Would sure be nice to have a top quality player in the squad which could open the door to more big names joining in the future.

  5. When i see him on the official site holding & west ham shirt or signing the contract i will believe it,lol 😉

  6. Come on 66,surely you know not to trust the official site.Only when Mystic Bradley confirms it is a done deal will i be happy 😀

  7. Lmao,Mystic Bradley stars the bleedin’ obvious day in day out.**** kmows why

  8. We’ll have to wait a bit longer after his rest he’s a very fussy dresser,now do I wear the white top with blue stripes or the claret one with blue sleeves,hmm decision decisions…..lol

  9. Everything he says is stuff already released on sites & news feeds.Cant believe anyone actually asks him for news on transfers,might as well ask some little lad in the amazon rainforest with the internet,he could tell people just as much as Mystic Brad does.Wtf has he ever actually said that hasnt be said already.He is about as much ITK as my dead grannies cat Mavis 😀

  10. I think your grans cat Mystic Mavis the moggie once read my palm Chicken 😉

  11. Chicken you have displeased the gods they will wreak havoc on us for insulting their messenger who daily receives carved stone tablets from them to share with us mere mortals…..either that or he goes on newsnow lol

  12. Time for the David’s to work their magic and get him to sign on the dotted line

  13. Just seen Payet on Sky being met by Laurel and Hardy as he got out of a car,maybe that Sennett comparison was true lol

  14. ahah.. I read Payet is the king of assists, but he scored only 10 goals during his last seasons… and I read the experts of drypants consider him a little bit old… I’m no longer convinced that he’s the right choice… In the light of all this, his right price is £1 mil., but no more. lol

  15. ahahah… I’d like very much to cross swords with the Mighty Bradley… a stats’ duel to the death.. lol

    • Be careful my friend he has THE GIFT,avoid eye contact he’ll see right into your soul lol

  16. **** me,wetpants dont have drypants anymore.Some of them are already sh*tting themselves that we are doomed with this signing.Funny,many of them had never even heard of him till a few weeks ago.Now they seem to be the kings of Payet knowledge.There may well be a truce but they deserve to have the rise taken out of them,they are like a bunch of old grannies at bingo 😉

    • ahaha.. yes I’m sure that the 75% of them never saw him play.. but ehi, they’ve got his stats and that’s much more important… lol

  17. Some fella even called it a ‘panic buy’,lmao,how long has this dragged on for.The window hasnt even officially opened yet & its a panic buy.Lord give me strength!! 😉

    • ahaha… please No panic wepants, while there’s Nolaninho there’s hope… lol

      • Lol,i came on to the sites during my lunch break for a little light relief.Now after reading wpants i am convinced we have signed a pig of a player.I will now go back to work with a dark soul & heavy heart,lol.I need Mystic Bradley to bring me some happier news 😉

        • Stew, don’t smoke, drink or eat while you’re reading wetpants… I heard it from my doctor… lol

  18. This is the trouble,too many people who know naff all about a player sending eachother into a frenzy of doubt & fear.Personally i think it is a good idea to see him play for us first before judging the poor guy or doubting the wisdom of signing him 😉

  19. I’d better get the toxic waste emergency team ready,the nappies are about to burst their banks lol
    To be fair if I haven’t heard of someone I instantly judge them as awful it’s the only logical thing to do it’s not like I could check anywhere lol

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