Martinez looks set for move to next level


martinez Toni Martinez is likely to be a big loan target for Wolves in the  in the summer transfer window.

And despite having scored 14 goals in 14 games for the under 23s it’s likely the 19 year old will be allowed to join the midlands outfit as the Hammers continue to blood their best youngsters for first team football.

The newspaper local to the Molineux club – the Express and Star – have reported that the youngster is fancied by Wolves who finished in 15th place in the Championship with 58 points last season.

Wolves’ youngsters were punished by Martinez who grabbed a hat-trick in the match at Telford before meeting and beating Newcastle in the Play-off final where he grabbed both goals in the 2-1 win.

And with academy boss Terry Westley happy to send the best of his squad out on loan, Martinez looks all set to step up a level next season after his loan to Oxford United during the second half of the 2016-17 season.

The 19-year-old forward joined West Ham in 2016 from Valencia for a transfer fee reported  to be worth £2.4 million.

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  • Alan D says:

    Great idea, send him out on lone, as we have such a glut of free scoring strikers ???

  • danielson79 says:

    If we loan him out we are pathetic. What on earth are slav and the board thinking?! I am actually starting to hate the club I love 🙁

  • Steve says:

    Yes i bet the spurs fans hate their club for loaning out Harry Kane to Millwall and Leicester during his development it was a truly pathetic idea wasnt it.
    With regard to starting to hate our club over a player going on loan maybe a psychiatrist is the way forward danielson.I find myself hating some of our fans because of their pathetic comments.

  • ClaretDanBlue says:

    He’s Quality and proven at all the levels he’s been exposed to – ffs let him lose in our team, it’s not like we have a regular pair of quality strikers keeping him out is it?!!! Look at Everton, they’re blooding their own youngsters and could well be the next “golden generation” like Beckham/Scholes/NevilleNeville, why? Because they are a team of budding stars, not a bunch of loanees!!!! Our yoof policy is weary now, proof when you look at our “Academy” graduates of the last Decade which amounts to a sum total of Tonks and Nobes – keep ‘him (and others) and play ’em ffs

  • Micky G says:

    Hold your horses here this a young player who has scored goals in the second div of the U23 league.He then went and played 15 leagues games for a 1 goal return in league one.He has never even been picked for the Spanish U21 team.
    I really dont understand where you all gain your knowledge from on him.Unless you have gone to watch him at the U23 games or at Oxford you are basing your arguement purely on hearsay or stats.
    Im sure he could turn out to be a super player but the anger towards the club or management is based on what….one goal in league one or some goals in the youth league…

  • ironswatch says:

    should now keep him and start to bring him on in matches

  • Micky G says:

    He will gain fair more playing regularly in the champo next season than a few cameos from our bench next season.Look at Tammy Abraham at Bristol City.Has he become a better player being there this season than if he had come off the Chelsea bench a few times.
    I really dont get why fans think they know more about were a player is in his development than professionals who have been in the game for donkeys years.

  • ClaretDanBlue says:

    Your welcome to your valid opinion Mickey.
    Likewise so am I.
    I only question the efficacy of our current strategy, evidenced by the lack of regulars having come from the Academy – that’s all.
    Of course Tammy has done well, but don’t Chelsea have about 42 players out on loan (something like that). My point is just that It’s not just talent, it’s Team spirit that we bring thru from the Academy too.

  • Radai Lama..Paid up member of Slavs Chavs. says:

    I aint seen much of Martinez.Since the little un come along my u23 watching has been nil this season.All i will say having been to watch them in previous seasons is there is a massive,vast gap between the level their playing at & the prem.
    Youngsters being intergrated in to the firat team causes many discussions but i will say a couple of my mates still go to Dagenham to watch them & their opinion is that there aint a single youngster that is in the team that should be knocking down the first team door right now.Declan Rice seems the closest in their opinion.
    Anyway lets not forget Fletcher was banging them in in Lg One for Barnsley last year and he aint our answer yet.He is even more advanced in his career than Martinez.
    Dan the strategy is much like most other acadamies.The kids play for us until a certain age then get dumped because they cant get a game.Its that simple 😁😁

  • kevin says:

    It’s as if we have a glut of strikers suddenly . Maybe some off the job training isn’t such a bad idea though . If it improves his game , why not ?. We need to build for the future .
    He’s still young , plenty of time . We need to buy good solid proven experience in the summer .

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    If Bradford go up, let Cullen spend another season there alongside Martinez and Burke or Oxford, our players seem to love it there and they love our players, Martinez has looked great and a few steps above League 2 level and has been a handful at Oxford, I would love to see him on the bench for the last game and maybe get a few minutes or longer as a reward for what he has done, stranger things have happened than a player just hitting the ground running in the first team, line up the same as Burnley play a 4 4 2 with Callieri and Martinez up top and have a bit of fun, sure if they beat us we could finish 16th but would be more encouraging to see some kids play well than the existing players turn out another lazy performance, the kids would also realise how physical the game is in the PL against a team like Burnley.

  • sleepswithdafishes says:

    Loaning layers is only the norn. Redknapp did it in the 90s. It’s not a crime.
    Martinez was played out wide a lot at Oxford coming in from the right side, but only 1 league goal shows it was not easy for him. The point is he learned mega from the experience without jeopardizing our Prem status, so did all the others. Some people here would like to see them all in the 1st. team, whereby we would get relagated dam quick. Let other teams pay for their mistakes and bring them back when they have a chance of playing for us.
    By the way I though most supporters would like to see us buy a couple of good quality strikers, so the kids would not even get on the bench.

  • jaybs says:

    Who at our club is behind the mindless policy we seem to have collapsed into, sign young players, develop them see then become talented, then say to them we will now send you out on Loan?

    Why we used to be The Academy, even more now after some of the atrocious summer and January signings we are s blinkered with Talented Young Players, give them their chance!

    • sleepswithdafishes says:

      Ferdinand, Defoe, Lampard, Noble and many more were sent out on loan from ‘ The Academy ‘.
      The ‘ mindless policy ‘ is old, tested and proven, so don’t worry so much about it.

  • kcockayne says:

    I make no assessment of Martinez’s abilities but, why keep on sending these young players out on loan? In the case of Oxford, he hasn’t got a playing opportunity at Reading. How has a loan helped to develop him ? The same pretty much applies to Samuelson; & for how much longer is Burke going to be kicking his heels in the 2nd or 3 tier of football ? And, despite these development loans, how many of these loanees have made it into the first team at West Ham over recent years. Stop sending so many of them out on loan & give them a chance in the first team – they couldn’t do worse than the established players. And, they might actually try !. And, of course, Fletcher hasn’t been out on loan – & he still can’t get a meaningful chance in the team.

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