Mavrapanos – unsung hero


Konstantinos Mavropanos is one of those players that never seems to seek headlines. Hardly surprising with the likes of Paqueta, Kudos and Bowen.

But despite throwing away a certain victory, he had possibly his best game yet for the Irons. Tireless and dominant he marshalled the defence well, although if you were picky he was possibly at fault for the third goal.

What caught my eye was his body language, particularly when we self destructed in the last fifteen minutes. He was constantly encouraging his team mates forward and was perhaps the only defender who kept his shape.

There is a lot of talk about the “arthritic” Zouma leaving at the end of the season. If so, Mavrapanos has shown sufficient leadership skills to perhaps inherit the captains arm band.

Despite our capitulation on an epic scale,

Mavrapanos – man of the match?

I think he did enough to be my man of the match

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  • Hammerswede says:

    Is there any chance that Kalvin Phillips loan agreement can be terminated now, and returned to Manchester City FC ? Due to his total ineffectiveness at our club, he is costing WHUFC, serious money because of high wages + loan fee, and a higher up position in the table. Btw, he can take David Moyes with him.

  • I'm Not the Answer to Our Right Back Problem says:

    I’ve finally worked it out. So Pep wants Pack-a-Tar, tried last summer window but betting scandal put him off. So winter window Pep finally tells Phillips he has to go to West Ham to sweeten Moyes up, the twist being Phillips has to play absolutely horrendous so that Pack-a-Tar thinks F**k this I’m off to play for a better team. Pep you cunning so an so 😅😅😅

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