Moyes bans Steidten from West Ham training ground

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West Ham’ Tim Steidten has been barred from the first team dressing room amid growing tensions regarding manager David Moyes’ future. Various media outlets report that Moyes is upset with the club’s director of football for secretly searching for his successor. The Daily Mail led with the story this afternoon and has quickly been picked up an run by all the major newspapers.

It is rumoured that following internal discussions, it has been decided that Steidten will not be permitted to enter the senior dressing room at the London Stadium or the club’s Rush Green training ground.

Given the uncertainty surrounding Moyes’ future—his current contract expires at the end of the season—and Steidten’s active search for a new manager, it has been considered inappropriate for Steidten to be present around the players and staff.

Whilst Steidten has an office at the London Stadium and training headquarters, his access to certain areas of these facilities has now been restricted.

Moyes is scheduled to have discussions with owner David Sullivan at the season’s end to determine his future at the club. However, in light of these developments, it appears that West Ham may have to choose between retaining either Moyes or Steidten for the next season.

As ever, Claret & Hugh will endeavour to seek an update from the club regarding the accuracy of the reports.

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  • ElpoJohn says:

    Don,t worry Steidten , It won,t be for long . He will be out of our club very soon.
    Thanks for Helping me get my Notifications back Gonzo.
    Cheer Mate.

  • paul lewis says:

    What a complete shambles

  • Ian Prior says:

    What a joke, Sullivan you spineless joke, get Moyes out of the door today, don’t tell us Noble couldn’t do a job for 3 games. Or do you really want us to have to rise form Moyes gutter minus all of the players that leave because you can’t now.

  • Ian Salisbury says:

    This totally ridiculous, who is running this club DM or DS, man up and show DM who is the boss, you’re losing the confidence of the supporters!

  • Terence Greenaway says:

    It was an easy prediction that the hammers would miss out on Europe next season and end up midway in the premiership .
    if Moyes stayed on.
    Trouble is the board in my opinion did not want to pay compensation to Moyes until his contract ended and instead of putting the club first Moyes decision was not to leave.

  • D.f.butcher says:

    Who owns this club , why hasn’t Sullivan got the balls to tell moyes where to stick himself, as far as I’m concerned it should be bye bye Hamish Macbeth nice knowing you,

  • David 1966 says:

    Is this a belated April Fool’s? West Ham are making themselves a laughing stock. Mr Sullivan please get a grip.

  • Ian says:

    is. This really. the atmosphere you want. to create before you leave MR. MOYES. or. did you. achieve it at your 4 previous clubs and has become your NORM.?

  • Billboy says:

    Taxi for Moyes

  • Colin says:

    Sad its come to rhis,contract should have been sorted one way or the other by now,with the squad avilable to him hes done ok in my book

  • Peter Leech says:

    I’ve had it with David moyes boring football he gets in for free so maybe don’t mind playing football like we are scared of others teams I have to work hard and pay to get in the football I’ve been seeing not worth £2 entrance fee kudus wish you came to us when we had a better manager without you it would be even more boreing

  • Tezzard says:

    This type of thing was always going to be on the cards given the stupid decision to stick to waiting til the end of the season to let Moyes go , and simultaneously asking your technical director to find a new coach .Sullivan you media obsessed jellyfish, make a decision !

  • ricardo says:

    Too bad. This is an unfortunate development, that does not speak well of West Ham’s upper management and does not bode well for the future of the team.

  • Ron says:

    West Ham have far to fall if and when David Moyes leaves. Rather than blowing bubbles they will be blowing smoke up each others asses

    • Moyes needs to go to another club starting fresh we need a change of style of tactics now clubs no how we setup week in week out THANKS MOYES BUT ITS TIME TO LEAVE says:

  • Gaza123 says:

    After speaking to ex man utd ceo dm has gone same way playing boring footbal this was why they got rid of dm now they know who run a club not like child we have running the club he needs a new nappy

  • Gary Bowyer says:

    Just boring all this. A five year old can see just how bad this has got. We are getting spanked over the next 3 games. City will need six to topple Arsenal and we will duly oblige, that I am sure of. Enough is enough.

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