Moyes can dodge dismissal bullet


Moyes can dodge dismissal by Gonzo

I’m fairly confident that West Ham’s manager, David Moyes, isn’t going anywhere in the near future. A line in the sand appears to have been drawn and the magic number is six straight defeats. However, Moyes can dodge the dismissal bullet with a simple draw against Olympiakos.

The Hammers gaffer will be well used to dismissal deadlines, having been given plenty last season.

Every time this has occurred, the team has managed to win, and the clock has been reset. Back in November, there was frequent talk about David Moyes having to win one of five games to keep his job. These so-called ‘career-defining games’ against Aston Villa and Everton came and went. Although the outcomes may have been unfavourable for Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard, they worked out well for David Moyes.

Now, there’s talk from inside the club and published here that Moyes will be dismissed after six consecutive defeats. In essence, if West Ham were to lose against Arsenal, Olympiacos (at home), and Brentford, then Moyes would be released.

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Moyes can dodge dismissal with a draw against Olympiacos

I, for one, can’t see six straight defeats. It’s highly improbable that West Ham will lose to Olympiakos at the London Stadium. Following that match against the Greek team, we have games against Nottingham Forest, Backa Topola, and Burnley, and it’s unlikely that we’ll lose all of those because we’re not that poor of a team.

I’m quite confident that David Moyes will continue as the West Ham manager for a while longer, as the parameters set for his dismissal seem unlikely to trigger the necessary losses required to ditch him.

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  • Bournehammer68 says:

    The sad thing about this Gonzo, because I completely agree. Is that the team will be set up to play even more defensively as he will be determined to get that single point from somewhere.

  • Cowhead13 says:

    If this is true then 5 losses followed by a draw and then another 5 losses followed by a draw etc then Moyes is safe for life and West Ham in League 2

  • owersm says:

    Losses to Villa, Everton andBrentford should be more than enough.

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