Mubama stand-off will increase pressure on Moyes


Divin Mubama’s choice to decline a new contract offer from West Ham is certain to increase the pressure on David Moyes. The stand-off from Mubama only adds to the growing frustration concerning the perceived lack of opportunities for talented academy graduates in the first team.

Mubama’s absence from the Hammers first team didn’t attract much attention a month ago when the team were performing well in the Premier League. However, the spotlight has focused on Moyes as the team’s performance deteriorates, our goals dry up.

Give the lad a chance

West Ham’s recent three consecutive losses have exposed our inability to find the back of the net. Given the team’s offensive struggles, it’s odd that Mubama hasn’t been given more playing time. In fact, it appears that he saw more action last season, so I can understand his reluctance to commit to a new contract.

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Mubama stand-off will increase pressure on Moyes

I just can’t fathom why Moyes consistently chooses Danny Ings over Mubama as the backup striker. Ings had the opportunity to start in games against Lincoln City, Backa Topola, and Olympiacos, but none of those matches yielded a goal for him. Furthermore, Ings is currently enduring a 20-game goal drought, the longest in his career. Mubama must be asking himself . . . ‘If I can’t get into the team now, I’ll not get in at all’.

I assume Mubama’s hesitation to sign a new contract stems from his desire for more playing time. While financial factors may also be in play, it seems that his primary concern is a lack of opportunities on the field. However, I should point out, that’s only my reading of the situation.

This is a situation that Moyes can easily address, but he must do so promptly, as the pressure on his managerial position is mounting. Moyes can afford to exclude West Ham’s young players when the team is winning, but if the team is losing and performing poorly, he will face increased scrutiny.

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  • Willtell says:

    Are you sure that it will take 6 defeats for Moyes to get the sack though Gonzo? In the past Sullivan was the man that hated breaking contracts when he was in the spotlight and it was easier to back Moyes than make the wrong manager choice as he so often has since taking over.
    If the board delay sacking Moyes because he avoided 6 straight defeats but, we continue to struggle, we are in a different ball game entirely for several reasons.
    1) The considerable advantages of Europe include extra turnover and profit.
    2) Pride in being a director of a club visibly growing in value through on the field advances.
    3) Being able to sign better players and sell a valuable player without fan unrest.
    4) Compensation for sacking Moyes half way through the final season is going to be peanuts in comparison to losing out on European participation.
    5) If Steidten has the final say on a new manager it takes away from Sullivan, the opportunity for blame from fans for picking the wrong manager again.
    6) Coming out of Europe will se the value of WHU drop significantly.

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