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Moyes insists: We were doing ok!

David Moyes insists the Hammers have been “doing ok” despite dropping into the relegation zone after their 1-0 loss to Everton.

The defeat at Goodison Park means the Hammers have won just one of their first seven games of the season and sit two points behind Wolves in 17th.

The Molineux club are the next opponents for the Irons, after the international break, and Moyes thinks the Hammers have been playing reasonably well despite their position in the table.

The Hammers have drawn with Spurs, beat Aston Villa, and lost to Chelsea in a game that should have ended in a draw.

Speaking after the disappointing defeat at Goodison, he told BBC Sport“Not so good today but it’s been better [recently]. We played well against Chelsea and Tottenham, a couple of games in Europe we’ve done OK in. We won at Villa. We were doing OK. A result like this makes it look like you’re not. I couldn’t say we deserved a victory but I don’t think there was a lot between the teams.

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“I don’t think we’re that far of. But we’ve lost that momentum we had for a couple of years. We need to get it back quickly. Today the bulk of our players played the last couple of years and that’s the disappointing thing.”

The club’s woeful form has many worried but the international break will hopefully offer a chance to refresh and refocus, before potentially getting back to winning ways against Wolves.

We can hope at this point; a loss would be devastating after this performance.

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A journalist with 10 years' experience of working on National newspapers, now chief reporter covering the club that I've loved since I was a boy. Upton Park remains the greatest football stadium ever built.

17 comments on “Moyes insists: We were doing ok!

  1. Moyes is deluded our PL form has been shocking, carrying on from last season, chasing the game and he brings on a striker by taking on off, he has no plan B etc. Thanks for what he has done, but time to change.We have to think and act like a top six club.

  2. Not a clue not one this man has taken the club as far as his limited ability can he has to go…..Last 25 league games W5 D5 L15….enough is enough we need a better manager…..As for winning in Europe jeeez these are teams that would struggle in league 1 let alone the championship…give me a break the players are not at it and have not been for a long time now…show him the door

  3. If Moyes thinks we are doing ok after that abismal display he is clearly delusional, that was an absolute atrocious performance, the players have clearly lost faith in Moyes, we are so easy to play against & every other premier club know that, he has no alternative plan when things are going badly, even our set-piece routines have now been found out as Everton clearly showed today. The team are a shadow of what they were at the start of last season. 4 points from 7 games is a really worrying situation already………….
    Pochetino , Benitez & soon to be Rodgers are all available………
    Get rid of Moyes now before it gets any worse !!!

  4. He is talking utter rubbish. He has costvys that game by his negativity in team selection and making the right changes. If there was anything about Moyes he should have taken Soucek and Biwen off even at half time. But no he waits for us to ho behind and then takes off our two most creative players. Bowen is simply not playing well and as for Soucek he has not played well for a long time. Moyes is looking for another defensive mid but that’s not the solution. We need Fornals or Lanzini in there with Rice. Also the players do not look fit to me they appear to ge off the pace of games. The manager needs to change us mindset or the club will have a big decision to make.

  5. Moyes needs to go. He has done well on the last two years and had taken the players as far as he can. Whisper it softly, Paquetta isn’t very good.

  6. Time is up and Moyes should have the decency to resign and go.

  7. This was always going to be a testing season for Moyes with the need to move away from the negative approach of previous seasons and to adopt a more expansive game. Unfortunately it seems that he has no idea how to achieve this as it is not in his CV. The performances have been woeful since the end of last season and he is not getting the best out of the players. Another issue with him is his poor relationship with many in the squad and his seeming inability to bring Academy players through, which is causing an exodus of young talent. Whilst we need to be grateful for what Moyes has achieved and the stability he has brought to the club I feel that he has taken the club as far as he can. Time for him to go.

  8. The rot started last January with no players brought in. We then took far too long bringing in players during the Summer transfer window. Then the new players spend most of the time on the bench. It’s a mess and the Manager must take responsibility for it. So it is for him to sort out. Changing at this stage probably would only make the situation worse..

  9. Now I’m no football manager but even I have an inkling what the problem is. Fulham, Chelsea, Brentford, Leeds, Bournemouth, Southampton, Villa and Palace have all conceded the same, or more goals than us, but are above us in the table.
    Only 3 goals in 7 games! Basically, as soon as we concede we are stuffed!

  10. Cut the man some slack. OK, it’s been disappointing but look at what he has done since he came back. Only criticism is that he’s unsure of his first XI but that will take time. Appreciate we should be higher up the table but it’s only just the start of the season so give him a chance. There are too many trigger Happy fans out there who say he should go but no suggestions as to who they’d replace him with.

    • Gazza at what point in the season would you suggest we look at changing things? Cut the man some slack! He’s had two years 6 and 7th finish in the PL slowly going down. He waited until the last week of a three month transfer window, all those teams doing well got players early and they have gelled we haven’t and YES that is the managers fault he’s blaming the players, we have spent nearly £200 million pounds and we are losing to teams that will be at the bottom of the PL at seasons end at this point I pray we finish 17th! If Moyse can’t turn this around before we lose players in the January window we are well and truely screwed rats desert a sinking ship when the ship is rudderless and no captain, tell us when you would make the change sooner or later? last 35 PL games lost 25 doesn’t make good CV reading, don’t forget he is extremely well paid for this tripe!!

      • He deserves a chance and a good few games longer than 7 games. Who would you suggest to take over then? Agreed, we should have beaten the likes of Forest and Everton but we have also played 3 of the current top 4. We have a decent run of fixtures coming up and if still in the bottom 3 after these then maybe look elsewhere. We’ve been over achieving for the last 2 seasons so yes, he does deserve to be cut some slack.

    • Mate. We can’t even pass the ball. What exactly is he coaching them during the week?

  11. It’s not all about Moyes.The players are letting him down. We’re not going to get anywhere If the players can’t string a few passes together without giving the ball away.

  12. Moyes has stated in the past that there will sometimes be a bad season thrown into the mix when transitioning from one style of play to another, with a different level of player. Even if this season we finish 15th, so long as there is that change of style from a counter-attacking team to a possession based one, we should be ok with that. All ‘supporters’ throwing their toys out of the pram should do well to remember where we were 3 years ago and for the 20-odd years before that. Stability is very important in a football club. Look at Arsenal last season; i have a number of Arsenal supporting friends who all wanted to see Arteta gone last season. You think they feel the same this year? Don’t underestimate stability. We’ve gone from a laughing stock to a European team in 2 years. Get some perspective, people, for Gawd’s sakes!

  13. Moyes May accept that there maybe down years when trying to build a squad, but after a £200 mil spend, not sure the board see things that way.
    The World Cup might be Moyes saviour however. Most of our squad will be staying home so it gives the coaches time to work on this mythical new ‘structure.
    If we’re still below 15th come Jan 1, I think Moyes gets sacked. It’s a results business after all.

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