Moyes’ Magic or Madness?


West Ham did it again! Another win snatched from the jaws of defeat, but this time with even more drama. A shockingly flat first-half performance was obliterated by a dominant second half after some key substitutions and, according to Aaron Cresswell, a fiery half-time speech from David Moyes.

First Half? More Like First Nap

Let’s be honest, the first 45 minutes were sleep-inducing. The Hammers lacked urgency, couldn’t string passes together, and looked utterly disinterested. Was this the same team that tore through Europe? The blame falls squarely on Moyes’ tactics and team selection.

Moyes Unleashes the Fury (and Subs)

Thankfully, Moyes abandoned whatever disastrous plan he had at halftime. In came Cresswell, Antonio, and Johnson, bringing a much-needed injection of energy and attacking threat. But the real difference-maker might have been Moyes himself. Cresswell later revealed a blistering half-time speech that lit a fire under the players.

Second Half Salvation (For Now)

The second half was a different story. The Hammers emerged with a fighting spirit, finally displaying the passion and attacking prowess we know they possess. They dominated possession, created chances, and ultimately secured the win. Credit to the players for responding so well, but this raises serious questions.

Where Was This From the Start?

Why can’t West Ham start games with the same fire they show after a Moyes halftime roasting? Is it a motivational issue? Are the tactics simply not working? This inconsistency is a major concern. I dare not think about  the points we have dropped throughout the season because of this.

A Win, But Not a Solution

While the win is important, it shouldn’t mask the underlying problems. Moyes needs to find a way to inspire his team from the get-go. Relying on half-time hairdryer treatment is not a sustainable strategy. West Ham has the talent to be a force, but they need a more consistent approach and a manager who can get them firing on all cylinders from the first whistle.

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  • Chingford says:

    I feel it was more that players out of position in the first half, moving JWP back, Paqueta central, swapping Kudus over to other side, and introducing Antonio. Better balance upfront and allowed team to play. Cresswell allowed Emerson to go further forward, and Johnson gave more energy the other side. I think if you do not start Antonio, need put Muamba or Ings as central striker.

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