Moyes must ‘get real’ over Steidten anger

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David Moyes is reportedly unhappy with Tim Steidten for beginning the search for West Ham’s next manager while he is still in the role, according to numerous reports.

The current manager has expressed dissatisfaction, finding it disrespectful that Steidten, the director of football, is scouting for his successor while he is still employed. Stories have surfaced in West Ham news and gossip columns about Moyes banning Steidten from the first-team dressing room and the training ground, which Moyes more or less confirmed during yesterday’s press conference ahead of the Chelsea vs. West Ham match.

Whilst I understand that Moyes might be upset about leaving a job he enjoys, his perspective on the situation seems somewhat unrealistic. Steidten is simply performing his duties as director of football.

Part of his job description explicitly involves scouting for all football staff, including players, scouts, and coaches. It would be a significant oversight for West Ham not to be interviewing potential candidates in anticipation of Moyes’ departure next month.

It’s unreasonable to expect that the club’s recruitment and human resources teams should wait until an employee has left before starting to look for their replacement. This insistence suggests a disconnect with modern football management practices, highlighting why Moyes’ more traditional methods are completely out of step with modern football.

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  • West Ham Voice says:

    Steidten is simply doing his job

    If Moyes needs to get angry at anyone then it should be the Board, not Steidten

    • Mike Collier says:

      Absolutely this, 100 per cent. The board’s treatment of the first manager to win a trophy in 43 years had been nothing short of shameful. The quicker we rid ourselves of Sullivan the happier and more United we’ll be.

      • Derek Coyle says:

        I’m reading these comments while watching the drivel that West Ham are displaying at Stamford Bridge and as much as I agree that Moyes has to go,only Bowen and Areola are playing with pride and passion for the Jersey.The manager sends them out on the pitch but its up to the players to play with passion.They are a disgrace

  • Ade says:

    Moyes really is a petulant, spiteful, little man.

  • Frank Reed says:

    Agree, there’s been a lot of silence in the past months, now the inevitable is going on, Moyes should be the big man, try to end his career with the dignity he has showed throughout, overall one of our most successful managers.

  • FredK says:

    Moyes has kept his cards close to his chest for reasons that benefit him and not West Ham, a game of who blinks first.
    As previously mentioned elsewhere Steidten is doing what he is paid for and whilst Moyes may consider it disrespectful it is prudent under the circumstances to put (pardon the pun) other irons in the fire.

    • Farehamhammer says:

      Steidten ?You mean Teaboy Tim .The only thing he can change a lightbulb .The Perv’s little poodle .You don’t even know what happened in the bust up .

  • DickyDirkInAWestHamShirt says:

    The way Moyes treated Scamacca, Fornals, Haller, Lanzini, Benrahma, Vlašić, Downes, Kehrer, the Under 21’s AND the clubs fans with his belligerence plus constantly playing players out of their position again and again to highlight ‘his attitude to them’ – he can kcuf off.

  • Give youth a chance says:

    Said it before wherever it be the board or Moyes the treatment of Callum Marshall and other youngsters at the club is a disgrace. Moyes will never play them for other than 5 minutes. He has wasted the talent of Divine Munbama because he is too pig headed to accept that he should be playing him. His choice to get Phillips and putting Marshall on loan was a disaster. Can’t wait to see him gone.

  • Essexiron67 says:

    Who scored for the under 21,s Marshall 2 earthy 1 why not give them a chance against Chelsea, nothing to lose

  • Bonzo says:

    All the while the club dont know whether Moyes will sign a new contract they have to make contingency plans. Moyes has said in the past that he would do the job for nothing.That might be tempting for Sullivan to see if that’s really the case but Moyes has also said that he has to see if the contract is right for himself and his family. That sounds like there’s a possibility he could walk so the club have to start looking for a successor, you can’t blame them. Disrespectful from Sullivan if anyone. Steidtens just doing his job.

  • Simon says:

    Surely it’s West Ham that decided whether to ask Moyse to stay and offered the contract. It should have been signed or refuted 5 months ago. You can’t say if you achieve this you can sign if not you can’t. If it’s Moyse saying I will decide at the end of the contract you can’t blame the club for preparing. If he isn’t wanted them get rid now and allow a new manager time to review and prepare, we will need at least 6 and maybe 9 new signing. The board has created this issue, I am not a board out but it has been badly managed

  • Hugh Jassoll says:

    moyes is welcome to leave if he feels disrespected

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