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Moyes: Wrong man, wrong place, wrong time

By Scott Davey

The minute owners of West Ham United turned to David Moyes to rescue a seemingly unmotivated and expensive team, it was clear that they were flirting with the possibility of relegation, given the Scot’s poor win ratio ever since his Manchester United misadventure.

That appeared to overwhelm him and every subsequent job given  to him. One look at him and you get the feel of a man powerless to do very much at all.  In fact, many top-rated soccer betting portals and their odds suggest that the club won’t fare very well in the near future too.

Although he did a reasonable job at Everton, notching up  scoring a 42% win percentage, he never won anything for them. The Toffees did qualify for the Champions League under him, but were beaten  in the qualifying stages.

Manchester United proved too big a club for him and things weren’t any different at Real Sociedad. He could only manage 12 wins out of 42 games. His dismal 18.6% win rate at Sunderland for the entire season speaks for itself. Having won only 19 matches out of the last 82 one has to wonder how he finds himself  at West Ham job!

When a team is struggling phase things should be changed from the root. Employing a manager past his prome is not the way forward.

Above all, there is a need for someone who can give some purpose and structure to the club. At present, they are drifting aimlessly, without any target, style, theme or direction.

It seems clear to me that David Moyes doesn’t have the ability to lead the team back into the Premier League should they be relegated.

Regardless, he will certainly be paid off handsomely very soon for having failed badly. There is a very good chance that this will be the last job he got at a top-flight football club.

That isn’t his fault entirely. He simply took up a job that was offered to him. The responsibility lies elsewhere!

The views expressed here are solely those of the blogger and do not necessarily reflect those of Claretandhugh.

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13 comments on “Moyes: Wrong man, wrong place, wrong time

  1. There’s a challenge, prove the stats wrong, Mr Moyes. COYI

  2. Who else would you suggest? It’s a critical view with no other options? Its easy to criticise from where your accessing from , but no answer to the mess? Pellegrini and his team selection have got us in to iunfortunately where we are right now? Would you have had the same old people who rescue teams in our position ie Pulis, big Sam, Hodgson already at Palace? Silva young manager but was going the wrong way in the premiership with Everton? The manager’s I’ve mentioned there are tried and tested? Moyes was tried and tested before and the owners and they are going with that, and as supporters in times of trouble ,we should stick together ?? Or is it a excuse that we can’t change that of which we have no power to?? Trying to keep the faith C.O.Y.I

    • agree dusty as per my post. I like Moyes, hes a class act but whether he can succeed keeping us up with this squad remains to be seen. if we go down I for one want him to stay. West ham fans have got to start getting real despite the broken aspirations by the board. We are west ham we are not man city or even spurs right now. Lets move in the right direction and go from there

      • Cheers Marc I honestly don’t know where some peoples expectations are ? Its like west ham are a middle weight as in boxers terms and some people act like we are a heavyweight champion and expect us to get the number one trainer in the world??? Its never gonna happen!! Unless a very wealthy person wants the Hammers as a play thing and steps us up to be a heavyweight!!!

    • Seems like a character assassination piece Scott, I think if I remember another journalistic piece his record was better than Van Gaal and very close to Mourinho’s at Man U without being given the budgets those two were. I haven’t seen evidence he could get us to CL but think given time and money, he will make us competitive around top 8. Whilst I got carried away thinking we could push top 6 with MP, Moyes is a better fit with the current chairmen and probably imho the right level for us. I hope he gets us to a point we are hard to beat and hope for the best for him.

  3. He was the cheapest ‘safest’ option at the time. After paying off pellegrini and HIS dof, you didn’t expect the owners to pay our again for a manager already employed?

    Also never forget they sacked Pellegrini at least a month too late in most fans eyes. This didnt help either.

    We just have to hope a few other sides fail to win in feb and we can get it together for the run in which is basically a bunch of six pointers.

  4. Probably the best, most accurate post and aligned to my thoughts ever on this site.
    An awful lazy appointment.
    To think Brady approved of this.
    Not in a million years would she of agreed to this on the Apprentice

  5. is that it? sorry heard it all before re moyes, we can all trot out stats but what do they really tell us? that alex mcliesh is a better manager because he won the carling cup? Of course not. Context is everything. Look Fergies stats for his first 3 seasons, using your approach he wouldve been sacked. I would also ask who else we woudve got in halfway through a relegation battle? We tried the glamour signing. We tried the west ham hero and before that the defensive specialist. Who worth their salt in their right mind wouldve come to us in Dec? Howe? Dyche? Someone with no PL experience? Maybe but i find trotting out the same old stats about moyes is utterly misleading. For me the headline should be “Only man at this time in this place”!!

  6. Wasn’t my preferred choice but he kept us up two seasons ago. Personally I don’t think we will go down. Then let’s see how he spends the summer transfer budget in the premier league next season. Soucek looks decent and Bowen can hopefully set up and score a few goals. Two decent signing in my book.

  7. I think that the problem is that as others have pointed out there was a delay in sacking Pelle who really didn’t look close to turning it around – come the end of the season two crucial results may be the two 2-1 defeats to Palace – I think that we should not have lost either of those games. I really dont think that Pochettinno or Ancelotti would have been interested and Rafa said bluntly that he was not interested

    Changing manager again at this stage will almost certainly lead to relegation (look at West Brom two seasons ago and Fulham last season). So we just need to strap ourselves in for the ride and get behind the team


  8. Let’s face it Sunderland were the worst team ever when Moyes took them over. The best manager in the world wouldn’t have saved them from relegation. The only mistake Moyes made was to become their manager and think he might be able to save them. Of course their bad record gets added to his stats by those kind of people that can’t see any further than the stats themselves but there you go.
    Personally I think we are lucky to have Moyes as manager and if he hadn’t been replaced by Pellegrini we would now be closer to the top of table than the bottom.

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