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Names galore as Irons continue their manager hunt

Huddersfield-boss-David-Wagner-838535I woke up to see five names mentioned as the favoured Hammers candidates to replace Slaven Bilic this morning.

In a word, the whole media circus surrounding the situation right now is ridiculous because quite simply nobody is currently available without humongous amounts of money being spent.

And even were it to be offered there is no guarantee that the “chosen” one would want to come to the club in the current circumstances.

Names mentioned this morning are Pelegrinni, Benitez, Wagner (pictured tight) , Mancini and Dyche and truth is right now none are available except maybe one!

The truth of the situation – at the risk of repeating ourselves – is not that the club don’t want to pay off Slaven Bilic but that nobody is available thus leaving them to think in terms of a caretaker .

Calls are out to various individuals and agent right now as any options the club may have are thoroughly explored. One thing seems certain above all others – Slav’s day is done .

Personally I think there is one name among the five I saw this morning who would do the job and might just be bought out of his current club.

That person is Sean Dyche who is reportedly earning less that half a million pounds a year although his time left at Burnley is a closely guarded secret.

However, his buy out would not be overwhelming and his track record is decent. He  surely has to be worth an inquiry.

It probably wouldn’t happen at this stage of the season and that’s the issue facing the club as it tries to find the right person.

Not an easy situation at all so the constant speculation concerning some of the biggest managerial names about should probably be best ignored for the time being.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

11 comments on “Names galore as Irons continue their manager hunt

  1. The physical presence of Sean Dyche is sufficient to “frighten a bull-dog out of a butcher’s shop”
    Personally, I’d give Terry Westley a short-contract, until we can convince Mancini or Ancelotti to make the move.
    However, I fail to understand why the owners are prolonging the agony by keeping Slav clutching on to a 2-game straw. Not fair to the team, the fans, and probably not fair to Bilic.

    If a Dutch-sspaeking person could convince Frank de Boer to start managing in a ‘slow considered way’ (before thinking that he is back at Ajax), then he could be a real surprise packet-the timing at Palace was all wrong-the players were too ‘thick’ to understand the ideas of an introverted genius. If he had started simple (4-4-2, or a 3-5-2), the Palace players might have accepted him more readily; I wonder if half of those guys have ever heard of Ajax, total football, of Johann Cryuff?

    • Not sure I agree with you about DeBoer Max, Ajax have that famous academy that means every player learns to play the Ajax way in a variety of positions, by the time they are ready for first team debuts they understand the system and their positions / responsibilities, most teams do not have that continuity so as a successful manager at Ajax how does that relate to the real world ? DeBoer knew the Italian leagues well had a team of superstars at Inter and failed miserably, at Palace he had a defensive group of players and tried to turn them into expansive footballers overnight, that lacks intelligence imo, you may be right of course but it would be a hell of a leap in the dark when the only evidence suggests he can’t turn things around overnight and he is willing to put square blocks into round holes in spite of a career of evidence to suggest the limitations of the players.

  2. If the only manager we could get was Sean Dyche right now I would take him and that says more about my desperation to see Slav removed as manager than the long term interests of the club. Dyche is good at what he does which in the PL is survival football, he would certainly improve the condition of the players and on that front he is cutting edge, I think we would finish mid table under Dyche and that is because the players would be fitter and harder to beat because he would give us a defensive shape but I can’t see us winning too many games by more than the odd goal but who knows give him a shot and hope he can grow into it 😀

  3. Who would be your choice Hugh?





    • Is that a back 3 with 2 full backs in it? You must be the original Mr Bobby from WHTID. The man of a thousands formations – all s**t

  5. Brooking on a temp !!
    Steady the ship and go hunting for a replacement ! Bilic needs to go now ffs
    We just can’t wait !!!!!😉

    • Careful, Laz, that’s sounding scarily like common sense. The owners don’t take kindly to that sort of thing around here 😉

  6. If or when Slav finally goes in these next few weeks, I feel we will be relegation certainties if we don’t get the right appointment and given that Wagner will not leave Huddersfield this season and Benitez is sitting pretty at Newcastle waiting for the new owners, all the other names currently being mentioned worry me….
    Sean Dyche is a top man and has done wonders with Burnley but he has built that team and did not inherit the egotistic set of individuals currently in our first team squad and I am honestly unsure if they would or could respond to his coaching
    Roberto Mancini had one good spell at Inter then inherited the open cheque book at Citeh and since then has flopped in every other job he has taken, if anything under him the egos of Arnie and co will carry on unchecked
    Manuel Pellegrini will not only cost too much but did nothing at citeh to make me think he is the answer for us
    In my opinion we need someone who can deal with those egos, get them to train properly but also not be afraid to give Rice, Oxford, Martinez etc a go…..so when I look for someone who is available who can tick those boxes I keep coming back to Ryan Giggs……as a player he has done it all so would have the dressing room respect, he also gave Racthford his chance …as a coach he has learned from some of the best……he has no real management experience but neither did Mancini at Inter or Wagner at Huddersfield……it’s a risk but every appointment is exactly that he would be my choice

  7. All bets off now Everton have been so decisive we are bound to end up with Koeman!

  8. I wouldn’t mind koemen. ??

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