New name thrown into the mix in Diop speculation

Sky Sports reporter Kaveh Solhekol is not giving up on the Manchester United and Issa Diop speculation.

When the story first broke from Miguel Delaney in the Independent it was £45m and a swap for Anthony Martial, this was quickly denied by club sources saying that had no interest in Martial and Diop for not for sale.

The story then morphed into £45m and Phil Jones in a twist reported by the Sun Newspaper.

In the last few hours, Kaveh has given an update suggesting Diop representatives will talk to West Ham next week and that the Hammers are actually interested in is Manchester United’s midfielder Scott McTominay.

On his personal Twitter account, Kaveh wrote “Issa Diop’s representatives due to have talks with West Ham next week. Diop happy at West Ham despite Man United interest. West Ham have asked about availability of Man United midfielder Scott McTominay”

Claret and Hugh say: There is no doubt Diop will attract attention from top six clubs after a terrific debut season after his £22m signing last summer from France but to suggest that a club like Manchester United might pay over the odds might be a tale too far. There is no denying there have been enquiries as to his availability but that is a world apart from formal bids being made.  Diop’s agents will take the opportunity of the speculation to try to cut a new deal with West Ham and negotiate better wages and a longer contract. The club is firmly telling the media that the player is not for sale at any price.  We all know in reality, every player has a price but whether Manchester United are ready to splash out £100m on a player who had one good season is very doubtful. West Ham wants minimum £60 million plus add ons to even think about it with United having to find around £10 million a year on a Diop deal along with the fee. Not gonna happen.

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10 comments on “New name thrown into the mix in Diop speculation

  1. I think your right all top six sides will want him so no point going to Man Utd then better off staying with us. Man Utd are in aittle bit of disarray at the moment, we’ll probably finish above them this season. In 6th….. Here’s hoping.. COYI

  2. Bull**** story from bull****ters who need a story whether it is bull**** or not.

    A lot of this stuff is evidently guess work by these so called journalists and it isn’t even decent guesswork. Pellegrini is trying to build a team to challenge for Europe and is doing a pretty good job of it in my view. You cannot do that if you are selling your best suit and replacing it with somebody else’s used underpants.

    If you do that then you will never break into that elite.

    I am prepared to wager that Ole Gunner Solskjaer doesn’t make it through the season and that Man U don’t finish in the Top six…..there you are, I said it.

  3. I agree Hurrst about Man Utd being in disarray – I’m sure they now regret giving Soljskaer a long term contract – he is odds-on to be fired before the end of the season on Sky Bets

    Anyway my interest is in the hammers and keeping hold of Diop. Man U might actually be the most vulnerable of the top 6 this season (I think Hugh tipped Arsenal to be the most vulnerable)

  4. This obviously is a nonense story but keeps on cropping up with the top six clubs.Any team that has a player showing promise the top teams think they just need to throw a few million at it and the lesser teams will be forever grateful.Rice and Diop are prime examples and Fornals will probably be next summers target.Both our players signed contracts last year and West Ham have unequivocally stated that neither are for sale.End of story.

  5. Think you will find that the C&H view on anything is whatever the 2 bunts in charge tell them it is.

    So tell me what does it take to be a moderator, is the main qualification to take it up the bum so are you a taker or giver.

    • Just the usual inaccurate and obscene nonsense from a no mark without a brain or probably a dick. Bye. Try to be a little more original – it gets very tedious listening to 2nd hand views read elsewhere, probably on Twotter

    • I can see you are one of those preferring to back up statements with data. Trolls, or keyboard warriors if you will, is a very sad breed..

  6. Headline should read: ‘Kaveh Solhekol Makes Up New Story’

    These Sky ‘journalists’ are a joke. I get that their job is to keep fans interested and watching Sky Sports, but I’m fed up of players being unsettled by journalists virtually inventing stuff out of thin air. Amazing how it’s all the ‘best outside the top 6′ players that are targeted. It’s as if they can’t bare any other teams’ having the audacity to try and achieve success and try to engineer moves for their best players in order to maintain the status quo.

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