Nigerian Striker could face work permit challenge

henryHenry Onyekuru could face a challenge to obtain a work permit as he does not automatically qualify on the percentage of senior international matches for his national team. In order to automatically qualify for a work permit, the player must have participated in a certain percentage of senior international matches for his national team.

Generally, that percentage is calculated over a two-year period. However, The FA, recognising that it is more difficult for younger players to break into their senior national teams, reduce the calculation period to one year for players under the age of twenty-one.
As Nigeria are ranked 38th in the world he would have to play 75% of Nigerian games in the last twelve months as he is under 21 years old.  He has made just one appearance.
It would mean that Onyekuru’s fate will be in the hands of The FA’s Exceptions Panel.
The Panel would be asked consider what The FA describes as “the player’s experience and value” in order to determine whether a work permit should be granted.

The Panel is comprised of three members: a legally qualified chairperson and two independent panel members with “relevant experience at the top level of the game”. The decision whether the Panel should recommend to The FA that a work permit would be granted is by majority vote.

The Panel initially takes a points-based approach to determining whether the player should be granted a permit. If the player scores four or more points against the objective Part A criteria, the Panel will then immediately move on to conduct a subjective review of the information presented by the club and another other information it deems to be relevant.

Objective Criteria to award points

The transfer fee being paid for the player is above the 75th percentile of all Premier League transfers in the previous two transfer windows – 3 points

The transfer fee being paid for the player is between the 50th and 75th percentile of all Premier League transfers in the previous two transfer windows – 2 points

The wages being paid to the player by the applicant club are above the 75th percentile of the top 30 earners at each Premier League club during the previous transfer window – 3 points

The wages being paid to the player by the applicant club are between the 50th and 75th percentile of the top 30 earners at each Premier League club during the previous transfer window – 2 points

The player’s current club is in a top league and the player has played in at least 30 per cent of the available minutes in league matches – 1 point

The player’s current club has played in the group stages of a continental competition within the last 12 months and the player has played in at least 30 per cent of the available minutes in league matches – 1 point



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22 comments on “Nigerian Striker could face work permit challenge

  1. So , why not pay what needs to be paid and just get Him . Pay whoever needs to be paid and just get Him . The points tally rises where Money is involved . Bigger Clubs would have no problems , so let’s grow up and just get Him . Heck , we need something to happen .

    • @Kevin, I concur with your comments.

      • This smacks of the same old Sulli tactics we have seen in recent years. That is keep a fall back or less preferred option on hold while using him to put pressure on other players/clubs to take note of your offers to them while using all available methods to make it look genuine to all parties concerned and the player onside. This player offers the ideal scenario to play this tactic. Fell on our faces last year big time however, indeed most years when used but hey no one thinks Sulli is imaginative, flexible or remotely imaginative in his dealings. One dimensional as always.

  2. Agree entirely with Kevin.Why is everything so complicated with us in the transfer market?.UTDs deal for Lindeloff went without hitch as seems to be the case with Everton and Klassen but when it comes to West ham my God its like a soap opera.Just splash the cash.there must be pots of it what with everything that’s happened in the last 12 months or watch this one get away aswell.

    • Lindeloff was supposed to sign for Man Utd in the January transfer window so the deal obviously had complications there and they have had 5 months to work everything out. Klaasen has not actually signed for Everton yet. Plus they are both European nationals so do not need work permits making deals easier.

      Apart from that you are spot on.

      • Agreed.Athough whatever nationality the player happens to be we always seem to drag our heels.If this guy was English you can bet your bottom dollar the 2 Ds would still be at it.Just as an update apparently our Harry has put in a club record bid as Birmingham enter the equation now.

  3. Because guys our owners are a couple of clowns. All the same old crap before season ticket renewal date then once it’s past we get the same long drawn out no light at the end of the tunnel transfer stories. I must admit I feel like a mug for renewing because you take my word for it, they won’t buy any of these so called targets. Biloxi is looking at Turkey again, the only half decent turkish footballer is Ozil and he’s German.
    Big stadium, bigger crowds, bigger income, same s**t small club mentality. Yes I agree with all the above, why don’t we just pay the money and be done with it. I’m afraid not guys, when you have a couple of Del Boys running the club your gonna get what you pay for which will be some Algerian 3rd Division player who once took a selfie with Messi.

  4. Sean, can you please gives us the real news who we are likely to buy and stop all this dream team transfer talk?

  5. You cant be referring to HH and his band of merry moaners surely jimbo lol

  6. Really fellas you just cant have a clue how many other deals during the summer fall by the wayside​ for all clubs for various reasons.So man united have signed Lindelof but i read they were after him last summer so it is not a signing that has been done overnight.
    Most of the talk is coming from the newspapers about who we want or might sign.Why believe anything that comes out of their mouths and use it to be angry about the club lol

  7. Pay the money to get him 3 points on the score and class him as a special talent the amount of goals and assists should be enough to do that you would have thought, I expect we will dither too long and he will slip through the net, I am not saying he is good enough just that if you are going to try and sign a player commit to that pay a little over what you want to if that is what it takes, we won’t be paying £40m for Batshuayi, Iheanacho shouldn’t cost more than £20m so even at 9 to 10m for this kid thats nothing in theory we have about £100m to spend across summer and winter windows because we didn’t spend all of our budget last season.

    • And while the chairmen are about it find out what it will cost to get Lucas Perez from the Gooners better to spend £30m on him than spend the winter waiting on a deal that won’t happen in Batshuayi.

  8. Its the start of june and very little business is being concluded yet and the snowball effect wont happen until August as usual one would think.Why the heck are you getting your knickers in a twist over media baloney when you know nothing of substance or factual about a single player we may have gone for might go for.Most players you get stressed about not signing we were never in for in the first place i imagine.
    There seems some substance to this possible bid but you all have no idea of the true dealings but choose to paint a bad picture in your heads so you can moan about it lmao

    • It’s a discussion site all you seem to do is get on your high horse and add nothing meaningful…

      • He seems to be making a valid point in my opinion No32.There is a fair amount of truth in what he says in my humle opinion that we do take the press at face value all too often when we shouldnt.His first line is also spot on isnt it.Deals will get going once clubs get busier,normally in August and a domino or snowball effect does seem to happen.
        I think you are being a tad harsh if this old bugger may say so lol

        • Seems like he is being disrespectful to me Stan, he always moans about most on the site moaning, I may be reading it wrong of course but I have seen most of his posts and most of them are critical of people for having opinions. Let’s be honest none of us have a clue what’s going on, we all know the history of the club in losing out on transfers etc but the posts are put up and we comment on them labelling people moaners etc and finishing his post with lmao to me is a **** take.

      • Lol you can always go get some spelling lessons from VOR on the Five Signings article if you want lads.His nursery teacher taught him how to us Two,Too and To correctly today.I feel like i want to pin a gold star on his school blazer 😂😂

  9. Maybe he can teach me how to type use as well 😁

  10. the other year young Jack kept banging on who we were trying to sign & things didn’t work out & he got loads of abuse this time the papers & sky sports news are doing the spouting & young Jack as been very quiet so maybe just maybe things are happening behind the scenes as it’s early days in the transfer market. Everton have spent big so far on 2 players so what there in the Europa league & we shouldve learnt from last season that quality is what we need not players like Snodgrass Norfeildt & over the hill Fonte sorry guys I don’t rate him.

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