No Lunch Time Kick Offs for Saturday


The Premier League schedule tightens this weekend with a reduced number of matches due to the congested fixture list. Unlike usual, there will be no lunchtime kickoff (12:30 pm) on Saturday.

FFP football stitch-up

Several factors are contributing to the condensed schedule:

European Competition: Clubs are still competing in European tournaments, with the second legs of the Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League quarterfinals taking place midweek. This creates player fatigue and fixture congestion.

FA Cup Semi-Finals: Adding to the busy schedule, the FA Cup semi-finals are also being played this weekend, limiting the availability of teams for Premier League matches.

As a result of these factors, only two Premier League matches are scheduled for the traditional 3pm Saturday slot:

Luton Town vs. Brentford
Sheffield United vs. Burnley (both teams are currently battling relegation)

The absence of a lunchtime kickoff on Saturday can be attributed to:

Limited Broadcast Options: Broadcasters like TNT Sports, who hold the rights to the Saturday lunchtime slot, couldn’t find a suitable match to air due to European and FA Cup commitments of several teams.

FA Cup Semi-Finalist Unavailability: Clubs participating in the FA Cup semi-finals (Manchester United, Manchester City, and Chelsea) wouldn’t be available for a Premier League match on Saturday.

With only three Premier League matches remaining to be aired by TNT Sports this season, they are likely to be even more selective about their lunchtime choice.

This weekend’s reduced Premier League schedule highlights the demanding fixture list faced by clubs in the final stretch of the season. With European competition and the FA Cup still ongoing, a congested schedule remains for the foreseeable future.

We have been left alone it appears. Our game against Palace is a 3pm kick off on Sunday

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