No sale Gold sees Hammers future as “families affair”

August 2017 (1)West Ham co-owner David Gold has once again rejected any suggestion that he and co-owner David Sullivan are in the club purely to make a quick buck – and has hinted that the names Gold and Sullivan could stay at the club long after the current owners have gone.
In an exclusive interview with Blowing Bubbles magazine, Gold said that whilst being open to working with new backers, he had already rejected overtures to buy into the club, and in an ideal world it would be passed on to the next generation of Golds and Sullivans.
“We want to hand West Ham over to West Ham fans – and these are our children,” Gold explained.
“They are gaining experience all the time. My two girls are serious business women and they’ve running businesses for 20 years. David’s boys are becoming more experienced all the time – one of them is chairman of the Ladies’ team. I think the four of them will be a good combination in years to come when we both give up.”
Read more from Gold on transfers, Twitter, crowd numbers and the joys of being a sexy club in the latest Blowing Bubbles. Plus –
• Was Darren Randolph dealt a bad hand?
• Could Joe Hart and West Ham be the perfect fit?
• What went wrong with West Ham’s South American contingent? And
• Who thinks this could be the start of a whole new era for West Ham, and why?
All this and more in the new edition of Blowing Bubbles

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • TRB says:

    Unless West Ham is one day (soon) owned by the super wealthy like the Manchester clubs and Chelsea are, they will not be able to compete in the way DS and DG have previously ‘promised’. Since Arsenal have had a new stadium they haven’t matched those three clubs on or off the field. Tottenham are currently building a new ground, but they’ve never competed on a level playground, business-wise, and I don’t see that changing very soon. Since Liverpool last won a title, the evolving Premier League has changed English football .(Liverpool are on a similar level as our two north London rivals are right now) There’s always hope that a ‘Leicester City’ will be champions again soon…… but to be honest the 2017-18 title winners should be from Manchester City, Ubited and Chelsea. It will take one or two of the six teams mentioned here to have a poor season (like Liverpool and Chelsea did in 2015-16) to allow a developing West Ham and Everton in this season.

  • JRS says:

    Very true TRB.
    I am a lot more happy w there process this summer more is needed to get Europa challenge.
    But they did turn down a bid of £650m or so from Red Bull over a year ago… Correct me if I’m wrong. But think that was the amount and Sunderland can’t get £90m Newcastle want £450m.
    Red Bull would be a lot different already more corporate with LS but they would have made Academy proirty and saw what they did with Lepzieg in only 5 years. For me if we buy youth give a chance. Rice should be before Fonte….
    But so far the D&S have been better then in previous summers and we are stuck with them right now still thing they should be banned from Social media

  • Roman says:

    I have always believed everyone has a price and that includes the Gold’s & Sullivan’s of this world.I bet if the money was right they would sell.

  • Hammer64 says:

    I know nothing about the Gold offspring & the Sullivan’s are still growing up. So not in a position to judge. Sounds like it could be ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ but some of them may not want to be involved. My preference is that the club stays in the family, preferably people with a connection to the club. I don’t give a toss about Champions League ( nice if it happens once or twice but otherwise don’t care). I don’t want to be another Man C with state of the art this and that but no soul. I don’t want to be part of some Chinese, Mid East or US or Russian conglomerate ( however much cash they have) that sees us as a way into the UK economy, or a way to protect themselves from their corrupt governments. I don’t want the owners to actually be paet of the government of a corrupt country that wants to use us a ‘front’ for their own ends. Just my opinion of course & I am probably a relic from the past, but my family have supported the club for over 100 years & I would like us to keep some connection to our heritage. A football club means more to some people than trophies & how many imported superstars it can afford to buy- at least it does in my opinion. Sorry for the rant. I need to go back to bed now!

    • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

      Unfortunately we’ve already been invaded by a sinister plague 64 , media conglomerates with loads of dosh have killed the game as we speak, you’re and my past west ham family feelings are past memory’s mate and no one can take that sentimental thought away from you, its a new era and its never going to be like the past ,IMO that died the day lyall was sacked for me , signed away with the stroke of a pen mate , not tipexman ,but big cheques that have IMO may have detrimental effects later on down the line , smaller clubs may disappear because of it , but the show goes on as they say , they now own the game ?😉

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    It makes you wonder exactly where are they taking us realistically ? I mean what with this FFP
    Ballshuyt and if there is a wage cap at the club, which seems to be changing by having to due to the moneys available ! When and at what time will he step up and start buying 40-50-70 mill players to move us up the ladder with the big boys ,as per impression I had when moving to the Queenie? Or are they going to rely on lucky dips and accadamy even though gold said
    We buy for today ploy ? Sigurdson , van dijk , for instance , 110-120 mill in today’s prices are what the club needs to be competing for if that’s the case ? IMO they should see further ahead when there is still time and buy class now because next year and further on the prices will be even more astronomical ! Unless of course common sense clicks in and caps introduced ,ish, personally what this club needs is a Qatary investor type to push the so called dream along, but I’m not holding my breath 😉

  • Hammer64 says:

    Yeah you may be right Laz. Who knows what future will bring? I still believe the PL bubble may burst not too far down the line. If the tv money dries up will the big overseas investors still be as keen? Seems unlikely to me. Then what will be left ain the UK? Locally owned, littxle West Ham with Gold & Sullivan kings if the world. 5 PL wins on the trot!! Blimey I haven’t even had a drink today yet! DrWho stuff innit? Seriously, even If you are right I would prefer us to hold out & try to keep some of our identity but I accept a lot of genuine fans out there think differently. It’s a free world …

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    More like Q6. Its gone mad😁

  • JRS says:

    Qatatr money would def push us up… Who cares about FPP

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