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Noble: “We can’t be making mistakes like that”

Mark-Noble-640914Mark Noble has made it clear the team cannot give away games like the one that Andy Carroll handed Spurs on Saturday.

The captain enjoyed a fine comeback against the north Londoners at the weekend and was disappointed that immediately following the Antonio injury the visitors were handed a soft opening goal.

He said: “It was a big blow to lose Michail because his pace scared them. I played a couple of balls to him and you know he is going to get on to them.

“But he has come off, Andy Carroll has come off the bench after sitting there for half an hour, but even so we shouldn’t be conceding goals like that.”

“For me, Tottenham is the worst possible team to lose against. You can’t make those mistakes and we have realised that over the years.

“Sometimes you get a bit lucky and you get away with it, but we have got punished here. That is what happens in the Premier League and that is why it is the best league in the world.

He added: “To be fair, I think the players will be a lot happier in training than normal after losing a game. Even though we lost, this performances and the previous games are a massive boost to the club.”



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19 comments on “Noble: “We can’t be making mistakes like that”

  1. The reason we conceded the second goal was not down directly to Carroll . Yes it was a poor ball but there was plenty of cover . Noble was goal side of Ali ? when the pass was made . He did not move as the ball was passed through the gap left by him and he was 10 yds behind his player when Kane scored . Noble is the problem . He has nothing to offer and lets the game pass him by . As soon as the opposition attack he is left floundering time after time . COYI

  2. Here we go. D***head alert whenever Noble’s name is mentioned. The goals had absolutely nothing to do with Noble. Absolutely nothing.

    • You really are a moron . Watch the game again and you will see Noble standing like a statue watching Ali and Kane exchange simple passes for second goal . Noble loses his man 90 % of the time because he is slow in mind and body . This site is for people to express their opinions not slag of other users . I will continue to criticise a poor player as I am entitled to my opinion as you are yours . If you don’t like it tough . Don’t read it or go somewhere else . COYI.

      • I was at the game, i have no desire to watch it again. I accept you have an opinion but it is repetitive and you say it what ever the post several times a day. So as i said the other day, go and play somewhere else you idiot.

        • I will not be taking on your advice or bowing to your vastly superior knowledge you muppet . P—off.

          • Well done. You posted a comment without mentioning Noble once. Glad to see your listening 😀

          • I think bubbles is actually Pedro Obiang.Come on fess up Pedro 😀

          • Or Wylie Kouyate perhaps Rads? After all, he must be shyting himself too?

          • Wylie will be just fine once he gets some more games under his belt imho.He was out from mid July with the knee injury so must have missed some pre-season.Only had 3 prem 90 mins under his belt since so he deserves to be cut some slack in my book 😀

  3. I’d like to know when the ‘Hunger’ went between going 0-1 down to 0-3 down; we simply didn’t compete??

  4. I have heard this tripe about not making mistakes for the entire tenure of Bilic we are still making the same mistakes and we are still allowing a minimum of two goals to go in before we start to play like we should from the first minute. Bilic and his coaching staff need to be replaced, hopefully it will happen during the international break, reports are Tuchel has been sounded out and rejected the idea, if true that’s a shame but even so I genuinely believe any number of managers could get more out of that team than Bilic is, bring Redknapp back for the rest of the season, he may have been poor at Birmingham but he can’t be worse than Bilic is at present.

    • Made more errors leading to opposition goals since August 2015 than any other PL team. So yes there are mistakes a lot!

    • We were supposed to switch up back room but just with Lewin who is good but think training or lack there off leads to injuries. Not sure what a fromer Croatian Hand ball coach is doing so I think we missed a good time to switch things up if Bilic was to stay over summer & saying we don’t have a good squad is mad we have the talent to be in top 10.
      I think Tuchel was always a long shot think he would do great training tactics alone but he turned down 10+ clubs already great manager but sometimes not a big name does the best.

  5. Well I had AC down for assists with the spuds first two goals!
    Agreed with you no 32 until you made your recommendation. That ship sailed a long time ago I’m afraid. I’d like to see Brendan Rogers but he is not going to leave Celtic to join us.

    • Yep Jimbo sorry about that, I was only thinking as a stopgap until the end of the season, I am not a great fan of Rodgers because he is a bit like Wenger, Eddie Howe etc, they have plan A and if that fails they stick with Plan A, with Celtic (as a Celtic supporter) you can get away with it because the league is so poor that you can win easilly with posession based football but given a choice between him and Bilic right now I would take it but as you say they are in CL and are a bigger club than us I can’t see him leaving mid season, maybe next season if the offer was big enough he may consider it. Whatever happens I just hope we get shot and employ a great coach that can manage.

  6. “To be fair, I think the players will be a lot happier in training than normal after losing a game. Even though we lost, this performances and the previous games are a massive boost to the club.”

    This is the mentality that has to change within the club! You don’t hear the likes of Hart, Zabaleta or Chicharito say stuff like this. They are the proven winners with a winners mentality. Thecore of this club, through no fault of any individual, is, “we lost but did our best, we can be happy that we played ok, oh well”.

    It’s got to stop if we want to push to the next level.

    • Well said Reggie, couldn’t agree more, after a defeat like that winners would be furious and no they have to do better but most of our players are trotting out lines they think the fans want to hear instead of knuckling down and training the faults out of their systems. I don’t have the stats but from memory alone it seems like 19 out of every 20 goals we concede are due to poor defensive mistakes, if you look at Noble’s career this has been common throughout it, poor decision making usually towards the end of the game, stupid fouls conceded resulting in free kicks in dangerous areas or penalties and in some cases getting himself sent off, he is the captain, the example he sets is that he cannot read the game and makes poor decisions, its no wonder the rest of the team are.

  7. You don’t hear Zabs, Chic or Hart say that because none of them speak English!!! All jokes aside you are spot on. Happy Monday when we lost? Well I wasn’t f***ing happy on Monday morning when I woke up knowing I was facing mini spuds at work, so why should the players be? Surely they should be working on how to avoid the assists we gave them and thinking if they hadn’t gone down to ten it might have been a bloody cricket score. Smell the coffee guys?

  8. Well written 32 + Jimbo . Everything I have been rambling on about for months in a couple of posts . Thanks for that .Saves me from more abuse from sch….you know who !! COYI

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