Now Moyes and Nobes disagreement reports

Now Moyes and Nobes disagreement reports

West Ham‘s recent transfer activity has stirred rumours of disagreements between manager David Moyes and long-time club legend Mark Noble, now their sporting director.

Various reports on the internet suggest differences in approach during the January window. Moyes reportedly favoured signing the experienced Jota, while Noble and technical director Tim Steidten advocated for the younger prospect Ibrahim Osman.

This highlights contrasting philosophies: Moyes seeking immediate impact, Noble and Steidten focusing on long-term development. It’s crucial to remember that these reports remain unconfirmed, and the actual situation may be less contentious.
However, they raise valid questions about potential differences in transfer vision at West Ham. Official responses from the club, Moyes, or Noble would offer greater clarity. Additionally, increased transparency surrounding transfer policies and decision-making processes could alleviate fan concerns.

Instead of fuelling speculation, consider the bigger picture. West Ham faces important decisions regarding Moyes’ potential contract extension and overall transfer strategy. Constructive discourse based on facts and transparency will be key to navigate these challenges effectively.

But then again, nothing is ever straightforward at West Ham !


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

7 comments on “Now Moyes and Nobes disagreement reports

  1. Getting really fed up of hearing the same old drivel, mickey taking and BS from C and H and all the other various internet rumour mills and speculation websites. Call yourself West Ham supporters? Something that has really started to frustrate and annoy the hell out of me the more I see it occurring is the blatant disregard for actual facts and the opinions posted that refer to “a report states” or “our source said.”
    These kind of declarations are basically an excuse for the author to state whatever opinion they decide to air without having to back it up. I am sick to the back teeth of it. All that seems to have occurred since the start of the season is people believing the rubbish that’s posted on social media and rumour websites. The knock-on effect is people believing the rumours and quoting them as being accurate or the truth. They then use it to speculate as much as possible, cause the rumour mill to go into overdrive, and use it as a way to bash our beloved Hammers! And apart from a few positive and decent articles, I include C and H as one of those sites recently. After all the rubbish printed on social media which doesn’t necessarily need to be accurate or verified, it would be nice for C and H to buck the trend and try to write something accurate and positive instead of the complete speculative rubbish that has been written recently – such as demanding sackings, or spreading gossip and rumour like this article relating to the fallout between Moyes and Nobes. What’s even more ridiculous, is actually writing the article while the putting a disclaimer in saying reports on the internet suggest – what did I mention earlier? Then using that point as a reason to just run with it. Saying that your article raises valid questions, and that transparency is needed to avoid speculation and ease fans concerns. Then saying instead of fuelling speculation, consider the bigger picture – so laughable, who are you kidding Hugh? It’s the likes of you doing all the speculating!!
    Then going on to state that nothing is straight forward at West Ham. Well maybe if an ex tabloid journo didn’t post this kind of rubbish, things might be more straight forward. Maybe you don’t consider the effect of the rumours you seem to enjoy spreading. Or is it all about the views and the click bait? You mentioned the bigger picture and then say you want my friend Slaven as caretaker, while waiting for another mediocre appointment – Fonseca is definitely the smaller picture, not bigger!!
    The Hammers’ got their first taste of silverware in 48 years, have had three successive years in Europe, including a semi-final and winning the cup. And yet after our most successful spell in decades, all anyone wants to do is bad mouth, moan and use gossip and rumour as a way to speculate and criticise while feeding the beast of tabloid style journalism. Maybe try enjoying and appreciating the recent success and all the hard work that went into it.
    These articles just add to the myriad of others, many of them written to voice negative views and stir up unrest from people who like to make themselves heard and don’t necessarily know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes, but like to think that they do. They use phrases like an ITK insider told us, or a report suggested. An insider told us, tends to mean it’s the insider’s opinion, which in real terms is no different from anyone else’s opinion. It’s typical of tabloid style journalism to use vague or inaccurate terms and expressions where you can stir the pot and claim plausible deniability to rile the few disillusioned or unsatisfied. The type of moaners who would still respond the in the same manner no matter what is going on, who had just bought the club, or who is in charge. A method of getting the sheep on-board and talking more rubbish and speculation to help generate more click bait and continue the cycle of unrest.
    You wrote an article at the end of last season and I was so tempted to reply, but held back as I don’t want to give my time to gossips, keyboard warriors and ex journo’s. However with all the recent rubbish I’ve read recently I thought its time to respond. Just as an example, the article I mentioned claimed 3 of our summer transfer interests were journeymen referring to James Ward-Prowse, Conor Gallagher and Scott McTomminay. James Ward-Prowse has been at Southampton since he was 8, the same as Conor Gallagher at Chelsea, and Scott McTominay has been at Man Utd since he was 5 so they are in no way “journeymen”
    Maybe when you’re writing you get into some kind of flow and pull phrases out of the air that sound good, and fit well together. But surely you must read them afterwards to see if they make sense and are accurate. Maybe you need the term explaining – A journeyman in footballing terms refers to an experienced professional who played for numerous clubs during his career, travelling where the money is in the latter stages to continue playing at a lower level to extend their career. In the same article you went on to complain about relegated players, and just to be clear, a team being relegated doesn’t make any specific player a bad player. Did Alan Devonshire or Trevor brooking become bad players when we were relegated? No! Sir Trevor was still being picked for England while playing in the old 2nd division.
    With the kind of articles and opinions being written and the trolling replies being posted (which I know are not your fault) on C and H, maybe the journeyman term would be more accurately applied to your style of journalism! And I use the term “journalism” in the vaguest of ways considering your past at the News Of The World and The Daily Sport. Remember the Bus on the moon headline and the sprout lmfao. It just seems like you are using your platform to rant rather than as a place to discuss and inform. Obviously, I realise that more controversial articles get you more traffic and revenue in whatever form you receive it. You seem to be in such a rush to get as many articles released as soon as possible once you have found your topic of gripe, normally 4 or 5 articles in a morning, bashing the same topic, or some variation of it. In the last few days I counted 12 on virtually the same subject after the Arsenal humiliation trying to stir the masses and create unrest, instead of trying to pull everyone together to get behind the team. But that kind of journalism so smacks of being just another tabloid journalist instead of trying to report on our beloved hammers, or maybe you have gone back to your tabloid roots as you do describe ClaretandHugh as “the Hammers daily newspaper!” 
    From “another internet source” I heard a quote saying “Hugh has been a freelance journalist for over 40 years working on virtually every tabloid and broadsheet newspaper. He runs his own website Claretandhugh.info a West Ham FC dedicated site which has over a quarter of a million followers. He has been a practising Christian for many years and quips football and rock ‘n’ roll take positions two and three after that.” 
    If that quote is accurate, then the way you have gone about reporting on West Ham, well it’s definitely not very Christian like of you now is it, Hugh? I’m wondering if you post articles with that kind of aggressive and speculative content on The Son
    And just to be clear, if any of this strikes a chord with you, if you don’t like this article and you think I’m having a dig at you and other websites that spout various kinds of rubbish, then maybe that’s a good thing. If you consider my critique of you and your style to be not very nice, then maybe you should consider the comical mickey taking, rubbish and detrimental content you have been posting recently. If what I’ve said makes you think for just one second before you post your next article, then I have achieved my goal.

    • The answer is in your own hands :} It’s you doing the speculation on us whereas we have an enormous number of sources after 60 years as a supporter and journalist. Yes I do call myself a supporter. What are you apart from a Mr Angry who knows nothing about the profession whatsoever. I think you will find Christ wasn’t an individual portrayed on Sunday School walls but a radical who upset those who tried to keep systems in place that were wrong. Christianity isn’t about being NICE to football club managers, players or directors. You have of course completely missed the point which is merely the style of footbball he plays. Yes, all the best

      • As you know nothing about me, its again speculation. My information has always been straight from the horses mouth seeing as my family and I have been directly involved with WHU for many years, right back to when Frank Senior was there. I’m not asking you to be nice to anyone, just more accurate and less speculative. And I’m only angry at your “Carry On” style rubbish posted on a topic that to me, is serious. And no, I haven’t missed the point, I’m not happy with the way things are at the moment, or the style of play either. I just don’t like some of the ways you go about making your point. Where West Ham are concerned, there will always be better ways to put things. and I’m also aware how easy it is to get overly involved and consumed by something that’s close to your heart. Things always have a tendency to come out wrong when we are discussing a passion, as my response probably shows as well.

        • Ok I accept all your points as being important to you but please don’t accuse us of speculation. I never do. Everything is confirmed by TWO sources. The Carry On thing I understand. It was just a bit of “fun” at the time and won’t be repeated. Many loved it so (shrug). It was also a serious comment played in a tabloid style which you clearly don’t like. I appreciate you going to such lengths to make your points and sorry for the “it’s in your own hands” comment. Best to you Iron Hammers

          • I appreciate that you have a website to run and provide content for, and for the record I am not a Moyes hater or fan, I am a West Ham fan. And I have and will continue to support anyone who represents us through bad times and good. You are spot on with the tabloid style comment, my family have been let down by headline seeking journalists in the past. This led to us receiving unnecessary grief/abuse on many fronts, so I wholeheartedly apologise for directing any of that angst and lack of trust at you, Hugh. Obviously a case of passion overpowering common sense. I know we are all in the same fight hoping for the best for our club. COYI

            • Sometimes we go in a different direction to create more interest. Musn’t stand still. Sorry it disappointed you on this occasion but be assured we do have good sources and simply don’t speculate. Best to you mate

  2. Well I appreciate the cryptic response – all the best

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