‘Oh come off it Slav’ – manager’s verdict

bilic-gloomIt’s the first time I have had to say this about Slaven Bilic but his post-match comments really are well wide of the mark.

The manager sounded as though he had suffered from a bad bout of sour grapes after we slipped to a dismal Bournemouth defeat.

But thankfully ended with a reasonable appraisal if you leave the” we deserved something” remark out of the equation

The manager moaned: “ “In the end, definitely we deserved to get something out of the game but they played well and played with great aggression.

“They missed two penalties too so we were lucky we were only down by one goal. We had situations to go two up but didn’t take them so we are disappointed.

“At that moment we went for the third goal, we lost too many players on that side and left it too open and you can’t give them space on the counter attack.”


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18 comments on “‘Oh come off it Slav’ – manager’s verdict

  1. Team selection …terrible .. Cresswell terrible … Noble even worse … Carrol … who ? OMG one of the worst ever . Why why why won’t Biliic pick Byram at right back . He is not great but no worse than Antonio or Kouyate in the position . We will do nothing with Noble in the team . We desperately need Obiang ( magnificent ) and Kouyate in midfield . Cresswell has lost the plot Mas…. ? needs to play .

  2. I have not heard the interview but I think we were unlucky to not get at least a point today despite their soft pens.

    First pen was very, very soft and more than once the same happened to a West Ham player that was not given a pen
    Second pen also very soft and West Ham players had more/same contact in the area but did not collapse to the ground. Near the end he gave us a free kick for handball near half way line, but when the exact same things happened in their area he did not give pens. He also was giving them soft free kicks all over the place from dives and for us we were getting bullied with some rough play.

    I try to steer away from refs but he was poor again today. Not entirely to blame for the defeat today but a significant impact on the match. He kept blowing for Carroll for non fouls and gave him nothing even when he was climbed on for example. Slav also has to take the blame for poor selection again. Feghouli has not done enough to keep Snodgrass out the side. Lanzini should be central. Kouyate should be removed from right back asap. Cresswell needs a kick up the backside as well.

    • Blatant penalties drevil. Unquestionable. No pace, nothing in the team apart from Lanzini and they were dangerous every time they went forward. Fonte looks a real problem to me

      • The first penalty in unquestionable, the second one much questionable, but you could see it coming. Fonte was mugged and caught out of position over and over again in this match. Something is not right, because he wasn’t in the game and indeed seemed very nervous.
        We drastically improved after the double substitutions, though at half time I would have taken Noble off for Byram, and pushed Kouyate in midfield. Slav almost got it right because Byram gave the assist and amen scored…. before giving the ball away (same scenario as against Chelsea, incidentally, so something in the game plan is not well executed). First half was simply disastrous. No pace, no rage, no grinta.

      • Hugh – If I accept they were blatant pens then West ham should have had at least one. The second half we wanted a pen for handball which was waved away. (Yet later it was a free kick otuside the area) but the ball bounced around a bit and Reid was fouled in the area but did not dive like they did. For me it was a very soft pen as there was little contact, little contact a pen every time will be pens every few minutes.

        Antonio, Cresswell, Kouyate (when central) Feghouli (When going forward) all have pace in the side that started today. Ayew has pace too.

        Fonte did not play as well as he has done in all the other games but then not many did play well. Could it be argused he is concerned with Kouyate next to him? Seemed to play bit better with Byram playing.

  3. I think its time to ask the question.
    Should Slav go?
    The team was obviously not fit at the start of the season. Tactically we were un done by the same team as last year, Astra Giurgiu and embarrassingly dumbed out of the Europa League before it had actually began. Players that were brought in, obviously not up to standard. Continually playing players out of position. And now Payet coming out and saying he was not happy with the style and standard of play. This also calls into question Bilic man management skills. If Allerdyce had made these mistakes the call for his head would be deafening.
    How many times can you carry on making the same mistakes?
    I am surprised how Bilic escapes any criticism.

    • Eug – I think thats crazy talk. Slav is stubborn as hell but talk of him leaving is bonkers. He gets away with it cos he doesnt do everything else Alldici did, simple as that. Allidici played players out of position too

    • I am with Eug…. I do not get what Bilic is doing playing players out of position and leaving others on the bench. Kouyate is a great player for us but not at the back – cannot be trusted. Same happened with Antonio last year. Great, etc. But don’t believe he will get us where we need to be, not sure he can. attract top players either. Why was Feghouli playing today? Why is Oxford warming the bench at
      Reading? I would be happy for him to go; it is not about whether he is better than Allardyce but whether he is good enough – for me where we are now (11th) is about al he can do for us.

  4. Remember when Valencia and Sakho first came to the club and they stretched defenders into wide positions… that’s what we need…. I rate Carroll but if his game isn’t working on the day-he gives us nothing apart from defending set pieces. We need more pace… I keep banging on about it… but pace kills. Pace creates openings and gaps. Lanzini and obiang again our best players. Kouyate MUST get back into CM… drop noble for a few games, give the lad a rest. No harm done. Cresswell needs to get his act together too… everything about our game is bang average at the minute.

  5. Yes agree about Fonte. But the player has not changed from the player he was at Saints in a few weeks.

  6. time for slav to leave,leave a r back on the bench,put midfielder kouaty at r back,play fegouli again who was useless last week and today noble has been a good servant but now a championship player,slav is not the man if he cant see yhe problem

  7. I’m not on the Slav out bandwagon but…..he does seem naive st times and he does worry me

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