Opportunity knocks for Moyes


Opportunity knocks for Moyes in London derby 

Bournemouth’s 2-0 victory in the Premier League against Crystal Palace was a sobering result. If any further confirmation was needed that David Moyes‘ Hammers team had missed an opportunity last weekend against the Eagles, it came last night.

It’s quite frustrating to watch West Ham’s undeniably talented players constantly performing on the back foot. Watching upcoming weekend opponents Fulham obliterate Nottingham Forest 5-0 was an excellent example of a team playing with the shackles off.

David Moyes-West Ham-Tottenham

Opportunity knocks for Moyes

Marco Silva’s team is comprised of journeymen performing for a club that could only dream of West Ham’s transfer budget. It was hard to watch them and not wonder what Mohammed Kudus, Jarrod Bowen, and Lucas Paqueta would be capable of if they weren’t constantly playing with fear.

West Ham have a reasonable chance to win against Tottenham this evening. It’s a slim chance, but one we need to take if our Premier League campaign is not to slip into irrelevance. David Moyes has to at least attempt to win tonight… Fulham and Bournemouth would certainly give it a go.

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