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Paqueta’s Future at West Ham Uncertain

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West Ham midfielder Lucas Paqueta‘s future at the club has become a subject of discussion following comments from former manager Alan Pardew and a recent decline in the player’s performance.

Pardew, who managed West Ham from 2003 to 2006, suggested on talkSPORT that Paqueta’s recent on-field performance indicates a desire to leave the club. He pointed to a noticeable drop in effort and overall impact on the pitch.

Statistics appear to back Pardew’s observations. Paqueta, who has contributed eight goals and seven assists in 40 appearances for West Ham this season, has only managed a single goal in his last six games.

However, these claims are contradicted by Paqueta’s own recent statements. In an interview with Brazilian media, the midfielder reportedly expressed his contentment at West Ham.

The situation is further complicated by previous transfer rumours linking Paqueta with a move to Manchester City last summer. However, his recent performances might make potential suitors, like Pep Guardiola’s Citizens, less enthusiastic.

Whether Paqueta remains at West Ham hinges on both his future performances and any potential transfer offers the club receives. Pardew might believe his exit is inevitable, but the truth remains unclear. We will be eagerly watching how this situation unfolds.

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  • Luke Owen says:

    Do you not realise 8 goals in 40 is literally exactly one goal in 6? You post A LOT of garbage it must be said.

    • Luke Owen says:

      In fact, it’s higher than 6. So he’s been on better form in his last 6 games re: goal scoring than he has the rest of the season, and you’re using that as a reason to suggest he’s in decline. Wild.

    • rollercoaster hammer says:

      your maths is appaling 🤫🤭

    • David Pope says:

      For a ‘gobby’ post your maths is embarrassing…ie. garbage.

  • ricardo says:

    Paqueta’s excellence is always there, it just needs to be woken up by proper motivation.
    And if he choses to leave, West Ham might receive enough money to secure a couple of good new players (may Steidten be as inspired as he was last summer and hire Kudus’ “twin”).

  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    I don’t mind if he leaves. He plays some gorgeous football, but is too prone to faking fouls and getting yellow cards. He can be mercurial one minute and go missing the next. It’s hard for anyone to plan and rely on a player like that.

    I would prefer that he stays though, and gets excited about playing for a new exciting attack-minded manager who can bring the best out of him. For me, it’s the manager we hire that will play an equal part.

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