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POLL:How important are pre-season results

With the pre-season friendlies underway and two defeats in the Asia Cup behind us our poll today asks just how much importance should be attached to results.



5 comments on “POLL:How important are pre-season results

  1. From my experience in several different sports the results mean very little, but you should expect your squad to start coming together as the pre-season progresses. Hopefully, things improve as we move forward.

  2. While it is only a pre season should we not be a little concerned with the age old problem…being up for it , it is both man city and Newcastle pre season and they seemed up to the task , alas again we are not , and I guess you can add wolves to that as they road there luck a bit but found the resolve to win, so again no similarities to us, I hope I’m being overly critical, and trust me hope I’m proved so wrong , but same old west ham same old issues, coyi

    • I agree totally with Andrew – after ‘intensive’ work in Austria/Switzerland and acclimatisation in China we can’t manage a shot on target against a crap team like Newcastle stuffed by City! Look at our rivals at the same pre-season stage, Arsenal beat Fiorentina, Man U beat Inter, Spurs beat Juve, Wolves beat City and we can’t put a dent in Newcastle ffs!!! Await seeing Chelsea stuff Barca!!

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think some of our most successful seasons over the past 30 years or so have followed a very poor series of results in pre-season.

  4. Not. A. Bit.

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