Pulis attracts Irons attention

PulisTony Pulis is very much on the West Ham list of candidates as their next boss should the club part company with Sam Allardyce.

The former Stoke City and Crystal Palace manager’s departure from Selhurst Park caused shock waves within Upton Park.

It became an immediate talking point among highly placed club insiders and when approached by ClaretandHugh and asked if there was any interest, one said: “He’s a top manager, takes clubs up and keeps them up!”

A Pulis arrival at Upton Park would be a tad ironic  as he started his managerial career alongside a former Hammers boss Harry Redknapp at Bournemouth and the two men remain great pals.

Now the Welshman is being generally discussed as a possible Boleyn candidate along with David Moyes .

His record of keeping Stoke in the Premier League before an interruption which saw his save Plymouth Argyle from relegation and then return to the Potteries is impressive.

He also took the club to a losing FA Cup Final against Manchester City and finally produced a small miracle at Selhurst Park last season before his shock departure.

Our source said: “Sam Allardyce remains safe for now but Pulis would have to be a candidate if the job became available along with Moyes. ”



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8 comments on “Pulis attracts Irons attention

  1. Think the phrase you used ” was kept Stoke in the prem ” says it all !! kept them up didnt achieve anything else would he be another SAM? Just thinking out loud…. Think if we going to change Moyes would be a better bet..

  2. No no no no no. We don’t want or need thesis old style keep em up managers. We need to look forward to somebody with ideas and ambition. Greenwood especially and Lyle were known for their innovative thinking about the game and his it should be played. That’s what we want not these dinosaurs.

  3. We already have a manager that keeps teams in the Premier League, this would not demonstrate any progress as a club trying to move forward.

    A big NO from me thanks.

  4. That’s a big NO from me as well. We cant go from Allarydyce to Allardyce light with the same long balls. Would cause an outrage among supporters Im sure.

  5. Well I’d have him in a heartbeat – he didn’t have much to work with at Palace but he really got them organised and had them playing pretty good football.

    He does like to spend money so that might be a drawback for the Dave’s!

  6. I can’t but agree with the unanimous sentiments expressed above.

    We need someone younger, fresh, innovative and who can quickly adapt tactics to events on the pitch as and when they occur – the same way that our owners have done to become so successful in their respective businesses.

    Saturday’s game was just a repeat of what we endured last season with a lone (not too gifted but with a heart of gold) striker, and a couple of markedly better players which made it a more competitive and enjoyable game.

    The question that says it all is that when Spurs were reduced to 10 men at a score of 0 – 0, why did we substitute a defender for a defender and not maximise our opportunity by bringing on another striker to kill off the game to our advantage?

  7. No way.

    Plays worse football that BFS and would just have us be a team of dirty bruisers. Would rather have Mark Warburton at Brenford or Steve McLaren for someone with a bit of different thinking. Even Moyes would be a no, we need someone with reputation for playing expansive football successfully.

  8. similar but better than Fat Sam… can we really say palace had all around BETTER pieces than we do currently last season? Even without Andy, the pieces are there for a solid longball ish squad for Pullis as he does not live and die by the strategy…

    I will get loads of hate on this… but Moyes really could be the answer. He’s good with clubs not in the top level yet and getting the most out of them. Was he a good fit for Man u? Maybe- did not get enough time to find out as that team is still an unbalanced mess considering how large their budget is.

    Out with Fat Sam and in with almost anyone else!

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