QPR confirm Austin bids

Charlie_austin_3147013bLes Ferdinand has confirmed that QPR  have received “two firm bids” for Charlie Austin this summer transfer window.

Speaking to BBC London Radio 94.9FM Ferdinand said  “I wouldn’t say they’ve been turned down – we spoke to the clubs but they have not met our valuation,” 

QPR are claimed to have rejected a £12m bid from Leicester City last month, while West Ham have been linked again in the London Evening Standard this afternoon.

Austin will be out of contract at QPR at the end of this season but Ferdinand says he remains hopeful of keeping him at the club. “It is not a foregone conclusion that he will go, the rumours won’t stop until the transfer window closes.”

Newcastle, Spurs, Everton and Bournemouth have also been linked with England striker who scored 18 goals in the Premier League last season.

Bookies still have Newcastle as the favourite at odds as short as 5/4, Spurs hav odds as short as 2/1 while Bournemouth are 7/2 with some bookies. Everton are 4/1 to land them which also the price for him to stay at QPR.  West Ham are a lowly sixth favourite with odds as short as 9/1 although one bookmaker Unibet will offer 14/1 for Hammers to land Austin this summer.


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  1. Les Ferdinand needs to remember holding out can work two ways, if Austin remains in the Championship and does not extend his contract, come the end of the season next year, Charlie will not be worth what he is really worth now around £12 million.

    I trust we will go all out for Austin, rather than paying good money for short term strikers over 30, we need to building a team to protect out Premiership place and the move next season to the new stadium.

  2. This Austin saga really winds me up. £15m for a bloke who scored 18 goals for a relegated team.. Carroll cost more then £15m eventually and we’d be lucky to have him fit let alone score 10 goals a season
    Please don’t waffle on about injuries worries etc with Austin because for a bloke who is ‘injury prone’ he still scores more then enough.
    We’ll bid 12s etc for people who haven’t even played a whole season for donkeys When the answer has been staring us in the face the whole time, wants to come to us, wants prem football, wants London life.

    • Bang on fella!
      All this talk of Mr Glass being back in a couple of weeks so why do we need another striker is fine, but what happens when he (eventually) breaks something else? We can’t rely on Sakho week in week out, Zarate’s a bit too lightweight (in my opinion) and Lee’s not quite there yet.
      Perhaps they’ve still got an ace up their sleeve with Mido’s face on it.
      Come on DS. I know you’re not the tallest of chaps and have relatively short arms, but if you hitch your trousers up just a little I reckon your wallet will be within reach.

  3. Hold on guys, I really agree we need another striker, and someone who will score 12 to 1 gals a season (Not had that for years)….but where does Austin fit in ? or, Carroll for that matter. We have Sahko as a front man, Payet, ‘mainly’ plays wide left, and Valencia (Yes I know He’s not fit, but He will be back) So, do we really need two Carroll like players? Austin strikes me as an old fashioned style centre forward goes in were it hurts, but, Carroll does that too. Should we be not thinking of a Sahko type striker, smaller more agile and quick.

    • He’s got it all though, he’s a target man, poacher, good with his feet and head. I’m not saying he’s the b*llox…Just available, realistically without drama and other clubs poaching.
      Why aren’t we getting it done?

    • We haven’t got a striker among them who can guarantee 20 goals a season, Sakho might but he is not really a hold the ball up centre forward, both Valencia and Sakho play in the channels very well but we need a player that can hold the ball up and give us a platform to attack from, despite being excellent at winning headers Carroll is not very good when it comes to linking up play or creating chances for his team mates whereas Austin not only directly assists his team with passing he also does it with his movement a lot more often than Carroll does. He could play with Carroll as well if we needed to go direct picking up the second ball better than Sakho or Valencia do presently. I hope we have bid for him I guess time will tell, I am sure one of the bidders is Bournemouth but I can’t see him going there.

  4. Should read 10 to 15 goals a season

  5. I think the best we can hope for is a Jelavic or equivalent.It will be shocking if that is the outcome.To only rely on Sakho & Carroll with their injury records last season is ridiculous.We might only play one upfront this season but as the last two season have shown we aint even had one to pick from to fill that one place at times.What started out as buying a forward in the 3 months of summer is now down to 2 weeks & still no sign of one.Is it going to be another freebie the day after the window shuts 😉

    • Jelavic.
      Please God, Noooooooo.
      We weren’t good enough for him a few years ago when he went to the bin-dippers, and I didn’t really rate him then. I doubt very much he’s gotten any better!
      If we’re looking at bargain basement, perhaps we should have put an offer in for Diamanti.

  6. I’d like to see Austin play for us,but with the OS move on the horizon a condition of the tenancy is we have to be debt free, or near as before we get the keys, so not holding my breath for a big money signing.

    On a lighter note Big Carlton had stepped up his fitness regime!

  7. If we spend a penny I to think it will be £3 million on Jelavic or a late bid of £2 million on Mitchu, not saying that’s what I want but both are traditional large front menu
    And I still think Slav wants another attacking midfielder/ winger,
    Yes Austin is a grade above them if he is fit but £15 million will kill a deal,
    After what Anchibe did to us last year with WBA and now he is available I think he is worth a punt for the same price as Mitchu or Jelavic

  8. Bubs,as someone said to you earlier.Anichebe is more injury prone than Carroll.He has played about 10 games a season for the last three seasons.He is a walking injury list,is why Everton let him go to WBA 😉

  9. If you want anyone from WBA it should be Brown Ideye,the geezer who scored against us in the FA Cup twice.I saw you mention the guy who scored against us in the cup before,that was Brown Ideye,Anichibe never even played in it bubs 😉

  10. Oh my, the striker rumours are flying everywhere now, from one end of the footballing world to the other but this one seems the most unlikely to happen.
    And this striker urgency? only seems to be driving the fans and the media. If the club see this as critical as many seem to think, then all logic would suggest, we cough up the 15 mil. For Austin. But we don’t seem to have any intention of coughing up that kind of money for him.
    It is, in fact many of the other rumours, that seem more probable, as, money wise, they are in line with Slav’s comments of a couple of weeks back, that it will, if anything be a loan or bargain buy and that fits in with the fact that we left this spot until last to fill

  11. Yet again Canchaz you manage to tell us all something that Slaven never actually said about buying a loan player or bargain buy.Im starting to believe you have voices in your head 😉

  12. You should be used to Chaz & his what Slaven said comments by now Chicken.They other day Chaz told us Slaven had said he wants a cheapie,freebie or loan.Now we might end up with that but at no point has Bilic said that,lol,im starting to believe this voices in the head theory,maybe it is Slavens voice,lol

  13. How about Moussa Dembele (the one playing for Fulham) ? How about Diego Capel (Spanish winger playing in Portugal) ?

    • Good names Dunlopllo but Dembele is now at the Spuds who paid a lot for him and who have shown no indication to do anything other than waste our time in transfer talks. Capel looks good whenever I have seen him play.

      • There are two Moussa Dembele. One is Belgian and plays for Totts, and the other one is French, 20 years old and plays for Fulham. This is the one I am talking about.

        • Wow Dunlopilo thats a coincidence, considering that the Spuds signed Dembele from Fulham it is crazy that they now have another player younger but with the same name.

  14. It seems that whoever we are linked to everyone thinks they are either good or bad without actually watching them week in week out. If there from the championship they haven’t got premier league experience, if there from Turkey it’s an easy league if from France it’s oh my god it’s another Maiga. Austin is 15 million granted he scored goals and is a good player but that figure like Carrolls 18 million is way over the top and would leave 2 players when fit nigh on the same. We needed pace against Leicester someone to pull a defender around someone like the workaholic Vardy we haven’t got a player like that, and where was he playing 3 years ago? Fleetwood! There are some gems lower league but everyone dismisses them because of this so called lack of experience, I’d go for Gayle at Palace and Afobe at Wolves you’d probably get both for the price of Austin and they don’t get injured to often either

  15. Metro have stated we are on verge of signing Austin.Hope they are right??

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